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    by , 02-11-2020 at 12:40 PM (117 Views)
    Just a dream fragment. Recall was a bit poor this past night and the night before, maybe because I've been a bit restless.

    Dream Fragment:

    I'm at an alternate version of the big square in my old home town. An older version of it, I think? I got in a car with one of my aunts (B). It was dark. We drove somewhere underground, where it was also particularly dark but there were a few lights here and there at foot level or something. There was a green hue to everything.

    The underground area was like a tunnel at first, a bit like some of the subway tunnels in the town. But then it became narrower and more like a sewer of some kind.

    Then I remember being on foot on my own. There were narrow concrete straits over darkness below. There was green-ish looking water coming out of cylindrical openings in some of the concrete walls.


    - Although I didn't realise it on waking up or during the dream, it made sense that the underground area resembled the subway tunnels, because under that square in waking life is where the station is.
    - I remember having some conversation with my aunt, but can't even remember what about.

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