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    An exam, a detective and a fight [NLD]

    by , 06-11-2016 at 09:07 AM (235 Views)
    [FONT=tahoma]A rather long NLD at the end of my sleep. I'll manage to piece together the events hopefully.

    I was somewhere around school with some classmates and we had an exam that day. I was wearing a bag that contained a bunch of books and a black jacket (?) inside it and i was going towards a restaurant with the classmates to eat. As we approached the restaurant, we saw that the lines of people ordering were extremely long they reached outside of the restaurant. I went in anyway.

    I managed to stick in somewhere mid-line and was able to reach the counter to order some food. It was around 11AM daytime and that was around the time the restaurant switches from breakfast-food to lunch-food. I heard someone saying [COLOR=#0000CD]"I want a spicy mc-chicken"[/COLOR] and i asked the counter people to get me the same, then they said that it was breakfast time, i insisted and they apparently said alright.

    At that time i asked someone about how much time was left for the exam and they said that there is only around 5 minutes. I walked out of the restaurant and walked around outside for some reason, returning later to see my order. However, the people at the counter said that i'm not getting my order and that they reported me to a detective/police. I got a bit angry and told them why they would do that as i did nothing wrong, i don't remember hearing a logical answer to that. A guy with a white shirt comes up and is very agry for some reason. He is apparently the detective and he screams at me about why [COLOR=#0000cd]"i wasn't behaving properly"[/COLOR] and that [COLOR=#0000cd]"the text on the shirt you wore was bad (?)"[/COLOR] i shortly later talked him out of it and he calmed down. As for my order, i wasn't gonna get it anyway.

    I'm outside again, walking towards the restaurant. I was annoyed and as i slammed the door open i hit someone that was standing behind it (lol).
    Anyway, now my bag which i put on the table was trashed, with a suspicious bunch of students nearby. I approached them and a blonde guy (this guy had killed me in a previous dream a while ago, why he appears in this context is unknown to me) comes up with a look on his face that says that he's the one who did it and he's looking for a fight. He begins kicking me and i hold him by his foot and attempt to kick him but i couldn't reach him for some reason. The kicking between the two of us continued for another 10 seconds or so.

    I was outside yet again and i walked inside again. Now going towards my bag and seeing what's there. I found the black piece of clothes, a few books and nothing more. Apparently the books were stolen. I took the bag and got out of the restaurant to go make it for the exam.

    A few details happened in-between all of this, but because i ignored journalling this, i forgot them. I really should get back in the habit and journal my dreams seriously after awakening. I almost let this one fade away.[/FONT]

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