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    cxci. Combat medics, Old home, Chat with someone I knew

    by , 11-19-2020 at 01:34 AM (100 Views)
    17th November 2020


    (Lost most of recall I woke up early in the morning because I was too hot, around 6am?, unknown)

    Raid groups or something like them? There were some dream characters that were kind of like combat medics. This didn't make me RC even though it should have been a prominent cue to do so. I think it did raise my level of dream awareness but not enough. I remember specifically noticing that these dream characters were glitching visually, their limbs clipped through their clothing in weird ways, as poorly animated models might do.


    Something with C from school and T. There was a general context around the old home.

    18th November 2020


    I was talking via Steam to Sh from the PTFG. It didn't quite sound like him though. He was asking me how I was and we discussed something about my well-being at length; the conversation was heavily focused on me but mostly because he kept asking questions in that direction.

    Notes (for 18th only):

    - Last night I spend some time speaking with F from BL and we caught up a bit and he was asking me how we'd been.

    - Dream recall had vanished by the time I got up from bed and when the recall first came through, I mistook it for a real memory, taking me a couple of minutes to go through it and realising it was simply vague recall of a dream.

    - I slept poorly last night and the last few days have been very difficult for me, physically. I have also been feeling completely demotivated from my creative activity.

    - Last night I continued reading the book from the LD Book Club and I had been thinking about the four-step process for dream-work. After my initial recall of this dream this morning, I have been considering trying them on this, since it's a fairly short dream and seemingly quite specifically directed towards how I've been feeling.

    - All I can visually recall from the dream is the chat window and Sh's icon.
    -- Typing the above note, I have just realised that my abbreviation for the person in the chat has a secondary and much more specific significance to me.

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