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    by , 10-07-2018 at 09:38 AM (195 Views)
    Non-dream stuff - Still catching up a bit on dream recall, woke up at about 7 and then again at 9, recalling a tiny fragment of a non-lucid.

    I don't remember the location, and I can't visualise it very well, but there was a little girl; she wanted something, either from me or someone else. I needed a suit's pants for some reason, to be able to get into some place; for some reason I had decided in the dream that the pants and any top would be fine, even though to get into this place most people had a full suit.

    I vaguely remember a dock or a quay, maybe a large ship, but I don't remember water or open space.

    Can't remember enough visual details to put a coherent scene together and afraid that random memories are mixing together with any potential visuals.

    Notes; not directly related to the dream this time:
    • I spent a few days away and couldn't exercise my dream recall during those days because of my morning schedules.
    • My left leg's pain is being quite distracting, but not helped by the fact that before I came to write this DJ entry I had already been moving around the house a fair bit (getting more exposed to daylight and forgetting details).
    • When I woke up I was thinking about the October competition, and have been for the last couple of days. I have a printed bit of paper with my personal goals on my bedside table now.

    Scoring thus far:
    + Previous score: 0
    + Recall a non-lucid fragment: 0.5

    = Total score thus far: 0.5

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