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    ccxl. Black cat, Expanded cafe

    by , 03-23-2021 at 02:42 AM (88 Views)
    17th March 2021

    (didn't capture recall before it faded)


    I am driving; I'm in the middle of a fast changing situation?

    I made a game of some kind and I'm playing through it. Maybe it's like Doom in gameplay but some part of it makes me think of AvP.

    18th March 2021


    Black cat, rubbing it under where the rib cage started as it seemed to be where it enjoyed it most. Unusually, this unnerved me a bit for some reason. H is sitting next to me and giving the cat attention too. The cat resembled Y. (in-lne note, it's possible it unnerved me because a dream character is effectively a part of me, and I don't particularly like being touched under or on the sternum but I wouldn't have much of a problem with doing this with a pet if it's what it wanted)


    At my old home's town. Driving down through the avenue that is by the church. I'm a passenger. The driving and such are all on the correct side.

    I see the cafe that's to my left, the one that has the office supplies shop. It's front end is being expanded, like they're adding on to the in-door esplanade space. In the dream I assume this has something to do with Covid and social distancing.

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