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    I've been shot.

    by , 08-13-2012 at 06:21 AM (544 Views)
    I've been absent from dreamviews for a while and unfortunately I've been terrible about the lucid dreaming attempts. I thought dreamviews was gone and two nights ago I randomly decided I would start dreaming again and I look on the internet and find dreamviews again. Glad to be here, on my second attempt at mastering my dreams.


    Me and laurens family were camping and somebody (I forgot who) was driving and I was trying to teach them how when they somehow ran into a model plane that was in the sky. We drove away as fast as we could but pretty soon we were arrested. I forget a lot of what happened when I was arrested, but soon we were released and I went back to the camper that we were staying in and lauren's dad shot me in the chest. I looked down and my shirt was off and the bullet was partially sticking out of my chest. I touched it and it started gushing blood.

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