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    clxxxv. Supermarket, Red creature, Alien

    by , 11-01-2020 at 06:30 PM (572 Views)
    24th October 2020


    A bit in a super market about buying toilet roll. I wanted the same one as we had last time but I couldn't find it. I found some Cushelle branded roll which was apparently cotton but it looked too thin anyway.

    I think HD was a cashier, I seem to remember her ponytail.

    (Recall gap.)

    A monster creature of sorts. I remember he spoke and said something. He was a very vivid red colour and sort of made up of tendrils. He had to be defeated by some specific means by I've forgotten the details.

    26th October 2020


    In the earliest part I was in some kind of tower block. I was there with someone else at some point? I tried breaking into a flat from a maintenance area, looked like ventilation ducting but on a large scale. I took my boots off here, for some reason; but some goblin or gremlin came and stole my boots and I couldn't react in time but just carried on. I remember noticing I did have my regular clothes on and for the rest of the dream I was in bare feet. It had bothered me at first as it would in waking life, but I ended up getting used to it as I simply had no other choice.

    I remember going up to the top level of the building. Reminds me of the stairwell at the old home. I met two admin-like people who worked here, there was an office. I wanted my boots found and tried to demand that they do something about the creatures like the one that took my boots.

    In some later part of the dream I'm on a ground floor and there are quite a lot more people around. It's some kind of large lobby area. Reminds me of big hotels and airports in some way. I met a priest and he was corrupt somehow but I don't recall the details about it.

    28th October 2020


    I'm apparently stranded on some high tier corrosive planet. There's a purple tinge to the atmosphere and I'm in a semi-cavernous area. I try to contribute to someone's build with some rock blocks but Xenomorph-like creatures come out from a lower area and I deal with them one at a time, but I'm not sure what I used. They each looked like a mix of between a Praetorian and a Drone.


    - When I woke up from the tower block dream, I was a bit surprised by how consistent the dream had been with the detail of my boots being absent. Lately I have noticed that dreams are having more consistency in terms of "continuity" (like on TV shows, etc.) I remember in some other recent dream I made a non-lucid comment to a dream character about how what they were doing wasn't abiding by dream consistency or something like that; I can't remember if I did already make note of that dream or not. That dream I had recently in a desert area with the troops was particularly consistent with itself too, for the most part, I think I may have made a note about it there too.

    - I've recently had thoughts about an old Alien game which may have been part of why they featured in one of these dreams. I have been wanting to get that game working again but haven't really given it the time of day to manage it. But there are other reasons they may have featured in that dream; I often think I should go and look at more of Giger's work but rarely actually do, as other things end up taking prominence in my mind. I suppose there's a theme here of things getting pushed back in terms of priority...
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    1. ZAD's Avatar
      Wow, today I learned the Charmin bears don't exist anymore over in Europe. Maybe the Koala has a better subconscious draw for business done..."down under" (forgive me)

      Interesting set of dreams. I'm envious that you always seem to have a lot of creatures and beasts featured in your dreams. Very cool stuff
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    2. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      Wow, today I learned the Charmin bears don't exist anymore over in Europe. Maybe the Koala has a better subconscious draw for business done..."down under" (forgive me)
      I did remember those bear mascots from when I was young but I didn't know what the brand name was (may have been localised to something else, some big brands were sometimes) but it's interesting that you mentioned it because I just didn't remember their existence at all until you'd mentioned it now. But I honestly don't care enough about the mascots on things as much as a product's quality though.

      Interesting set of dreams. I'm envious that you always seem to have a lot of creatures and beasts featured in your dreams. Very cool stuff
      Maybe you weren't looking for a solution or answer, but I hope I can be of some help.

      Firstly, I don't know if I can give you an adequate answer as to why I have dreams featuring creatures and so on so often but my guess is that a large part of it is that I have never been satisfied with the lack of choice in terms of personal appearance when regarding our general form, silhouette, colouring/patterns, etc... So I've always found alternative humanoid forms to be quite appealing, especially in the sense of wanting to have such forms, and much of my drawn artwork also relates to these themes. Apart from that, I do spend a fair bit of time dwelling on and reading about symbols, many of which are imagery of animals or mythical creatures.

      If you wanted to dream more about creatures and beasts I would certainly encourage you to fill your head with the respective visual imagery, either from illustrated stories or films or just from trying to draw them yourself. I don't think a person has to be a good artist or draughtsman to be able to use drawing as an effective technique to delve into this sort of thing and get appropriate results.

      That said, I have never been able to incubate dreams properly and dream lucidity is something I haven't yet really gotten more regular than once or twice a year at best, so for all I know, my advice may not necessarily be good advice, but based on my general knowledge of the topics, I think that if you'd like to see these themes more frequently yourself, it would certainly be worth spending a bit of time exploring some ways of bringing that about, actively.
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