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    by , 08-10-2020 at 01:02 PM (117 Views)
    21st June 2020


    My phone needed charging and I was at home with H. I went to get a charger for my phone and plugged it in; there was arcing/sparking and a flash.

    I opened the back of the phone and took the cable off it and saw that the battery had bulged slightly in one place. And the cable specs said it provided 2.9v rather than what it supposedly needed, 5v.


    Some bit around my home town. I'm in the car, with mom and dad. Mom complains about being nearly 11:30 even though the dash says 10:30. Mom was complaining because we had to be there (at the destination?) and my siblings weren't ready or in the car with us yet.

    Dad took us to some cafe, or restaurant? Near where the pools in my old home town are.


    In the kitchen at our current home. I was going to take codeine, but it had been prescribed for something other than pain, like allergies?

    - The part in the car with mom and dad is a typical scenario that might happen when we all still lived together, when I was a kid/teen.
    - At the time I'm making these notes (10th of August), I am on medication that means that I can't take codeine too; this would probably be a good cue for RCing since I know it would be dangerous to actually take the codeine currently.

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