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    1. Violet.com- escaped tasking by being given this assignment. Any advice?

      by , 07-26-2019 at 10:59 AM
      For two days I have dreamed of taking on tasks toward a never-ending end- so time consuming that I wake up tired.


      I dreamed of several characters. One was trying to see who killed her in the future by asking this computer. Only certain people had access to this system. She had authorization- either from being a part of the future or being a clone of the one from the future, or something else entirely. It would show her the replay.

      Every time she had the chance, she would replay until she could see who it was that killed her. It was her friend! It turned out that her friend thought she was dead and set up a destruction point- in the end killing her friend who was flying over. But there was two of the one flying overhead...

      Lots of details (experimental schools, etc) but in the end I was helped to escape my tasking by the one who gave me an assignment when I awoke- she needed my help. She asked me to write it down, as I was writing it down. But she was getting upset and telling me to write it down, again- I need to remember it. I re-read it to her and then I woke up.

      She wanted me to go to a website Violet.com which I have done- but it isn't a site you can google. You have to type in the website directly. Then, it gives some long talk and wants you to enter the site. I am not sure if I should- if it's a hacking site or what. It doesn't really say- I think it is probably just a gaming site.

      If I enter, I am supposed to look up something. Time seemed urgent, but I am not computer savvy- any advice regarding checking a website like this? I still haven't done it :p

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    2. Ebbs drve- non-lucid

      by , 09-07-2018 at 12:19 PM
      I read Ebb's post about experimenting with drve and decided to keep that in mind before sleeping. The following is non-lucid:

      (Before sleep I thought about Ebb's drve and when I woke in the middle of the night I thought of the same and went back to sleep.)

      I am in an extra class- I have had this teacher before and I am happy to be there. It is 902 and I was late, but she was happy to see me. The seats were mostly filled and there was a group of rowdy people that were bothering me- they threw a paper airplane toward the teacher, made of a brown package envelope.

      A co-worker asks for hand sanitizer and another is holding a rosary and sanctifying himself.

      There is a zombie outbreak, that has altered into an airborne contageon- it began to rain sulfur flakes- like snow flakes, but made of sulfur. As it lands, you are infected. You would forget who you were and your body would slowly wither. (sometimes I am observer, sometimes I am the person) I look at my arm and I have lichen growing on my arm- showing that I was decomposing.

      That was it. I plan to try again, hopefully when lucid.
    3. A lifetime

      by , 11-13-2017 at 03:00 AM
      Listening to:


      It begins, where I board a boat, with a magic key.
      My mother and I are there, exploring. We get separated.

      I explore, with a magical friend. She is capable of disintegrating the solidity of walls. We walk through walls, while trying to save our adopted friend.
      Unfortunately, her capabilities are not as strong as we would like. Our adopted friend gets trapped on the other side of the wall.

      I go back to save him, but in doing so, the wall becomes solid.
      We are captured and in a decompression room, of sorts.

      I leave the island (telling one red headed male is is hot- *blushing*), expecting my mom (who was on the adventure with me, but got lost, as I adventured outward) to come find me- when I am no longer on the island.

      I am now in a boarding type house. Nobody has heard of these special boats, islands, or keys. I am stuck there (adventures occur). Eventually a family takes over the ‘home’ and I am aged. The owner is now aged, as well. I escape and run to the dock.
      I must get back to the island. Where is my mom?!

      So, I am at the dock- boats come and go…
      But, no magic boat- no magic key.
      Finally! A woman runs at me with a hidden key- she yells, “Go!”
      I find the boat and tell the master where I wish to go…to find my mom.
      Well, as I continue to go into detail about my travails- he adjusts the timer and gps- we will be going the island of sorrows!
      Here I worried I may never find my mom- or may not find happiness.

      An island of lovers, an island of old folks playing slots- happy. Everyone had found their happiness.
      Would I find my mom? Would I find happiness?

      This dream seriously seemed like a lifetime.

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    4. A killer, kills himself- as a sacrafice for us both (a way to survive). Lucid clue not taken.

      by , 11-06-2016 at 03:00 AM
      Last night's dream:

      I am hunting someone bad down, as he is killing people. I find him and try to stop him from killing his next victim. In trying to defend himself he ended up stabbing me. Shocked, he said, "No, no, no- this can't happen".

      Then, he slices his left arm to bleed himself out, saying, "There is a part of me where this is not happening. There is a part of you where this is not happening".

      Lucid clue, but didn't take it.
    5. Meditation Session.

      by , 08-06-2016 at 01:37 PM
      Recently inspired, I've been meditating in my cottage. I wrote about letting my heart's song sing.

      I had a cool meditation session. I met someone in a brown robe, who handed me half a walnut, as he ate the other half. Then he put his hands on the side of my head. I held his hands. We put our foreheads together and spun around in colors of blue and green. Then I started to grow into a tree and he started to grow into a robin. He flew to a branch of a nearby tree. This is to become my sacred space. I am working on Druid study, Animal totems, Dream work, God relations, Angel relations, and Buddhism. All of which I have studied throughout my life- but, now, incorporating and going deeper.

      I have been writing and slowly working at my own pace- but I wonder if I am not being devoted enough?

      I didn't come back for a couple days. But, decided to go back yesterday and found a dead finch at the door, with something yellow moving around inside, where the heart would be.

      I looked closer and a small hornet backed out and flew off. I moved the bird aside and went inside to meditate. I think it may have meant that I am not staying devoted to what I began- or should I stay away and not follow through (going back to Adam and Odin- both seek knowledge at a sacrifice). I have also noticed things falling randomly in my home the past couple days. I didn't open a circle, but did ask for help from my ancestors...

      P.S. I also worked on a lucid this morning, but never completed it. I closed my eyes and saw "my room" but there were doors and window in random places. Colors started to become vivid, but I ended up falling asleep and NL dreaming.
    6. My niece and blow darts and bullets- NL

      by , 07-11-2016 at 05:44 PM
      In last nights NL dream, I was walking with my brother and niece down to the river, when all three of us decided to turn back. There were no birds and an eerie silence. My niece noticed there was a stone drawing of the old ones that lived here. I relayed to her that I hadn't seen that sketch before, and traced it with my hand.

      All of a sudden, the old ones were there- as depicted in the sketch. They wore horns and had mud or chalk all over their bodies. They were blending in with the shadows and blowing darts. I covered my niece and ended up with darts in my back. I was afraid that I might lose consciousness, and was looking for cover. At the same time, a small group of modern day people came with guns and were shooting. We needed to get out of there.

      My brother found an old beat up yellow truck and we all drove off.
    7. Dream of sister-in-law, mourning- today, find out their Aunt is dying in hospital.

      by , 07-11-2016 at 02:43 AM
      On the 8th of July, I dreamed of my husband, his mother, and sister. They were solemn. His sister was crying and asking, above, why she always had to go through losses. I told my husband. Today, we received a call that their Aunt is on her last legs- she has been hospitalized for two years, but she is taking her last breaths. His sister was emotional.

      Lastly, in a random dream last night, I turned around and yelled in a darkened corner, "Back off". I woke up with my heart racing, like waking from a nightmare. I have no clue who I was yelling at or why. Weird.

      Note: She passed away on July 13th.

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