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    1. Encounter [NLD]

      by , 06-15-2016 at 11:37 AM (Blackbox)
      [CENTER][FONT=tahoma][B]*This entry is the last re-write from my old account, TDHXIII*[/B][/FONT][/CENTER]
      There are two dreams that i had, and both included conflict and tension. It was fun. Can't believe that i have finally started having a lot of interesting dreams without lucidity.. With this aside, there won't be too many details as i don't recall a lot by now. I always DJ in my head and unless it was a very interesting dream that i have to remember later, i don't write down.

      I'm in my room with some people.

      [I]- I have a wooden katana in my room IRL. It did appear in this dream, as two wooden swords instead of one -[/I]

      As my room's door opened, a girl with orange-like hair was standing right by the door. I was immediately shaken with fear once i saw her. I remember telling the people near me to hand me a weapon, which was 2 duplicates of my wooden sword. I did feel an intent to kill or something along the lines.
      - Events happening around the kitchen of my house. Things were a bit creepy back then -[/I]

      I was in my living room and the lighting got dark. I had a small spotlight that emitted a blue ray of light. As that girl came out from the kitchen towards the room, i pointed the light at her which was effective in making her back away. A few moments after that, the lights came back on. She was about to get close and i freaked out when my weapons fell on the ground. I pulled out a pen from my pockets and threw it towards her to buy some time to pick up my weapon.

      After i picked the swords up, i dashed towards her and i blocked her weapon's attack (Don't know what her weapon was) with one sword then i made a spin to build momentom and striked her with my other sword. My sword somehow cut right through her chest and the dream instantly ended.

      Why did i feel threatened? I don't recall her taking the initial attacks or anything, just that things got creepy. Unfortunately though, i'm not used to questioning dream enemies or anything like that since i didn't get a lot of dreams like this before. I feel a bit bad right now because i think that person wasn't intending harm.. Well, nothing i can do now.. can i? It felt creepy in the dream for some reason. Appearance-wise from what i remember, that person looked familiar.. Maybe closer in appearance to this character?[/COLOR][/SIZE][SPOILER=Rena][IMG]http://s18.postimg.org/mu4u3pxhl/higurashi_no_naku_koro_ni_rena.jpg[/IMG][/SPOILER][/FONT][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000]

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    2. Violet Slash [LD] [DG]

      by , 06-15-2016 at 11:33 AM (Blackbox)
      [CENTER][COLOR=#3E3E3E][B]*This entry is a re-write from my old account, TDHXIII*[/B][/COLOR][/CENTER]

      Things are getting better for my lucid dreams. I'm still working out on my methods amidst RC's and Mindfulness. Haven't touched meditation due to laziness but i have to do so soon. First thing's first, i finally am starting to get more length out of my LDs.. Chances are that it's because i decided to immerse myself somewhat with the dream. But even then, i'm still making some awkward mistakes like forgetting to stabilize properly or activate my WL memory in my LDs. For this entry, i will make it clear that i didn't intend to even write it down at first, which lead to me losing a lot of detail on it. I mainly chose that route because i felt like i was 50% lucid, that feeling that i got a lot in my older LDs. Not much detail here, but i'll still try to put it.

      I became lucid when i was in my room, and as i discovered that it was a dream, i started touching my clothes as to stabilize my touch sense, which didn't work out that greatly. Had i restored my memory properly, i would have actually done a lot better job at stabilizing. Anyway, i only recall 2 events from the dream or so i would call them.

      The first thing is that i attempted to find my long-searched-for Dream Guide, which as you may expect failed miserably. I apparently found a person, who was collapsed down like a doll. I remember trying to talk to her but there was no reply or anything similar. The only sure-fire thing is that that person was female. Can't remember the appearance or anything else due to my almost faded dream memory by now. I recall that in the dream around when this happened i was under the impression that this was not my real DG and that there was another person nearby or something like that. I would say that i insist on a specific persona for my unknown DG but i better be ready for anything i may see. So to summarize, a collapsed girl.

      The other thing is that i was in my room, holding a sword of some kind. Again, i can't remember how i got it or what it looks like. One thing i remember is that i kept slashing the poor wall infront of me, and that i did a quick succession of slashes that immited dark purple energy lines or something similar to that. Cutting the wall felt kinda strange. After slashing the wall, i proceeded by dashing forward and clawing my left hand towards the wall, and at that moment i saw dark-purple (energy?) coming out of my hand..

      The dream lasted around 4~5 minutes. Way better than the old 1~2 minute length dreams i kept having. Strangely enough, this lucid dream appeared after i changed my mindset towards my dreams the day before:
      ・ "My dreams are very exciting and thrilling. Even if i don't become lucid, it's fine but i'll try to get lucidity. No need to stress it out"
      ・ At the same time i RC, i try to make myself feel that "dream feeling" and pretend that i'm in a dream environment. Hard to explain. .[CENTER][COLOR=#3E3E3E][FONT=tahoma][B]*This entry is a re-write from my old account, TDHXIII*[/B]
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    3. Failed Summoning [LD]

      by , 06-15-2016 at 11:28 AM (Blackbox)
      [CENTER][FONT=tahoma][B]*This entry is a re-write from my old account, TDHXIII*[/B][/FONT][/CENTER]
      I find myself in my house, and a sudden impulse to RC kicks in. [COLOR=#0000ff]I count my fingers. "This is a dream, isn't it?" I said to myself[/COLOR]. I moved on into the act of stabilizing and the stuff along.. I focused on my vision and it got close to my RL vision. Sound and touch were present and unusually vivid, but i don't remember actually focusing on them a lot. After this, i tried to regain my memory by remembering where i'm and what i'm doing. "I'm in bed dreaming and this is my dream" Is all i recovered before stopping the memory recovery process.

      That's all i did to make the dream somewhat stable, but there was something missing and i'm not sure what. Maybe it's because i was very worried during the dream that it would be short, that's probably it. There were sudden moments in the dream in which i found myself back in bed (probably FA). But they lasted a few seconds then i found myself back where i was. Weird thing to be honest. Whatever the case was, the dream was enjoyable because i was somewhat immersed with my environment.. Something that i lacked all these times i got lucid.

      Moving on into the main things i did in the dream. I didn't try to meet my DG or fly, because to me this was a test of stability and control and that this LD came out of nowhere. I tried to summon my thought-up magical sword. And i had thought of a way to summon it but the process is very hard if control is not fully present. I guess the difficulty came from my slightly-lacking memory. Whatever, i remember being in front of the double doors that lead to the guest halls, where i was standing, i would be able to see the door of my house and slightly see the street.

      I proceeded into the summoning..

      The method:
      I would set my right hand on fire and this fire would then create smoke, the smoke would stay still in mid-air. Essentially acting as a portal to another dimension that i can pull items from.

      Of course, what i got was nothing like what i imagined. I got fire, but it was very weak. And if that wasn't enough, there was no smoke to use as a portal. The process failed and i resorted to another process of making the item appear from thin air by quickly waving my hand accross the air. This one was a failure, as that i got a knife version of the supposed long-sword i wanted. I let the knife vanish and went on with the dream.

      I entered through the doors that were to my back this whole time. Inside, there was a door nearby so i realized that i could put my hand inside without looking, and then obtain the weapon! Unfortunately enough, i don't remember what happened after this - I either woke up or lost lucidity. I put my hand inside and was able to grab a large object that felt like a sword, but i remember enough that it wasn't the thing i was looking for.[/FONT]
    4. Shadow Man [LD] [DG]

      by , 06-15-2016 at 11:22 AM (Blackbox)
      [CENTER][FONT=tahoma][B]*This entry is a re-write from my old account, TDHXIII*[/B]
      After walking around my school for a while, the dream scene randomly changed into my house's living room. There, i noticed the sudden change and started asking about what happened. My father told me something that was too strange to be real.. Upon hearing that, i hurried down the stairs to exit the house. Along the way, i lifted my left hand and looked at it when i noticed that my hand looked weird.

      [COLOR=#0000ff]I became lucid[/COLOR], and with that came the usual way of hurrying over doing my goals. As a result, i forgot to stabilize the dream and straight away rushed for summoning a Dream Guide.. Yelling and stretching my arm hoping for results and i got none. I proceeded by reaching out for the DG with my hand towards my back. I felt a soft hand grab into mine and then i headed towards the door nearby and let go of that hand as i got through. I stopped and looked back to see who it is that i was grabbing the hands of. To my surprise, a distorted shadow person slowly passed through the door. At this moment, the dream started collapsing. I desperately tried to keep it stable but i ended up in the void anyway. In there i heard someone say something that i forgot by now, something related to numbers..

      In the end, a game save screen appeared and it saved on slot one.. which was then followed by everything going to black and me waking up.[/FONT]
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    5. An exam, a detective and a fight [NLD]

      by , 06-11-2016 at 09:07 AM (Blackbox)
      [FONT=tahoma]A rather long NLD at the end of my sleep. I'll manage to piece together the events hopefully.

      I was somewhere around school with some classmates and we had an exam that day. I was wearing a bag that contained a bunch of books and a black jacket (?) inside it and i was going towards a restaurant with the classmates to eat. As we approached the restaurant, we saw that the lines of people ordering were extremely long they reached outside of the restaurant. I went in anyway.

      I managed to stick in somewhere mid-line and was able to reach the counter to order some food. It was around 11AM daytime and that was around the time the restaurant switches from breakfast-food to lunch-food. I heard someone saying [COLOR=#0000CD]"I want a spicy mc-chicken"[/COLOR] and i asked the counter people to get me the same, then they said that it was breakfast time, i insisted and they apparently said alright.

      At that time i asked someone about how much time was left for the exam and they said that there is only around 5 minutes. I walked out of the restaurant and walked around outside for some reason, returning later to see my order. However, the people at the counter said that i'm not getting my order and that they reported me to a detective/police. I got a bit angry and told them why they would do that as i did nothing wrong, i don't remember hearing a logical answer to that. A guy with a white shirt comes up and is very agry for some reason. He is apparently the detective and he screams at me about why [COLOR=#0000cd]"i wasn't behaving properly"[/COLOR] and that [COLOR=#0000cd]"the text on the shirt you wore was bad (?)"[/COLOR] i shortly later talked him out of it and he calmed down. As for my order, i wasn't gonna get it anyway.

      I'm outside again, walking towards the restaurant. I was annoyed and as i slammed the door open i hit someone that was standing behind it (lol).
      Anyway, now my bag which i put on the table was trashed, with a suspicious bunch of students nearby. I approached them and a blonde guy (this guy had killed me in a previous dream a while ago, why he appears in this context is unknown to me) comes up with a look on his face that says that he's the one who did it and he's looking for a fight. He begins kicking me and i hold him by his foot and attempt to kick him but i couldn't reach him for some reason. The kicking between the two of us continued for another 10 seconds or so.

      I was outside yet again and i walked inside again. Now going towards my bag and seeing what's there. I found the black piece of clothes, a few books and nothing more. Apparently the books were stolen. I took the bag and got out of the restaurant to go make it for the exam.

      A few details happened in-between all of this, but because i ignored journalling this, i forgot them. I really should get back in the habit and journal my dreams seriously after awakening. I almost let this one fade away.[/FONT]
    6. Black Jacket [S-LD]

      by , 05-16-2016 at 06:42 PM (Blackbox)
      In this dream i acted like i was lucid but i have some doubts. In any case, i'll label this as a semi-lucid dream of some sorts.

      It all took place on the streets right near my house at nighttime, there weren't many people around the area.

      I was there with someone i apparently knew. I have a sense of being lucid back then, but i don't recall discovering it as a dream. Anyway, i was looking around for a black jacket to wear; i was planning on wearing one once i got lucid. I found one and wore it but it was shorter than i wanted so i extended it to be as long as i'm. I was also wearing a red glove on my left hand, and a black glove on my right hand. The person with me had a tablet that had a photo of a weird-looking sword on it.

      I walked away for a few moments then found the sword that i drew and planned to summon in my LDs which i also called "Raven". I held it and immediately started slashing around. I said a made-up spell that got the sword some light red energy aura around it. The sentence in question was "我が体に宿る力を今に解放しろ!" Which pretty much means "Release the power dwelling in my body!".

      I cut an oncoming car with the blade, in a weird way too. I don't know how to explain that. Afterwards i had thrown the gloves i was wearing so i asked the person to lend me a fingerless-glove. He did give me one, and also asked about "What kind of grade-clothes are you wearing?". I saw that he was wearing a white coat.

      I don't seem to have the sword anymore. The dream felt like ending but i fortunately was able to keep it going after i understood how to stabilize properly. A bit later i thought about how the dream might end so i should find something to do next. I thought about flying and riding a motorbike but didn't really do them. I walked around with that person and we saw a green cat that looked like it was about to die, i commented "it's green so it's probably very ill or something". The dream was ending.

      Probably fell into an FA or something as that always happens in this fashion.

      I have jumped back into the street in "another dream". It's daytime and there are many people lined up at my house. I don't really know what happened here, but it felt like i switched into seeing a chat room that was apparently related to DV. I was nicknamed "Sure" and i was apparently saying something in the chat. A user replied saying "I'm pretty sure you're honest with your question!" and sent me 10k hall points. Sageous appeared in the chat saying "sono kuroki hagane" which is the title of a show that i had read before.

      I woke up. Still in memory are small fragments of two dreams: Me going to a hatsune miku concert and me playing the piano with a family member. The second dream was nice, i somehow played some really good songs even though i have no experience at all with a real piano.
    7. Farewell In The Rain [NLD]

      by , 05-14-2016 at 01:23 PM (Blackbox)
      This dream was a mixture of first-person and third-person perspectives. As such, i found it better to just write it down in third-person as if it's a story.

      The first part took place at my house.
      A guy befriended a girl and they had a close relationship. She had some form of sealed power that if un-sealed would make her kill him. After the seal broke, she got far away from him and told him that she would end up killing him if he got near her again. Still, he insisted and tried to stay close to her as much as he could.

      The guy followed her to an area near a convenience store along some small shops. It was at night, raining and you could hear a loud thunder sound in the skies. He reached out to hold her left hand and stop her, but she shoved his hand away and continued walking in silence. She didn't look his way while walking. He saw amongst the people walking nearby, the gothic-loli character from the "gate" anime series.

      In any case, he stood there in shock and shortly fell on his back, now starting at the sky and hearing the people walking nearby laugh at him. Afterwards, there was a girl of relative young age who patted him on his head and said "cute".

      Then, he was attacked by a group of three men. Two were standing in front of him while the third was holding him from behind, like those scenes in some tv shows. The guy was filled with anger and broke free from the one grabbing him and said "screw you all!". Fighting ensued and while the three used fire as a weapon, the guy was able to take two of them down with their fire. Fighting with the last one, he was very close to being caught on fire, so he asked an old man in one of those shops nearby to point a water hose at him. Finally, it ended with his victory against the three thugs.

      The girl that walked away was not seen again..

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    8. Princess Trap [NLD]

      by , 05-07-2016 at 07:58 AM (Blackbox)
      I'm in my living room with a few other people who were thinking up a plan to kill or get rid of "The Princess (Refer as TP)" It was somewhat dark and the lights were off, i could see things but the vision was low. The thing they came with that the will have TP's lover or someone like that in a room, make physical access impossible thus forcing her to get into the room by using a Magical-Dimension-Portal? (It was even a longer string of words, but i don't recall that all). Anyway, making her use this portal was a trap to kill her. At some point they had her friend with us in the room.

      Another scene, i'm in another room going to TP to warn her of this trap. I said something along the lines of this:

      They are luring you into the magic dimension trap to kill you, don't you know what happens if you get in that place?

      I don't know..

      I remember seeing some sort demonstration as to how the trap is layed out. It was like how the camera in a TV show starts to show map grids from above and whatever.

      The Princess, looked like an anime character whose hair was purple-coloured and was long-haired. That person was referred to as the princess too in the show. This whole dream plot is something that would come out of that show anyway.

      I recently came up with a new RC to use. Funnily enough, there was a point in which i was talking with a DC telling them that this is a dream even though i didn't get lucid by saying that. Did i RC? I don't know..

      There was another section in which it was daytime and i was walking around near my house's door, when a classmate showed up laughing about my shirt's collar for some reason. It was normal-looking though!

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