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    8/31/13 lucid dream- natural living

    by , 09-01-2013 at 03:06 PM (425 Views)
    This is a lucid dream I had yesterday morning. The majority was not lucid, it only went lucid near the end but it was at a pretty good point.

    The beginning of the dream I found myself living in a world where everything was still in it's natural state. There were no buildings or roads, the earth felt new. I was living in an ancient forest, and one day while exploring I found the edge of the forest and saw that a family had built a small home. I started to get to know them and eventually they considered me a family friend. I decided to live more in the open and built my living area on the edge of the forest where I could see my new friends. I mainly walked around the families property, watching them farm, when I herd news about something huge being built. I went over and saw that a enormous dam had just been constructed, making the river back up to form a lake, and leaving the land on the other side a huge, bare, hole with equipment in it. I just stared at this with awe, but at the same time I was deeply saddened. I picked my way through the hole, feeling unhappy about what they were doing to nature, when a girl about my age (she was played by my ex friend I stopped being friends with in 2011) asked what I was doing and I told her. She went back home and I followed her, intrigued about there being more people setting near by. I found she lived in a community, but a different kind of community. Each person lived in wall-less square sections that were defined by a black line on the ground showing their living space, but they did have a door that worked, even though it wasn't connected to a wall. There was also some kind of force field that when you tried to look into your neighbors living area it blurred your vision not allowing you to see them. I was standing in the girls living area, talking to her, when I realized that I was dreaming, because nothing like this could ever exist in real life. While talking to her I noticed she looked very depressed and I wondered why. At this time I herd some commotion outside and went to go see. I saw that an asphalt road ran between the two rows of living areas and a bunch of kids from them were out in the road talking about starting a race. They were going to start from this end, run to the other end and then back again. I asked if I could join in and they said they didn't mind. At this point, I didn't feel like running, and to make it more interesting I made mario kart vehicles appear by lucid means. The remainder of the dream was us all racing up and down the road while I used some lucid influence to keep myself from wrecking, and to make it even more interesting by making things like ramps appear. I woke up after we had raced a couple times.

    After waking up I talked to my fiancée for a bit then tried to do a WBTB but failed as I couldn't go back to sleep. I almost did it though; I started getting some blurred, dream like visions playing before my eyes but just couldn't seem to fall asleep and gave up.

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