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    1. I've been shot.

      by , 08-13-2012 at 06:21 AM
      I've been absent from dreamviews for a while and unfortunately I've been terrible about the lucid dreaming attempts. I thought dreamviews was gone and two nights ago I randomly decided I would start dreaming again and I look on the internet and find dreamviews again. Glad to be here, on my second attempt at mastering my dreams.


      Me and laurens family were camping and somebody (I forgot who) was driving and I was trying to teach them how when they somehow ran into a model plane that was in the sky. We drove away as fast as we could but pretty soon we were arrested. I forget a lot of what happened when I was arrested, but soon we were released and I went back to the camper that we were staying in and lauren's dad shot me in the chest. I looked down and my shirt was off and the bullet was partially sticking out of my chest. I touched it and it started gushing blood.

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    2. Gift bag terrorist.

      by , 02-21-2012 at 02:28 AM

      Me and a few others all travel across the world, not to see the world but because we are stealing basically goody bags from the planes. The planes would for some reason land outside the airport and we would sneak out of the plane, attach a bomb to a compartment, and blow the inside black backpack out. This happened three times with us not even pausing in the country we were in. Then the fourth time something went wrong I think Noah lost his backpack outside, and we all got super spooked and had to lay low. I remember going back to my seat on the plane and frantically searching through everything I had sure that something was going to set off the alarms at the airport, but the actual airport was a breeze. So we stayed in a hotel room and we all were having a good time like it was a vacation. Me and Ryan met this girl and I was flirting with her and it was working but the girl wanted me to go spend a day with her and her mom, and I wanted to chill at her house and watch movies (if you know what I mean). But she seemed to guess my intentions and said she wasn't ready for that. I think I just left after that (I'm a dick in my dreams) and went back to the hotel. We met some people at the hotel and went somewhere to party with them. One guy and girl were trying to talk to me but it was entirely drunk/high mumbo jumbo. Everybody was getting drunk and high, but for some reason I wasn't. I remember walking back to the hotel and Drew was yelling at his girlfriend because she was accusing him of something. The next day we all took a run around the city we were in (Was not america, but I don't think it ever was dubbed anything in the dream) I met a man while I was running who was also running and we began to freestyle while we ran (haha). This lasted until I woke up.
    3. Another fight

      by , 02-15-2012 at 04:46 AM

      I was in a school I had never seen before. For some reason this kid got mad at me and wanted to fight but I didn't want to in the school. Then I went to what were apparently dorm rooms and was hanging out with the usual friends plus a few that I don't remember, when that kid (Who I think switched identities throughout the fight) came to the house from the roof. While he was saying whats up to the people I went and took a piss (only in the dream thankfully) and when I came back in the room he was sitting down talking to whoever. I started talking to somebody and eventually the subject came up and I asked him if he was gonna fight and he said, "Whenever, just let me know." I replied with right now, and he seemed taken aback. At this point somebody informed me that he was a Tae Bo master and showed me a video of him doing martial arts (I googled it because I didn't know what it was its some work out video thing haha) I just said fuck whatever. He stood up and came up to me and a friend and somehow me the friend or him made a joke and we were all laughing and almost had a friend vibe thing going on, but then we ended up fighting anyway. I forget how it starts but Basically the whole fight I'm punching him in the face and he is trying to wrestle slamming me this way and that, but I always am able to get up without getting stuck. My punches don't seem to do any damage though and it was making me extremely mad, and eventually really tired (which I didn't know could happen in a dream). All of a sudden I realize I'm dreaming and immediately try to stabalize by rubbing my hands together but I wake up anyway. Damn.

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    4. Inside Counter Strike.

      by , 02-11-2012 at 10:39 PM

      I was inside the game counter strike.. In a boxing/capture the flag mod. It felt like forever but it was a two minute game of capture the flag and I actually did get in there and fight one guy. The fight looked a lot more realistic than counterstrike, but I felt nothing even though I was hit down to 13 health.

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    5. Inshelltion

      by , 02-10-2012 at 10:35 PM

      I'm trying to find somewhere. For some reason I go to the house of a kid I hate to get directions off the back of a shirt. I have to be quiet as not to give myself away. The place I'm trying to go is a long drive completely on interstates then a short walk. I drive this distance and somehow end up like inside the walls of the interstate. I meet a girl and we go inside her mind inception style. We are now searching for a place inside her mind. She has to attempt to forget everything about society and civilization for us to find it. We float around in search of this place but we keep ending up back on the top of the interstate sides, and the girl gives me a pack of cigarettes. Eventually we take a break on the side of a cliff, overlooking a city on the edge of the lake. To our left are two huge machines incinerating houses and knocking them down. To our right is the lake. Everything becomes super trippy. The lake changes colors and the grass becomes super bright. the houses all flash iridescently. I see a turtle on the cliff and it flys lazily around with brilliant purple tracers and green and purple moving around its shell (like visuals on lsd). I take my pack of cigarettes out but whats left have all been broken in half. I look around and find another one full and lit sitting next to me.. Me and this girl discuss the scene. I ask her why the machines are necessary, but she can't seem to answer me. My alarm goes off and I wake up.

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    6. Extraordinarily unextraoardinary

      by , 02-09-2012 at 02:57 AM

      Very long vivid dream about me being in my friends house (or what resembled it), and it was my birthday. A ton of people were there but they were setting something up in a room and I wasn't allowed to go in, but I remember being extremely excited for whatever it was. I smoked a lot of cigarettes and had regular dialogue with all the people there. I remember making a specific age joke to a girl who didn't get it and I had to explain it to her... Thats about it.
    7. First Lucid

      by , 02-07-2012 at 05:58 AM

      Long vivid dream about driving around dirt roads looking for something.. Ended up in a hippie establishment looking place with a bunch of other cars driving around.

      Was walking outside somewhere resembling a hippie establishment. Realized I was dreaming for no particular reason and attempted to continue walking but got extremely excited at the prospect of my first LC and it faded out and I woke up.

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    8. M&M's and Gummy Worms.

      by , 02-06-2012 at 04:40 AM

      Began outside/in a truck, was fighting with my little brother over candy (M&M's and gummy worms or something), then my step mom was there saying I could stay home for this possible thing they were going to, that was just gonna be southy, but to spite her I went anyway. Ended up being a big family event at a house I've never been too. Any time I looked in the mirror my hair couldn't decide what length it wanted to be. This happened a few times. My principle was outside of the party figiting with his tie and I made some remark and he said wish me luck and went into it. Went into a room and looked at the fire place for a while, then went back into the party and competed in a high jump contest (elementary school field day style, if anybody remembers that haha) until I woke up.
    9. Star Stores.

      by , 02-05-2012 at 07:05 AM

      (Weird to have a dream like this since I haven't seen any of those movies for years.)

      Jump right to fighting a random chick and Darth Vader with light sabers at a mall. I used the force (haha) to hide the chicks light saber in a coat rack and began to fight just Darth Vader. I remember not being able to move the saber right like I was under water, but Darth Vader was having the same problem. Then Vader turns to the red faced one (Sorry fans), and that continues for a while. No real climax or ending. Probably should have realized I was dreaming though. Oh well..
    10. Shut the door, man.

      by , 02-01-2012 at 08:26 PM

      Driving around with Ryan and Travis. We're parked then and there are annoying kids outside of the car and for some reason I take the wheel driving haphazardly around trying to break shit. At first Ryan and Travis are there then I'm driving alone. I make my way into a house I know they'll be at (Or I'm just sort of there). Jeremy is there. For some reason Ryan and Travis felt the need to make hot sauce concoctions and are then going to eat them plain. I begin making Jeremy and me some sort of french bread with cookie dough (spelled xooxie doug) spread and nutella spread. I remember tasting all the flavors and actually liking it. Then I wake up or lose the dream.

      Was with Pat getting ready for something and trying to cut my own hair. I messed up terribly and had to shave my whole head. I can still picture me with a shaved head and I've wondered what I would look like with one before not that it was. I remember I wasn't too bummed about it but Pat had some sort of miracle grow thing that made it grow back but it was too long. I cut it again but this time got it right.

      Skating in front of a building (in colorado) with a steep hill and a few spots around it. For some reason can't get comfortable on the board. Girl see's a condom and gets grossed out, I make the remark, "Oh a condom, never seen one of those before." Girl asks where I live. I say Omaha. "Thats why," She says. We begin a conversation about which place has worse places (Like ghetto's I think). We begin to skate again and I feel the need to go in somebodies yard. Suddenly I have my backpack. I find my laptop in this persons yard and begin to leave when I find four purple nintendo ds things in the front yard (one is on the front porch). I begin collecting them, but a small mexican girl comes up to a screen door, sees me, and shouts "Mama, the boy is opening the door (swinging door into the porch)" Large mexican man comes outs and speaks in a language I've never heard. I try to explain I was just retreiving my laptop as I walk away from the house (only exposing my right as the nintendo's and my backpack are in the left because I didn't have time to get the nintendo's stuffed in). At first the man says a few things and then starts repeating one thing. I get frustrated and yell, "What does that mean?". He gives me an odd look and says, "Shut the door, man." I wake up.