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    NL- Rituals within a rustic cabin- human fairies

    by , 04-15-2016 at 06:29 PM (392 Views)
    I am brushing my long platinum colored hair, bejeweled with small diamonds and shades of three. Those around me became quiet and one whispered that my hair mirrored that of an archangel.

    It was time.

    In a rustic cabin, I have been preparing various magical concoctions- but not attaining what was necessary. Many practitioners from far away, stopped by to write their theorems on the whiteboard (I tried to read, but was unable to comprehend them- must have been semi lucid, but did not RC). I knew that one of the ingredients was milk, from water. The mother earth providing her sustenance, so to speak. But, every time I pumped the water- only water came.

    Eventually, a fairy that looked just like a human came by the cabin and held the copper/brass container- it flashed. I knew this was the answer (at least hoped so...). I took the container and placed it on the ground, below the fountain. I pumped the fountain and only water came. I tried, one more time- and viola.


    I am with others somewhere else and we had to use the hair of a fairy- for armor, I believe. But, in doing so, the fairy would lose some of its power. The young fairy who blessed the container was preparing to sacrifice her hair, when another fairy arrived. A woman, I had known before. She was much older and ready to part with her hair- having lived a full life. So, she let us cut her hair.

    After this the dream went elsewhere, with keys being given from the underworld to access it anytime- as those from the underworld had taken what they shouldn't have.
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      Fairys are sweet. The ritual is kind of creepy though ^^"
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