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    Black Jacket [S-LD]

    by , 05-16-2016 at 06:42 PM (204 Views)
    In this dream i acted like i was lucid but i have some doubts. In any case, i'll label this as a semi-lucid dream of some sorts.

    It all took place on the streets right near my house at nighttime, there weren't many people around the area.

    I was there with someone i apparently knew. I have a sense of being lucid back then, but i don't recall discovering it as a dream. Anyway, i was looking around for a black jacket to wear; i was planning on wearing one once i got lucid. I found one and wore it but it was shorter than i wanted so i extended it to be as long as i'm. I was also wearing a red glove on my left hand, and a black glove on my right hand. The person with me had a tablet that had a photo of a weird-looking sword on it.

    I walked away for a few moments then found the sword that i drew and planned to summon in my LDs which i also called "Raven". I held it and immediately started slashing around. I said a made-up spell that got the sword some light red energy aura around it. The sentence in question was "我が体に宿る力を今に解放しろ!" Which pretty much means "Release the power dwelling in my body!".

    I cut an oncoming car with the blade, in a weird way too. I don't know how to explain that. Afterwards i had thrown the gloves i was wearing so i asked the person to lend me a fingerless-glove. He did give me one, and also asked about "What kind of grade-clothes are you wearing?". I saw that he was wearing a white coat.

    I don't seem to have the sword anymore. The dream felt like ending but i fortunately was able to keep it going after i understood how to stabilize properly. A bit later i thought about how the dream might end so i should find something to do next. I thought about flying and riding a motorbike but didn't really do them. I walked around with that person and we saw a green cat that looked like it was about to die, i commented "it's green so it's probably very ill or something". The dream was ending.

    Probably fell into an FA or something as that always happens in this fashion.

    I have jumped back into the street in "another dream". It's daytime and there are many people lined up at my house. I don't really know what happened here, but it felt like i switched into seeing a chat room that was apparently related to DV. I was nicknamed "Sure" and i was apparently saying something in the chat. A user replied saying "I'm pretty sure you're honest with your question!" and sent me 10k hall points. Sageous appeared in the chat saying "sono kuroki hagane" which is the title of a show that i had read before.

    I woke up. Still in memory are small fragments of two dreams: Me going to a hatsune miku concert and me playing the piano with a family member. The second dream was nice, i somehow played some really good songs even though i have no experience at all with a real piano.

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