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    by , 04-03-2020 at 01:42 PM (366 Views)
    Some dreams but recall was poor, possibly to do with the time I went to bed at.

    Dream Fragment:

    Something where I and other people were scriptable entities as if in a game or something. I remember some friend telling me that I smelled badly or something and after that I was accessing something like a scent variable on myself and others, trying to copy someone else's nice scent onto my own variable's field.

    Extremely vague memory of the visuals, I remember some desaturated warm colours and murky or dark visuals, but I don't think it was night or indoors.

    Because I can't remember details, I can only say there were some monsters in the dream, I think possibly all dead. I also remember something about a non-moving train. Some of this probably brought on by playing Fallout again recently.

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