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    by , 01-21-2020 at 04:24 PM (282 Views)
    The first fragment was from yesterday, I remembered more yesterday but didn't have a chance to make note of it. The other two were from today; lost most of the dreams' information due to how the morning went.

    Dream Fragment 1:

    Something about four commanders. Was supposed to meet them? Not sure. Dream took place in some concrete parking lot type structure.

    Dream Fragment 2:

    Taking a bus, it didn't look like a normal bus and only me and someone else were in it (H?), no driver, that I can remember. We got out just before a road intersection. There was a church-like building to the right, across the road, but in the dream I knew this was in the context of a university campus or something; there were a few buildings but it mostly seemed like a village area more than anything. It was quiet outside, it was day time.

    Dream Fragment 3:

    Possibly related to the previous fragment. Cooking or preparing food whilst inside a train, but generally darker than the previous fragment. I remember distant cliffs at a lower altitude but nothing specific other than a generally arid landscape. Vague memory of desaturated blue tones. Sort of day time but not very bright.

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