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    cclxxxvi. Inferior laptop, Accidental exercise

    by , 06-21-2021 at 10:25 AM (297 Views)
    20th June 2021


    Outside, walking through a town area of some kind, it's mostly flat, maybe with some downwards incline. I'm with someone I know closely, maybe J or L. There's something about a lan party of some kind. Walking through the town, maybe food or fast food is mentioned. There are eight of us in total? I am carrying a laptop around in one of the laptop bags we have here at home in waking life. In the dream, I am aware of my laptop being inferior to everyone else's.

    Something about eating beans? There's some kind of sauce, maybe chilli, but no rice. There's a familiar taste.

    While reading the exercise on p.78 of Dream Gates:

    I'm sitting down and reading this exercise thinking about desert, then beach and then home. From the windows of many of the flats people are banging pots and pans, my awareness or focus on this quickly fades and then I'm focusing on the cars parked around the cul-de-sac, which are warm to the touch from the sun, but there is a morning light so actually most were in shade. Suddenly S appears, her lead is in my hand and she licks my face; I lick her back for good measure because I always feel she needs to have perspective of how it feels. She reels a little as she would.

    Then she starts pulling hard on the lead, barking or growling at some passer-by and making me trip over and fall to the floor, vaguely feeling myself being dragged along but without any of the friction I'd expect. She makes her way to the hills behind the garages, it looks as it did after the shanties were removed but before the supermarket built. The scene changes to be next to the eucalyptus on that hill. Then, I have a vague intent.

    It changes to unfinished highway that would be visible from the hill. I'm under the unfinished underpass of a concrete bridge. I know there's a door to my left but I cannot turn or see it from my point of view. I feel it's a metal door, painted a deep blue, maybe a little rusty. Like ones I've seen somewhere before in my childhood.

    I sort of unintentionally break away from this and then just continue reading a bit more and then write some notes down for this.


    - Although the exercise asks for thinking of natural places and afterwards I found that my old home felt natural enough, because there's vegetation and bush in several parts and the building of where I used to live has always been pretty much on the edge of town, so nature of some kind has never been very far.

    - The visualisation came about mostly unintentionally but it was pleasant, especially because although I couldn't see S very well, I appreciated the fact that she was there as some kind of animal guide. I was always told by mom that black dogs are considered luck charms in certain cultures, so I suppose that was present in my mind on some level. Thinking about it now, S appeared very well and despite vague visuals, she seemed just as I have always known her.

    - The concrete underpass was shady and the unknown door could be a such a figurative entrance to the underworld and so on as the exercise suggests, even though the door might not lead down, it would go through earth.

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    1. aussiemusician's Avatar
      what was the exercise ?
    2. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by aussiemusician
      what was the exercise ?
      The exercise is called "finding your place of power", though this name doesn't mean a lot to me, the exercise is about basically meditating and visualising or daydreaming about a place in nature that you love and then exploring that space, potentially using the same place in future exercises as a starting point for other similar journeys, such as by finding underworld entrances and the like or exploring the area with a spirit animal or guide.

      To the book author I think these concepts have a lot of spiritual relevance, but to me they are much more about things in more Jungian terms in relation to exploration of the sub-conscious and every other form of consciousness that doesn't rise above the threshold of normal awareness.
    3. aussiemusician's Avatar
      hmmm, ok ..