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    lx. lxi.

    by , 10-31-2018 at 01:12 PM (200 Views)
    lx. 28th or 29th of October

    Dream fragment:
    Something about some "stragglers"? I remember a location, from a bird's eye point of view, it was rural, there was a big mansion/manor in the middle. Remember going there and being told to try the stragglers. Remember another dream location supposedly nearby. Looked a bit like a dump inside, it was like a giant metal container, not unlike a shipping container but bigger.

    Some sort of dwarf-like people, these stragglers. I was here to mine some titanium ore or something, and they hadn't been able to find any but I did.

    lxi. today, 31st of October

    Dream fragment:
    Something about my partner wanting pizza.

    Dream fragment:
    A dream that was half-real half-game? Everything was fine but then there was some sort of war? Remember building blocky planes or vehicles and wondering if I couldn't just stay behind to do important logistics instead of flying off.

    At some point in this dream I remember a living room of some sort and some pizza, a tv and a sofa...

    Some notes about the dreaming:
    • The first dream fragment feels related to the story I started writing a couple of weeks ago as a dreaming script. I have been thinking about that story but not writing a lot on it because of my tiredness.
    • The war dream and building a plane probably comes from recently trying out the game "Besiege".

    Some general waking-life notes:

    • I've been a bit too tired recently and just can't get up or wake up at the time I want to, and it has happened I've gone to bed later than I wanted to as well.
    • Lately I've been thinking about why certain elements never come up in dreams; such as reflective surfaces and some of things I do in waking life (such as painting and drawing).
    • There have been mornings where I did initially recall a small dream fragment lately, but several times I had to get up and get on with something else and I'd forget the fragments or not have focused enough on them initially to be able to make a mental or written note.
    • I have been practicing reality checks quite often and especially trying to make note of when things could potentially be dream elements. But the intention or the check muscle memory doesn't seem to be carrying over at all into dreams at the moment. Maybe I need to read more again, that seems to stimulate something different.

    + Previous score: 60.5

    + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 1.5
    ++ Recall a non-lucid fragment * 3: 1.5

    = Total score thus far: 62.0

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