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    cclxxxv. Visiting MoonageDaydream for a donation

    by , 06-18-2021 at 08:35 AM (439 Views)
    17th June 2021

    Mostly going from end to start.

    Dream (DFLN):

    I'm in a city, I'm walking outside with MoonageDaydream, HumbleDreamer and another woman that I don't recognise or recall anymore.

    The dream ends when we are walking down a hill on a paved bit. It's cobbles and it mostly follows the hill but becomes stairs at some points where there's too much incline. Just before, I'm thinking out loud about how it reminds me of my native country, thinking that it looks to have more buildings however. I am beside the unknown woman, possibly slightly from behind and touching her shoulders, "It's funny, I don't remember getting here" and then I look at my right hand and begin counting the fingers from the back. The count seems normal at a glance but I feel self-conscious trying this RC in public. I think about M/M themes in this city but nothing manifests or changes.

    It's about near sunset and there's a sea visible from this hill. I start thinking about an airport and the name of the town, feeling dumb for not remembering and then I wake up.

    Just before this part, the four of us were crossing a road. It's a busy place and there are loads of people (or so it feels). We're somewhere in the USA supposedly and people are generally amused by my presence, seeming to think I'm British despite having no such accent. We have just come out of a store and as we cross this road with crossing island, I think about how there's Covid but nobody is wearing any face coverings. I also think to myself about how I've had my first jab, on my right art. (In reality I haven't yet)

    HumbleDreamer seems moody or perhaps overly serious for most of the walking around, but he doesn't really act that way. I am afraid that I have done something to upset him. At one point he says he got here from France and there's a segment where he's making a video for YouTube in a mostly white room, I forget what about.

    Back to the store, it's like an airport shop come to think of it. It's very generic and enclosed, at the end of a corridor. People interact with me and the group and this is the main reason I end up thinking about Covid. The person behind the till, a white middle-aged American woman, with short hair, kisses my hand or something and another woman offers a bite of a pizza slice to the group but we decline politely. Just before we get to the till, I'm talking to the unknown woman about snacks and such and how they're much cheaper here, because we saw a vending machine in the corridor leading to the shop. It's dark in the corridor except for some strong hue lights, reds and greens mostly. The drinks are like little cartons of apple juice and so on and cost about thirty cents, making me think I could buy about three or four versus the cost that I'm used to. The snacks are mostly potato stuff.

    We talk about how there's not a lot of importing around here, for some reason.

    Before the corridor and some dark halls, we are in a church yard of some kind. It's all mostly paved, gritty or gravel. There's a dry fountain in the middle, made of stone? It's MoonageDaydream's school workplace apparently. We came all the way here from wherever we came from to give her a donation, but I'd forgotten my hundred and twenty five dollars that I was to give her. I fear the group is disappointed with me but suspect MoonageDaydream is fine with it. I decide to give it to her as soon as I can.

    The church/school building itself is very grey and looks a bit like Gaudi's style, very bulbous and round shapes and some mini spires. I remark on this and comment on how it must be Spanish in origin, therefore. The outside of the building has a render made up with large smooth stones that can fit in a hand's palm. I talk about the building style with the group but I don't recall their comments.

    There was more recall but I felt too tired writing my initial notes.


    - When I woke up, I thought about how some of my conclusions during the dream were a bit hasty and I thought about how I could have become lucid at the end.
    -- In a way, it's unusual that I thought about how I got there, I just found myself trying to think of the trip there and the airport and finding I couldn't remember, partly attributing it to tiredness from the trip.

    - Unlike the other dream where I'd only heard MoonageDaydream, in this dream I could see her and HumbleDreamer clearly. Their details as characters seemed accurate to how I remember their profile pictures here.
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    1. aussiemusician's Avatar
      do you know Moonage and Humbledreamer away from the forum ?
    2. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by aussiemusician
      do you know Moonage and Humbledreamer away from the forum ?
      No, I've never met them in person but I had a dream a while back with MoonageDaydream in it when I had been thinking about the "Lucid Dreaming Party" idea that was suggested here on the forum, somewhat recently.
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    3. aussiemusician's Avatar
      oh ok.
      do you live near them, as in same state ?
    4. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      Even an accidental meeting would be pretty much impossible, which is why they themselves as dream characters could have been great cues for lucidity and perhaps part of why I did end up questioning how I got there in the first place; however, the main schema at work here in the dream was likely one about casual friendliness and possibly friendship and not about dreaming in itself.
    5. aussiemusician's Avatar
      oh ok.
      well, at least you know there are people on here whom you could meet face to face ..
    6. Lang's Avatar
      Oh Humble, why are you so serious?!
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    7. aussiemusician's Avatar
      humble, are you a moody person ?
    8. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by aussiemusician
      humble, are you a moody person ?
      I honestly suspect he is not, but at times I may have perceived his personality as "serious" because text on a forum like this can rarely convey the entirety of how a person acts and behaves and has a lot to do with previous writing experience.

      Because of my perception in casual reading of the forum, I think a quick and limited view of him as a person bled itself into a full character during this dream, not fully manifesting how he may really be as a person with other facets that have nothing to do with being overly serious or moodiness.
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    9. Lang's Avatar
      humble, are you a moody person?
      Isn't everyone at times? Me? Moody? NEVER.
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