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    cclxxvi. Sea turtle on the road

    by , 05-30-2021 at 07:27 PM (124 Views)
    30th May 2021


    In my bedroom at the old home. It's daytime, maybe early morning, based on the shadows and it's sunny based on the bounced light. I'm looking outside as if from the edge of the balcony but I think I'm actually not on the balcony. I'm talking to someone, maybe dad. I see a big sea turtle (an adult could probably sit comfortably on its shell) crawling towards our building on the cul-de-sac road below.

    I think to myself about how this happens from time to time.


    - I barely managed to recall this and only because of some random association, though not sure what that was anymore.

    - My dream self believed this type of sighting to be completely normal, hence the thought I had to myself in the dream.

    - Of my conscious recall between the ages of three and five (?) we had a relatively small pet turtle, living in some vivarium in what was the living room and which later became my bedroom. Oddly, I feel some sort of emotion writing about it, but I hardly remember any interaction with that pet turtle and I don't even remember how or if it passed away. I don't recall ever touching it.
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