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    by , 09-14-2020 at 08:25 PM (89 Views)
    14th September 2020


    Micro dream about a furry character, either animated or 3D. The character is a female fox or canid of some kind? She runs a shop and some other dream character is meddling inside the shop.

    At night, once the shop is closed, the main character goes out into the streets and skulks in the shadows of some buildings. It's set in a small town or small city. There are white blue-ish light sources which could almost be mistaken as moonlight.

    The character goes around some back alleys and shadows another character, nearly getting caught at some point?

    - I watched the stop-motion film titled "Fantastic Mr.Fox" a few weeks ago, may just be a residue of that.
    - In the dream it was also like I was watching a film, not actively within it, except for the fact that some of the "camera" angles seemed a bit as if I was indeed on the set.
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