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    Princess Trap [NLD]

    by , 05-07-2016 at 07:58 AM (197 Views)
    I'm in my living room with a few other people who were thinking up a plan to kill or get rid of "The Princess (Refer as TP)" It was somewhat dark and the lights were off, i could see things but the vision was low. The thing they came with that the will have TP's lover or someone like that in a room, make physical access impossible thus forcing her to get into the room by using a Magical-Dimension-Portal? (It was even a longer string of words, but i don't recall that all). Anyway, making her use this portal was a trap to kill her. At some point they had her friend with us in the room.

    Another scene, i'm in another room going to TP to warn her of this trap. I said something along the lines of this:

    They are luring you into the magic dimension trap to kill you, don't you know what happens if you get in that place?

    I don't know..

    I remember seeing some sort demonstration as to how the trap is layed out. It was like how the camera in a TV show starts to show map grids from above and whatever.

    The Princess, looked like an anime character whose hair was purple-coloured and was long-haired. That person was referred to as the princess too in the show. This whole dream plot is something that would come out of that show anyway.

    I recently came up with a new RC to use. Funnily enough, there was a point in which i was talking with a DC telling them that this is a dream even though i didn't get lucid by saying that. Did i RC? I don't know..

    There was another section in which it was daytime and i was walking around near my house's door, when a classmate showed up laughing about my shirt's collar for some reason. It was normal-looking though!

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