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    Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal

    I have always been very interested in dreams and their messages. I learn a lot about myself by studying my dreams, and this is great way for me to better organize them, instead of just trying to keep up with them in my head.

    A little heads up about my dreams: I have places in my dreams that I call "dream places". They are settings that I have frequented in many different dreams that always look the same, and have the same people every time I dream about them, but the same things may not always take place there. I also have a few dreams that I have had multiple times.

    Heads up on my lingo, I call all my dreams dreams even though they are actually nightmares. I have only had nightmares my entire life, and I am so used to them by now that I just call them dreams.

    I will post the dreams here that I had the previous sleep, unless I can't remember them. I will also post the dreams that have stuck out most prevalently in my mind over the years.

    Thank you for reading hope you enjoy!

    1. 10/21/14- pending nuclear apocalypse

      by , 06-22-2014 at 08:31 AM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      It's been 7 months sense I last posted so I will do a lot of updating

      This dream had a lot going on but the part I remember the best is the last part. I returned to my home where I lived with my parents, brother, and his fiancée. (The home was a complex that housed multiple families and it was raised above the ground) when I got back I found that this stranger was trying to steal my money, but I managed to run him off and get my money back. When I returned to my room afterwards I found that my stuff had been stolen. I became furious and went about looking for the criminal when I found they returned to the scene of the crime. It was two teenage girls. The blonde had been the mastermind, and I got her to confess by pinning her to the ground via holding her neck and waist down on the ground and I started trying to stretch her when she finally agreed to bring my stuff back. They left after showing me everything was back in my room when a pretty African American woman came to our place. She asked to speak with us in private, so my parents and I followed her outside. She told us that she worked for the government and they discovered that missiles were going to be launched at America wiping out half the population and we were in the spot that was going to be in the center of the explosion. She wouldn't say who was launching them, but she said our family had the option of buying tickets to a train that would take us to an underground bunker. We only had enough for 4 people and my dad agreed to stay behind. My parents went inside to start packing essentials while I looked up at the sky to see a solar eclipse. I became very frightened and shook my head then looked back up to see a normal moon in the sky, so I calmed down a little. I started packing my stuff, then went with my mom to put our things with my aunts because they said they'd let us put our stuff with theirs. I noticed that everyone in the complex was packing, but there wasn't a panic. It was a very intense calm, the air was heavy with fear. The sky started flashing red and my aunt told me it was practice for the people who had to stay behind, so they would know when to brace themselves. It was a very dark night even though the moon was full. As I finished packing, the speakers came on and said it was time to board the train. We got our stuff and filed down the ramps to the station. As we stood about to board, it finally sunk in that my dad wouldn't be coming. I could tell my family cared but they wouldn't show it. They stood on the train waiting for me, but I couldn't board. My dad and I don't have a close relationship and it's like this dream made me realize how much I cared. He insisted I get on and I finally did. As the train pulled away I couldn't take the pain and shouted "I love you!" With teary eyes. He shouted it back before he got out of ears reach and the train descended underground. This is where I woke up.

      This dream was very emotional for me. I felt such an intense mixture of fear, pain, and anger that I was genuinely glad that it wasn't real when I woke up. Any help with interpretations are appreciated.
    2. Cheating is not fun

      by , 11-14-2013 at 08:18 PM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      I had this dream this evening about cheating on my husband. We recently got married a month ago on the 12th, and his dream really disturbs me. The dream starts where I'm with my family and my husband at this Summerhome. There are a few other people there that are not related to my family, and I have no idea why they were there. We're standing outside talking about something when I see this little girl and her father. Something I was talking about caught his attention, and we start arguing because he thinks he knows more about the subject than I do. I start saying how I definitely know more about the subject because I've had three years of classes on it and since it's been a while since I've had the classes, I have had years and years of experience on the matter. He asked me if that is true, and when my mother backed me up he seemed impressed. We start getting along a lot better after this and his young daughter and I become quick friends. We hang out throughout the rest of the day and things keep happening that needed me to resolve them and he seems like he is becoming more and more impressed with me. Suddenly, he gets serious and asked if he can see me inside alone to talk with me. His daughters watching like she's really excited and knows what's going to happen, and I follow him out of curiosity wondering what's going on. We go into a room where he stops and admits to me that he is falling in love with me. I realize that I'm falling for him too, and he becomes very happy that he has finally found someone that he could be with after his wife passed away. That's when I realize something: I can't be with him because I am married. He can tell that I have become incredibly sad and asked me what's wrong. I show him the ring on my finger and tell him that I am married. He seems taken aback and becomes upset telling me that should not have let him on. I did nothing of the sort! I was hanging out with him with every intention of just being friends and he was the one he was interpreting something out of nothing. We go our separate ways, but I cannot take my mind off of him. I suddenly become very sad that I had to be married and cannot be with him and realize that I may like him more than my husband. This thought upsets me because I'm very deeply in love with my husband, and henceforth become very confused about everything. I start wondering to myself why me and this man can't have an affair? He seems much too honorable for something like that, but I keep wishing he will come to me and tell me that he wants that. I go back outside when my husband arrives From wherever he was beforehand. We walk around, hanging out, all the while realizing that the guy who likes me is watching me from a distance. I realize that the only reason I am hanging out with my husband is because I feel obligated to. We go into a room and start talking when the man enters because he needed to get something out of that room. My husband starts talking with him, because he's just one of those people that likes to be friends with everybody. The entire time me and this man are looking at each other with heavy intensity and I suddenly send my husband out of the room to get something for me that I know will take him a while to get. As soon as he leaves, the man and I start making out until my husband returns. He said he could not find what I wanted and continues the conversation with the man. I start talking to my husband to distract him from the looks that I'm giving the man which indicate that I want him and me to have an affair. The man nods and I realize that it would be hard because we live so far apart but it can still be done, and I get him to give me his number without my husband knowing. I feel incredibly rotten about everything thats been going on and the arguments with myself inside my head never seem to cease. suddenly, my husband wants to go to the park and the other guy asks to come along, so we take separate cars and start driving to the park. When we get there we meet an old dream ex of mine. She keeps talking about her lingering feelings for me and the only thing I have to say to her is I don't know who you are over and over again. My husband is becoming upset that she's there when suddenly she sees the look that the man is giving me. She asks me if the man and I are seeing each other, and of course I deny it, but she keeps insisting so intently that finally everything becomes revealed. She gets upset and leaves and I realize that my husband now knows everything. I am so ashamed of myself that I can't even turn to look at him, but I know that he looks very betrayed. The man, seeing how I treated my ex so badly, decides that he doesn't want anything to do with me. So him and my husband get into their cars and leave me stranded at the park. I don't know how I got back, because I'm suddenly back at the Summerhome, but I got the feeling my mom picked me up. I am incredibly upset realizing how much of an idiot I was and that the only reason I wanted to be with the man was because I wanted to be a mother to his daughter and felt sorry for her being so young to have lost her mother, and that I should never have tried to cheat on my husband, when I see his mother sitting down against the wall looking at an iPad. I ask her if she knows where he is and my mom says that he went to one of my old hometowns and is going to live with another woman who has the same name as me. I ask if he is going to be involved with her and she says no, the woman already has a boyfriend. I feel relieved but then I suddenly become very intent on getting a hold of him and ask his mother if she has had any progress finding him. She says not yet and I start freaking out, screaming find him! She smiles and says that she has found a number that she believes is his and calls it, handing me the phone. Somebody answers and I realize that it is him. I say his name and he suddenly becomes very hurt sounding and says he does not want to talk to me. The rest of the dream is me begging him over the phone to forgive me and trying to explain to him the situation, when I wake up. I become incredibly relieved that it was all a dream, but this really confuses me because I know I would never ever do this in real life and I'm wondering why I had this dream.

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    3. 9/20/13 dream- school and toga

      by , 09-21-2013 at 07:06 AM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      I had this dream last night that I honestly don't know what to make of. Lots of stuff happened, but this is the gist.

      I was living in a live in school (it was not college because we lived in the class itself and learned whatever the teacher felt like teaching us) that was located in a town build onto the side of a mountain. I believe the town was called New York except it was not. We were doing stuff in class and I remember that I was sitting next to a girl that I used to sit next to in high school that I really don't like. We were looking at papers and she kept doing stuff that annoyed me. Then everyone got up and we walked around the class. People were eating and then I noticed that I had a lump in my throat and I had a feeling that it was a chunk of something caught in there. I started coughing, trying to bring it up and couldn't. A few people from class started offering advice as how to cough to bring it up and my coughing turned into hacking. After a minuet of that, I suddenly got the urge that I was going to throw up. I dropped suddenly on my hands and knees and coughed up a wad of paper and a small chunk of something. I looked closer at the paper and found that it was a fancy folded paper plane. I felt like that the girl I don't like had something to do with it, but then someone in class came in wearing a toga and everyone else wanted to follow suit. We all put on togas and agreed to wear them for the rest of the day. Some girls who weren't in the class came in and my friend and I started talking about how skanky they were because they would go out and find random guys to do it with. I started feeling self conscious because the girls were dressed slutty and it made me feel unattractive. Everyone suddenly wanted to go outside and walk around town so we all filed out the front door and I decided to watch one of the skank girls to see what she does. I noticed she started walking around all slow and absent mindedly, then a guy came up and asked her if she wanted to go somewhere. I suddenly had a need to feel prettier, so I started walking along the guard railing that kept people from falling off the mountain the way she had and soon enough a guy stopped me. He had a dark air about him and talked like someone who knew what to say to get people to do stuff. He asked if I wanted to go somewhere with him and I noticed that a few beefy guys started to slowly circle around. I suddenly felt very uneasy and wanted nothing to do with any of this, I mainly just wanted a boost in my self esteem. I asked if I could think about it and he told me I could, so I went back to the school. I was hanging around outside and the school janitor came up talking about how he knew a cop who did set ups. I asked if what the guy that stopped me was doing something illegal by asking random girls to go with him and he said yes. I asked if he could set up an arrest so he texted his cop friend and set it up. I went back to the guy after some time, and before I said anything I noticed the cop behind him making a gesture that said "Is this him." I nodded yes and they arrested him. I watched them taking him away and ignored all the insults he was throwing at me, then I went back to school. I was talking to my friend about how I might need to flee the country because being here made me feel unsafe seeing as I just got a sex peddler arrested when I got a text from the cops saying "oops he got out." I called them and asked what was going on and the guy was talking in circles and stammering, then I noticed one of the things he said sounded familiar so I asked "Is this him..." and he said "Of course this is me, who did you think it was??" I was working on convincing him that I just got scared when I noticed a pikachu smiling up at me, then I woke up.

      I felt incredibly relieved that it was all a dream when I dozed back off and had a brief dream about him telling me he would find me, so I jerk woke myself up. I stayed awake after that.
    4. 9/5/13 lucid dream- sexual vendetta

      by , 09-05-2013 at 04:28 PM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      This dream is incredibly long so I'm only going to type up the lucid part.

      I was walking through a dark field with black dirt and dark grey brown twisted trees with occasional rundown stone buildings when I realized I was dreaming and went lucid. I suddenly decided that instead of doing anything with super powers, I wanted to...well... So using lucid means I made a guy appear from around a building and using even more lucid control, managed to get his and my pants off, because apparently this guy didn't want to do anything, but I only managed to get a few minuets of doggy style action before I woke up. I did not give up. I went back to sleep, trying as hard as I could to go in lucid, and It worked. I was in a dark run down building this time when I called the guy lucidly and repeated the same steps and got the same results. I woke up again at the same spot. I realized I must have been trying too hard and would try something different. I managed to go back to sleep a third time, this time I didn't really pay too much attention to my surroundings, but I think I was in the woods. I went into the dream lucid again and called up the guy a third time lucidly. This time I took things slower, using half lucid influence and the other half letting him do what he wanted. We only got to our cloths getting taken off, and before anything happened he said he wasn't in the mood and walked away. I probably gave him too much independence and not enough lucid control. I gave up and went along with where this dream wanted to take me.

      This dream was very interesting. I won't go into details but the gist of it is my dream character was trying to find a husband and had to choose between four different guys. In the end, she ends up with no one and my dream does a 30 or so years later bit about how she sees the guys again and finds out how happy they are with their spouse and kids, and she is sad that she never found anyone for herself. Then she sees that one of the guys in on his death bed and visits him before I wake up to my alarm.
      Anyway, I can't believe I was able to go lucid in so many dreams in the same night progress.
    5. 9/3/13 lucid dream- bunch of stuff

      by , 09-03-2013 at 04:35 PM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      I had this lucid dream this morning.

      It starts out where I am standing in a field, watching over my flock of sheep monsters, when a giant black mechanical dog as big as an elephant comes and starts attacking them. I looked over to see if the defensive tank I build in a previous dream was working to stop it, but it had been left on stationary mode, so I ran up to it and flipped the switch to defensive mode. I jumped on the top and had to hold on as it started charging the dog. The dog fought back with both teeth and guns as my tank like machine rammed at shot back. The fight took us all over the field, and at some point my parents had come in through the north gate (for anyone who has ever played Oblivion or Skyrim, the gate looked like the gates you use to enter in the cities. Yes, I have been playing too much Oblivion lately) and were watching everything go down. The fight got to the other end of the field, behind a gray stone barn, when I realized I was dreaming and went lucid. Suddenly, becoming very tired of a fight I knew would last a long time, I made the dog machine and my tank disappear, and replaced them with a friendly, normal sized, brown dog. The dog was a little too friendly however, and proceeded to push me down and dry hump me until finally my parents came over and the story of the dream continued. My mom was taking me to a church for sunday service, and for some reason we had to wait in an incredibly long line before we could get in. The church was on top of a hill and the line led all the way to the bottom of the hill. We finally made it to the top, and I noticed this teenager, about 16-years-old, kept looking at me on the way up. Before we went inside he offered me a sip of his drink. We got inside and I was ushered into this room, then found myself alone. I went back out of the room and saw an old friend from high school sitting in the next room. She said something to me and after we talked a bit, then I left. I went back outside and left my mom to whatever she was doing, when my fiancé showed up. We walked around where everyone was now standing in groups, talking. The teenager came up to me again and this time he let me have the rest of his bottle of tea. I said thank you and walked around a bit. I took a sip of it, then threw it away because I got a strange feeling that he did something to it. I went up to a tree and stood under it while my fiancé sat down to my right. I stood there, watching the teenager walk around staring at me, and every now and again he would come up and say something to me, making my fiancé look not very happy. Suddenly, the teenager came up to me again, but this time he was wearing a red super hero costume and a helmet, and he tried to kiss me. I turned my head away and said "No, I don't want to kiss you." so he stopped, but he kept standing there smiling at me, when my fiancé got up and shoved him away from me saying "Don't you ever get near my girl again." The teenager came back with a "If she was happy with you I wouldn't keep seeing her standing around looking depressed." I just stood there, listening to their back and forth, then decided to take a walk down to the road at the bottom of the hill. They both followed me and when we got there their spat continued. I was looking at the teenager blankly when three tan creatures that looked like human sized versions of the monster I created in a previous dream, except without the purple spots, and they were wearing armor and were wielding weapons, popped up and started heading for us. I grabbed my sword and announced their presence to my fiancé and the teenager, who proceeded to pull out their weapons and help me fight. The battle didn't last long, but after defeating one of them I turned around and saw them strike down the teenager. I charged it and slew it quickly. My fiancé took down the other as I ran up to the teenager, dropped to my knees, took his helmet off, and held him up in my arms. He was saying how I should never give up against the evil one and defeat her no matter what, then started saying his goodbyes with tears building up in his eyes. I just watched and listened, feeling very helpless and sad, when he closed his eyes and died. I looked at him for a little bit longer then put him back down. The scene of me taking off his helmet, and him saying his last words, started to repeat itself over and over until I finally woke up.

      I don't know what all that about the evil one was, but in the dream I got the feeling it was her that sent the black mechanical dog and the three guys to kill us. Maybe she will make an appearance in another dream, that happens with me sometimes. I really like it when my dreams are continued in other dreams like that.
    6. 9/1/13 dream nap- what the heck...

      by , 09-01-2013 at 11:47 PM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      This dream is the product of me being throughly stressed out after trying to cook something for my fiancée. Some grease splashed onto the eye of the stove and it caught on fire. It went out in a couple seconds, but it was enough to freak me out and cause a wicked stress headache. I laid down on the couch to rest when I fell asleep and had this crazy ass dream, and I don't cuss, so you know it's crazy.

      I was standing in this empty town square. I looked around until I saw a single guy come running up to me out of nowhere. This low music started building up when I saw him, and got louder and louder the closer he got, and then when he reached me things went quiet and he shouted"DO THE HARLEM SHAKE!" Then the music kicked up and people swarmed into the square and started flopping their limbs around. The music played loudly and I was kinda just standing there, watching with my eyes opened up in surprise. A different guy came up to me and shouted in my face "Do it! Do the shake!!" He ran away without waiting to see if I would, then dropped down onto the ground and flopped around like a fish. The rest of the people followed suit until I was surrounded by a bunch of flopping humans. I watched for a while until a teenager near by shrieked like a banshee, as loud as he could "HARLEM SHAAAKE YAAAAAAA!!" Then I woke up.

      I kind of just laid there, wondering what the hell had just happened, when I started laughing and had to write this down.

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    7. 8/26/13 lucid dream- world creating

      by , 09-01-2013 at 04:04 PM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      I want to thank my mother for this lucid dream. If not for her rambling to me while I was sleeping I would not have done a successful WILD. Her real time voice brought me just enough out of my dream to have a truly awesome experience.

      I wasn't really dreaming anything before I herd my mothers voice in the back of my head, talking about who knows what. I herd it, but I wasn't listening to what she was saying when I found myself in a WILD state, except I was coming from a dream where I was dreaming of nothing. Let me emphasize here: I was waking up from her talking, found my mother was in my apartment, then started to go back into the dream before I was fully awake then found myself in a WILD. I decided to put myself somewhere, and found my vision looking down on a blank world. I realized that this world was mine for the editing and started using incredible lucid control to make entire forests and oceans appear out of thin air, then started populating my world with a variety of creatures of my own making. This world was my canvas, and my limitless mind the brush. I was thoroughly enjoying myself, waving my arms like a conductor as things appeared out of thin air on my very own world when I was woken up completely. My brain latched onto the dream as hard as it could before the mental cord snapped and I was opening my eyes to my apartment and a rather annoyed feeling, while my mother was going on and on condescendingly about how I needed to get my sleeping condition under control. The only thought going through my head was how the heck had she gotten into my apartment.

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    8. 8/29/13 lucid dream- summoning the evil monster

      by , 09-01-2013 at 03:43 PM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      This dream is a very long one, but the first 3/4s of it is just the same basic thing happening. This whole dream my person is played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, for some odd reason that escapes me.

      The majority of the the beginning of this dream my character is traveling from her home to another home that I think is a place she plans on vacationing. Her ex husband came along as well and this journey to the vacation home is just a bunch of walking along abandoned roads and talking about random things. When the vacation home is finally reached everyone goes to their prospective rooms and winds down. Mainly I was just walking around the house listening to people talk, and it was when I was sitting on the bottom bunk next to my dream ex husband when I realized I was dreaming, because I am not, in fact, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and I do not have an ex husband in real life. Upon realizing this I went lucid. I got up and started staring out the front wall of the house, which was made of glass. I was watching a bunch of creatures walking around and playing with each other in the front yard when I decided I wanted to create something. I was concentrating, trying to make a creature of my own to play with the other creatures, and I succeeded. Unfortunately the thing I made was more of a giant monster then a friendly creature. It was taller then the house, its hind legs were dog legs, it had long, skinny arms with clawed hands, its head was also canine with sharp fangs, and a skinny neck and body. It walked upright, but it was sort of hunched over, and it was fur-less, with pale white, purple spotted skin. I was watching it run around the yard when I somehow got it into my head that I needed to confront it. I went out into the back yard, telling myself that I was crazy, when the monster rounded the corner and started chasing me. I ran away from it to the far corner of the yard, which was fenced with a wooden fence, when I realized this thing would kill me, so I lucidly made myself impervious to damage. Just in time too, because it grabbed me and started lifting me to its mouth. I stuck my hands out and pressed them against its face, then lucidly gave myself the power to burn whatever I touched. Its face started to sizzle and it dropped me. I came to a sudden stop in mid air before hitting the ground, which was one of the perks of me being un-damageable, then got on my feet and started running from it again. I would also like to mention that my running was fa-nominal; I finally got past my mental barrier of not being fully able to do super human things in my lucid dreams without a mental strain and constant concentration. I ran like the wind when usually my running is very slow, like I'm running under water. Anyway, It chased me around, grabbing me, then when it failed to eat me it would drop me. This happened for the rest of the dream until I finally woke up.

      All I wanna say is, Julia Louis-Dreyfus.... Really brain, really??
    9. 8/31/13 lucid dream- natural living

      by , 09-01-2013 at 03:06 PM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      This is a lucid dream I had yesterday morning. The majority was not lucid, it only went lucid near the end but it was at a pretty good point.

      The beginning of the dream I found myself living in a world where everything was still in it's natural state. There were no buildings or roads, the earth felt new. I was living in an ancient forest, and one day while exploring I found the edge of the forest and saw that a family had built a small home. I started to get to know them and eventually they considered me a family friend. I decided to live more in the open and built my living area on the edge of the forest where I could see my new friends. I mainly walked around the families property, watching them farm, when I herd news about something huge being built. I went over and saw that a enormous dam had just been constructed, making the river back up to form a lake, and leaving the land on the other side a huge, bare, hole with equipment in it. I just stared at this with awe, but at the same time I was deeply saddened. I picked my way through the hole, feeling unhappy about what they were doing to nature, when a girl about my age (she was played by my ex friend I stopped being friends with in 2011) asked what I was doing and I told her. She went back home and I followed her, intrigued about there being more people setting near by. I found she lived in a community, but a different kind of community. Each person lived in wall-less square sections that were defined by a black line on the ground showing their living space, but they did have a door that worked, even though it wasn't connected to a wall. There was also some kind of force field that when you tried to look into your neighbors living area it blurred your vision not allowing you to see them. I was standing in the girls living area, talking to her, when I realized that I was dreaming, because nothing like this could ever exist in real life. While talking to her I noticed she looked very depressed and I wondered why. At this time I herd some commotion outside and went to go see. I saw that an asphalt road ran between the two rows of living areas and a bunch of kids from them were out in the road talking about starting a race. They were going to start from this end, run to the other end and then back again. I asked if I could join in and they said they didn't mind. At this point, I didn't feel like running, and to make it more interesting I made mario kart vehicles appear by lucid means. The remainder of the dream was us all racing up and down the road while I used some lucid influence to keep myself from wrecking, and to make it even more interesting by making things like ramps appear. I woke up after we had raced a couple times.

      After waking up I talked to my fiancée for a bit then tried to do a WBTB but failed as I couldn't go back to sleep. I almost did it though; I started getting some blurred, dream like visions playing before my eyes but just couldn't seem to fall asleep and gave up.
    10. 8/22/13 dream- Big Cats in my house

      by , 08-23-2013 at 05:57 AM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      The entire dream takes place in a two story house where my fiancée and I live, but not in real life. If this place exists in real life, I want to know about it because it is awesome.

      The first part of the dream was concentrated on trying to prove that some people who had come into my house were trying to steal from and harm me. It lasted a while and ultimately resulted in them leaving because I had proven their intentions. I can't remember specifics, only bits of memory.

      The second part of the dream started where I was sitting in a chair on the bottom floor, when a cat walked up to me and rubbed against my leg. I stared at it and thought "Wait, I don't have a cat yet?" Then I noticed another cat, and another until there were dozens. I walked into the living room and found they had opened and small window on the wall next to the floor, like those you have in you're basement, and they had also managed to open the screen. They kept pouring in and I knew that they had been the cats living under my house. I managed to round them all up and herd them back outside through the small window, then I closed it and the screen. I walked into the other room when suddenly a lioness walked up to me and started rubbing against me also. I was shocked, what was a lion doing in a rural area. Then after a while of trying to get her to leave, which she refused to do, another lion came up to me. I could tell he was young because his mane was just now starting to grow in, but he had jaguar spots. I assumed he was a lion, jaguar hybrid. All they wanted to do was play with me, and on my way to my mothers room (both my mother and brother lived with me at this point), a black panther showed up and joined the happy, playful, other big cats. I got to my mothers room and woke her up. She asked what were these big cats doing here and I told her they had just showed up. She got up and left her room, then I lead them into the room, ran out fast, and closed the door. My brother was awake and asking what was going on so I told him. He got excited and went into the room to play with them. I warned him that just because they were tame doesn't mean they won't go into hunter mode and try to eat him if he made the wrong move. He ignored me and continued on. I grabbed my phone while my mother explained to me that when lots of cats live under your house it means you have a snake din under your house too, and she knew people that had lots of cats show up only to have snakes pour out of the crevices moments later. I blocked up the widow again and started looking everywhere for the number to animal control. The lions had destroyed my moms room by that time and we re herded them into the down stairs bathroom. My mom said they would just destroy that too but I had to put them somewhere. My brother had stopped playing with them and they were in the bathroom alone. I continued looking for a number everywhere then finally tried the Internet. I found a number after a long, annoying, search and called them. A lady answered and I told her that three Jungle cats had made their way into my house and she told me that someone was on the way. My dad came over and my mom went outside to join him. They were talking about something and I ended up in the backseat while my dad drove my mother and I away. After he rounded the corner I freaked out and said I had to be there when animal control got there or they would leave. My dad argued but finally agreed to turn around. I suddenly got a very bad feeling and became afraid for my life. My dad was driving really fast and recklessly. I told them my fears and he just wondered why I thought that. He missed my road and we started driving in an area I didn't recognize. Suddenly, the realization dawned on me that I was dreaming. I became very relieved and decided I would do a WILD. I succeeded and found I had no patience for a crazy drive around the block so I made the road to my house appear and my dad took it. Upon arrival to my house I lost the WILD and went fully back into the dream, but stayed lucid. I went inside and found the animal control dead in my moms room. My brother said the two lions had bi-polar disorder and went crazy. I saw them and grabbed a piece of meat, then I threw it in the bathroom and re trapped them. They started clawing madly at the door while I called animal control again. They sent another person my way when we all started working on barricading the door with our bodies before it got broken out. They had busted it up to be pretty thin, but we managed to keep it closed, mostly from my lucid influence, when animal control finally arrived. I told him what had happened and he brought in a net gun. We opened the door and he shot a net at them that had special properties to put whatever was inside it to sleep. He asked where they came from and I said most likely someone in the area had raised them without the authorities knowledge. I asked him to check under my house for snakes as well and we followed him down there. We went under the porch and he started pulling up the paneling one by one and found there were no snakes. Instead there was hundreds of rats. They got angry when a flashlight was shone on them and we left. I got stuck under the boards of my porch when my claustrophobia came over me. I started panicking so I teleported myself by lucid means to the other side of the porch and found everyone else had gotten stuck too. Knowing they couldn't do what I had just done, I helped pull them out one by one. Animal control left after that and when I went back inside I found that he had forgotten the big cats passed out on my floor, and they were starting to wake up. I called them and told them they had to come back. I was waiting for them to return when I started thinking about another dream I had had in the past and decided I wanted to know what had happened to it while I was gone. I transported my vision to look at a place I had lived in another dream. I found that it had been bought by a guy with a motor cycle and that made me unhappy. I really liked that place and hated how that dream had ended up, with me having to leave and sell the house. I saw him motor away and found that he had put up a circular motorcycle ramp in the backyard. I was glad that he had kept the tree swing and playground structures though. I was discussing the place with my mom when I woke up.

      This lucid dream actually made me very happy after I woke up. I found I managed to do these lucid things with little to no difficultly for the first time hurray for progress.
    11. 8/20/13 dream- floating forums and killer game pits

      by , 08-20-2013 at 05:57 PM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      Last night I had a non lucid dream. All throughout the dream I would check in with the thread I'm currently keeping up with right now in real life, but I wouldn't do it with a computer. When I wanted to check it I would simply think that I wanted to, then it would pop up floating in front of me. The main part of the dream was very dark and twisted. There was this huge pit with a landscape in it and in the pit would be a family of 5, a father, mother, and their kids. It was like a sick game, you were up against another person and the object would be to find and capture these people individually with your mind as they ran around hiding, and if you didn't find them first then your opponent would kill them. I remember I was doing this for a good cause of some sort, like I knew the family or something. Anyway, I played a couple times, and while I didn't save everyone every time, I did manage to end up saving the teenage daughter for good. After doing that I walked around a building from room to room until I found Nickelback. Who knows why he was there, but he seemed happy to see me because I was the one who saved the teenage girl and he liked her. Then he told me about how he was trying to do some kind of thing where you shoot off straight up into the sky. After he got done telling me this, the girl popped up beside me and started telling him off, saying he was a stupid, insignificant, person and his music was crap. He became saddened and didn't say another word, and I felt bad for him. The dream faded after that and I kept sleeping for a little bit more, without dreaming, until I woke up.

      I wasn't going to type this one down because it doesn't really mean anything to me, its memorable, but I don't feel like it's significant. I came to the conclusion that I may as well. It is a dream after all and this is my dream journal, where I record my dreams.
    12. 8/19/13 dream- revisited dream place and God of War

      by , 08-20-2013 at 12:17 AM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      I had a LONG dream this morning for a 5 hour sleep which I was woken up from over 4 times, also can't believe that I kept going back into the same dream each time I fell back asleep too, but most of it was repeated over and over because of this, so I'm going to put the gist of it.

      In this dream, I revisited a place that I have dreamed of at least three times before in the past. The basic set up is a round store like building on a flattened area on the side of a mountain. The ground around it is flattened to have only dirt and is also shaped in a circle. There is a paved road leading down the mountain on the bottom side of the area and a dirt path leading steeply farther up the mountain that can lead to different places based on the happenings of the dream. This particular dream, it lead to another flattened area that held a round, huge, tent that housed a knowledgeable magical guy that looked like Clavicus Vile from the elder scrolls games. Skyrim to be specific, and without the dog.

      The main area was really just a through traffic spot, the majority I was always running up and down the highway at the bottom of the mountain at super human speeds, trying to find some kind of item for the magical guy. The other half of the dream I was talking to the magical guy himself. The part that sticks out most to me was the last part where I had to go to the final area and defeat the monster at the end. On the way there, I had to be ferried on a giant leaf by the magical guy himself. On the way there I would keep falling off the leaf and a giant fish would try to eat me and I would FREAK THE CRAP OUT! The dang fish looked like a miniature shark and I was so desperate to get back on the leaf I made the magical guy fall off, then we both struggled, then the leaf went under water. We finally procured a leaf and got to the stupid area. It was like a water dungeon, the walls and floor were made out of light gray stone. The first room had holes in the floor filled with water, and it had gray columns. The first run through I managed to defeat the monster, which was a hydra. The dream restarted back to where I had to be taken over the river to the dungeon about 4 times from waking up and falling back asleep. On the fourth time, I was in the first room when the hydras heads started popping out of the holes in the floor, the main head coming from the door to the next room. I started attacked him but my weapon was different, and I found it hard to use. It was the blades of chaos from God of War. Those suckers are harder to use then Kratos makes them look. I gave up and went back. I met up with the magical man and he told me he had fallen for me then went in and defeated the hydra for me, then proceeded to create a home for us in a room that was off to the side of the first room. I was flattered, but I was kind of just watching him do all this and wasn't really that into him. Then I woke up for good.

      That's the basic gist of it, I can't remember all the specifics. I did this morning, but now time has gone by and I can't. Should have typed it up when it was ripe in my mind, but I was busy, such a pity. Also, this dream was not lucid, and I'm just wondering...how the heck did I see a multi headed hydra and not realized that that could not possibly exist in real life?!? Hope you enjoyed
    13. 8/18/13 dream- Lucid napping

      by , 08-19-2013 at 01:37 AM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      I had a dream where I was able to use one of the tips given to me from here. All I remember from the dream I had last night are flashes of memory but I remember the dream I had while napping today.

      It started where I was hanging around this house that was made up of small buildings. I went in one building to have sex with this guy. I was laying down on a mattress on the floor and these wasps would fly around above me then land on me. I freaked out and smacked it off then noticed another. The guy got up to do something and I started concentrating on putting the blanket over my face before a wasp landed then crushed it without feeling like I was going to get harmed. After a bit, the guy laid back down then noticed my concentration with watching the wasps. Before I pulled the blanket up he grabbed it kept me from pulling it up, making me freak out. I explained why I had to do that when a wasp landed on my shoulder. I was freaking out, smacking it off. He laughed and after we had sex he left. I was reluctant to get up. I had an odd feeling. Thats when I noticed the wasp head was still on my shoulder. I had to pull it off and noticed it was hard to do that, like it was holding on. I noticed another and pulled it off too. Then I noticed a snail on my other shoulder. It was latched on, sucking my blood. I pulled it off but its head separated from its body and I had to pull it off too. I reluctantly got up then looked in a full mirror. I saw them all over my body, there were too many to count. I freaked out and started pulling them off one by one until I started to wake up. I stayed asleep however, and the dream reset.

      My fiancées mom was visiting and she, some other person, and I were walking down the street over to the building where my dad worked and my fiancée was waiting for us, when I started to insult her. I kept saying one horrible thing after the other and she glared daggers at me. I knew she was getting very angry but I couldn't stop myself. She tried to hit me but I kept dodging. She got frustrated and ran up ahead then jumped in a car. I became amused and jumped out the way when she tried to run me over. She kept turning back around and coming at me again, but I kept jumping out of the way. I stayed amused the entire time, a smile on my face. It got to where she was coming at me too fast for me to jump away so quickly, when she came close enough, I kicked off from the hood of the car and did a flip over top and landed behind it. I did this a couple times before I ran to the house that we were heading too and escaped behind the fence. I was standing in the yard when I realized I shouldn't have been able to do this in real life, and that this area didn't exist in real life, and figured out I was dreaming. I tried to do some sideways flips around the yard as practice (I find it hard to do things that I wouldn't be able to do in real life by lucid means) and, of course, found it hard to do the flips. I kept telling myself that this was a dream and I can do whatever I want in my dreams, and it helped a little, but I decided that I had had enough practice for now and that it was time to get back to the dream. I went inside and upstairs to find my dad working. My finance was telling me how downstairs there was a metal workshop that I would like. I went down and into the room and was amazed by all the machines. The workshop manager saw me and I remembered that you weren't supposed to enter workshops without safety goggles and a hat so I went outside the door. The manager followed me and I apologized. He asked what a girl was doing in there and I told him how I loved building things with metal and how I had taken 5 years of Ag classes in high school. He was impressed and said he would set up an interview. I got excited and told my fiancée. He was happy and we went back upstairs.

      We went into the chapel section and sat while people gathered around us, my family was sitting on the row behind us. My cousin was getting married to his boyfriend (he was gay in my dream even though he's married to a woman in real life) My fiancée threw a piece of paper under the row in front of us and I said loudly "How the f*** am I supposed to reach that??" I looked around and noticed people staring at me so I said "excuse my language" and people moved on. After the wedding I went back out to the main part and noticed my dad was gone. Someone told me that the business had shut down and I got upset because I had wanted to work here and was sad my dad was out of a job. I got a trash bag and started gathering things I found. I got a couple of crutches and found my brother looking out the window at my newly married cousin and his husband playing a DS. I asked what was wrong and he said that my cousin had taken his game and wouldn't give it back. The guy next to my brother had a contraption that allowed him to access game consoles, so he accessed my brothers and turned it off. My cousin left with it and I went after him with every intention of getting it back for my brother. I went outside to find the door my cousin used to get back inside, and along the way I picked up some long 2x4s that had broken off of the fence when my fiancées mom tried to ram her way inside. I picked up some more things that I can't remember until I found my cousin in his room in the living quarters. I peeked inside and saw him sleeping, the DS in his pocket. I was making a plan on how to get it back when his husband found me and woke my cousin up. He asked what I was doing and I told him. He laughed and said he would give me back the DS if I gave him something from my trash bag and held something of his. I held out my hand and he dropped a round, ripped in half, rubber thing in my hand. I noticed it was slimy then figured out it was his broken in half, used condom. I threw it and asked him why the crap would he make he hold that. He laughed and took out all 5 of the crutches from my bag and I asked if I could at least have one in case I needed it in the future. He let me have one and I put it back in. He looked at my 2x4s but didn't want them. He gave me the DS back and I was making my way to my brother when I woke up.

      This nap lasted 2 hours. I fell asleep for another hour but didn't dream any that time.
    14. 8/16/13 dream- princess in trouble part 3- Final part

      by , 08-18-2013 at 06:25 PM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      I warn you now, this part is going to be kinda crazy. Here's the map of the layout of the house again for faster reference. Click the picture to make it bigger.

      Spoiler for dream house layout:

      I was freaking out and started pacing around the room, staring at the ring. I didn't know what to do, I didn't want to be married to the new guy, I wanted to be with the body guard. My mind was lost in thought when my best friend rushed into the room and ran straight to me. She put her hand in front of me, boasting about how the new guy just gave it to her and asked her to marry him. This news hadn't made me upset or mad, I knew he was going to ask them too, instead I started growing suspicious. I had a feeling that there was more to this guy then someone who liked to mess with the feelings of three innocent best friends. He was trying to do something else, something deeper, that I couldn't figure out. I sat my friend down and told her about my suspicions. She found it hard to believe and wanted proof. I showed her my ring and told her about he had just asked me to marry him also not too long ago. Her face became blank. She sat there staring at my ring with no emotion at all. It was just then that my normal princess outfit began changing into a married princess dress, my hair went from being worn up to hanging loose, and finally a crown appeared on my head. The deal had been complete, I was now officially the new guys wife. Almost on cue, he entered the room, his cloths had changed too. He was now wearing a red cape and a crown of his own with white spotted fur around the base. He said now that we were man and wife he had to leave and attend to some duties. On his way out, he said something to my other friend, who was standing outside the door to the room. I looked back at my best friend and she hadn't moved, she just sat there with a blank expression. I took my ring off and left the room.

      I had to find out what was going on. The new guy was up to something, I could feel it. I went to his corner and looked around in his trunk. I couldn't find anything incriminating and went to my room, The body guard was waiting for me. My heart tore, and I was expecting him to say he was done with me when he said he didn't care. He loved me and still wanted to see me and that he knew I didn't want to be married. I hugged him and a spark of hope grew in my chest. I spent some time looking around the house for anything suspicious, my best friend had gotten up and helped me look. Her emotions were harder to read then a book with invisible ink, but I could tell that she wanted to find out what was going on as well. My other best friend had become distant and had an aura of big headedness around her. The new guy hadn't asked her to marry him but she seemed so happy, even knowing that my best friend and I were both his wives. My best friends cloths had changed to a married womans dress, but unlike me she wore her ring. Whenever I took a break from searching I would spend time with the body guard, all my troubles went away when I was with him.

      The new guy had been away for a few days before he returned. I was in the sitting room when he greeted me. He went into my other best friends room and closed the door. I sighed and walked around the house, thinking. I couldn't be sure what he was up to. I started to have suspicions that maybe he was after the kings title, but what would he do with it? Our kindgom was gone. I started making my way to the body guard to lose my thoughts in him when the new guy showed up and asked what I was doing. I answered nothing and he went away. I found the body guard near the front door in the sitting room. I grabbed his hand and pulled him outside on the front porch. I told him that the new guy was suspicious of us, and that we would have to be more discreet. I pulled him down the first set of stairs leading to the lake and pushed him in the corner then started making out with him. We made out for a bit before heading back to the front door while He went back inside through the side door. When I made it inside the door I found the new guy waiting for me. He looked at me with a serious look and asked if I had been with the body guard. I kept quiet and he smiled and said he wasn't mad because he was involved with my other best friend too. I rolled my eyes and walked past him. I already knew that and didn't care, I didn't even want to be married to him, he could have her.

      It was the next day when the new guy called everyone in the house for a meeting in the meeting room. Everyone except my other friend sat on the right side of the table. The new guy was standing behind her with his hands behind his back. An evil aura was radiating around him. I knew that his plan was about to start and that we had been too late to figure it out and stop it. He announced that he was tired of pretending to be a good guy (ha good job of that) and he had plans of becoming the king. The only reason he wanted to marry me was to obtain that title, and he only wanted to marry my best friend so I wouldn't be alone when he took my other best friend as his main queen. I told him he'd never get away with it and he seemed smug then claimed I didn't have a choice. He was going to reclaim our homeland and had a plan for making people do what he wanted. I got up and started going around the table toward him so I could get in his face but he held his hand out and I stopped. He had a box with a red button in his hand and I watched as he pressed it. I felt something inside me turn on and I became mindless. I stood with a blank expression, my hands handing limp by my sides. It felt like my mind was trapped inside me. I could see what was happening but could do nothing to control my body. I herd the body guard demand what he had done to me and he answered that I was his puppet. He had put a mind control device inside my brain while I slept one night. He said he had gotten tired of the body guard being around and commanded me to kill him. My body moved behind the body guard and I placed my hands on his neck and started choking him. I tried with all my might to stop myself but I couldn't. I was screaming, trying anything to make it stop. Right before the body guard was about to pass out the new guy ordered me to cease. He laughed and said he didn't have any intention of killing him but he wouldn't let him be with me anymore. He had him locked away in a room then let me be myself again. The entire time, my best friend had sat in silent shock, unable to do anything. I stood still, feeling defeated. There was nothing I could do, if I tried to defy him he would just control me until I was broken. I probably already was. The new guy smiled then said he was going to take my best friend and I down to the lake to cheer us up.

      As we walked down the porch stairs to the lake our cloths changed into bathing suits. He was telling us about how he came down here often to get his mind off things and do some test runs. I was wondering what he meant by that last part when we reached the lake. I stood looking with shock. He had tested his mind control on dozens upon dozens of dolphins (I DONT KNOW how or why dolphins live in our lake, its a dream) He had ordered them to all swim to the edges of the lake at the same time and pile up on the edges. I noticed that there was a lot of trash among them so my best friend and I went along picking it up to try and make things easier for them. I wasn't sure what he wanted with them and he wouldn't tell us. We worked our way around the edge, picking up trash. Every now and again a dolphin would hand us some with its mouth. Once I tripped and a dolphin helped me keep steady. I saw some trash on the water behind the dolphins so we climbed over them and got in the water to gather it. When we were done we swam to the cement shelter and climbed up the ladder to get out. We were standing still, looking out over the lake with the new guy watching us when I woke up.

      I know this was long but I wanted to get the rest of it done. I hope you enjoyed reading my long crazy dream. It was crazier for me when I dreamed it. Thanks for reading
    15. 8/16/13 dream- princess in trouble part 2

      by , 08-17-2013 at 09:01 AM (Dark Kikyo's Dream Journal)
      This is part two of the princess in trouble dream I had on the sixteenth of August. Sorry if the first part bored you, it gets A LOT crazier and convoluted the farther in it goes. I am just so excited about this dream, dreams this elaborate and long only happen a dime a dozen with me I treasure them when I have them. Here is the map of the house this took place so you can reference if you want or don't remember it from last time. Click the picture to make it larger, it's kinda small on its own.
      Spoiler for dream house layout:

      Part 2: Things in the house had become much less depressing after the new guy rescued me from being taken advantage of. I'd see him around the house and we would talk. He seemed so interested in me and nice, I was so certain that he had to like me. I began to notice that my other friend was starting to wonder about mine and the new guys relationship. I could feel that she was becoming jealous of me, but she never let on. She never did treat me coldly or anything, we were much too good friends for that, but I could tell that she was confused. My best friend, on the other hand, got more distant. She would suddenly change direction when I got near her and she would act like she didn't see me. Sometimes I would catch her off guard and we would talk casually, but it never lasted long before she walked off. I was starting to become saddened about what the new guy was doing to my best friends and I, we never had let anyone come between us and all three of us liking him was difficult. Things continued this way until one fateful day.

      I always assumed that my best friend's crush on the new guy was unfounded, but I was standing in my room when suddenly this feeling came over me. My best friend had come to mind, and I could sense that something was happening between her and the new guy. Not wanting to walk in on anything, I waited for the feeling to go away before I went to search for her. I found her in her room, sitting at the table looking love struck, yet also troubled. I asked her what was up and she jumped like she hadn't known I was there, then answered "Nothing, nothing at all. Why you ask??" She spoke quickly and my suspicion became fact. He had just got done seducing her. It was this point that the new guy's status with me had gone from a nice, sexy, guy to someone who liked to stir the pot. I didn't mention my thoughts to my best friend and left the room. On my way back to my room I met up with the body guard. He noticed I looked troubled and asked if there was anything he could do. I thanked him but said no. Honestly, I wanted him to help me, I wanted him to hug me, but I only wanted that as an escape from my heart break that the new guy had caused, and I didn't want to take advantage of him. I think the body guard knew this; He kept my eyes locked on his, like he was trying to tell me how he felt through his gaze, but I walked away. I couldn't deny, from that moment a stirring feeling of interest had started to grow for the body guard, but I didn't want to jump from one guy to the next so soon after my deep interest in the new guy. The next time I saw the new guy the air about him had changed. I was starting to see him for who he was, but he was just too dang enticing. I couldn't make myself lose interest.

      He continued to pursue my friends and I at the same time, and we were all too drawn in by him for any of us to back off. All the while my interest in the body guard kept growing inside me as well, we continued to have moments like in the small walkway. A time came when my two best friends and I met up in the meeting room to have a girls day and try to move on from our unspoken jealousy of one another. During our hang out, the new guy walked in and proceeded to show the most interest in my other friend, and my best friend and I noticed. He sat right up against her, looking into her eyes romantically, and we became uncomfortable. We took it as the final sign that he had chosen her and our friend day ended. I started to try and let my interest in him go away, and started to gear my full interest in the body guard. I saw him in the sitting room and we had a fun, friendly moment, and I was fully happy for the first time in a long while. We would joke around all friendly like, nudging each others shoulders and laughing. I was in my room one day when the body guard finally got up the courage to kiss me, and it was so great. The new guy never wanted to kiss me, even though I knew he had kissed both of my friends.

      Later that same day, I was sitting in the meeting room alone and a sudden sense came upon me. The new guy had noticed my interest in the body guard and was heading my way holding something. He erupted into the room in a fiery passion of determination and threw himself in the chair next to me. He stared straight into my eyes and boldly announced "I want you to marry me." and he pulled out a ring. Total shock had come over me, I was completely speechless. I had abandoned any hope that he would want me, I was sure he wanted my other friend. Then two other rings had fallen out of his pocket and landed on the table. Each had a different color and look then the one he offered me, and I knew they were for my best friends. I wanted to tell him no, I had no interest in marrying him. My mind was geared on the body guard and I was about to decline his offer, when suddenly I found I couldn't say anything. I was absentmindedly nodding my head yes, and he put the ring on me. I sat in a confused stupor as he left the room, and I instantly had a feeling of deep regret for the body guard. It was my lands custom that after a few hours of wearing a betrotheds ring, you were officially man and wife.

      I'm leaving my dream here. I don't want to make each part too long and make anyones interest go away. I predict probably about another part, maybe two, we will see. Hopefully someone out there enjoys these, I so really want people to like this dream as much as I do. It just speaks so deeply to me for some reason and I can't get it off my mind. The next part is going to get even more convoluted and hopefully I can coherently recollect it, it kind of starts going all over the place. Thanks for reading

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