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    Second Time Gyeongbokgung Palace

    by , 05-09-2018 at 11:14 PM (847 Views)
    This dream started off non lucid at first but as i looked around, and observed a chibi(It looked like Eye)on a paper, my awareness slowly built up till i realized i was dreaming.

    I was in my old room and not in the palace like i wanted so i imagined the arches of the palace entrance and began feeling for it. I was interrupted by a television that appeared. On it a Gaster like character from undertale crept up from the ground and was telling scooby doo like characters to hush and stay back while he approached whoever was about to come. I wondered if this showed because i depended on my dream guide to become lucid this time.

    Other smaller dcs began to creep around the floor as they sprawled up as well but i ignored them. My goal was to connect with the use of the palace and to find someones symbol. I began feeling for the edge of the arch door again closing my view until i felt it. When i opened my view i felt a shift and i was now at the palace! It was different though.

    I could hear a faint ethic music coming from my right and the left side to the distance wasnt fully there. There was a black area and dim lighting.Above and behind was perfectly visible though. A statue was also on top of the gate that looked like a slightly chubby shorter silver buddha. But he was dressed like an emperor with a small blue hat on his head. An overpowering blue with red and yellow stood out from his open traditional garment as he sat on top of the gate. (That statue reminded me of the statue they used in the palace to ward off bad dreams in the palace. As said by a tour guide in a palace video)

    Anyways, I moved forward thinking to go through the arch when i i noticed i couldn't see well. As I pondered what to do, i decided to walk back remembering that lucid bunnie put her symbol around the entrance. I thought what if it shown within the arch as i walked but i couldn't see well. I felt a slight push after that and as soon as I got out I heard a growl and felt something pulling on my clothing.

    It was a lion. I kept pushing it back as it attacked me.I also thought what if my thought of a palace guardian made the lion appear but I wasn't going to let it stop me from finding the symbol. I smacked the lion hard till it eventually stopped. However, after all that the dream shifted and I appeared in my old room. "No! It can't be over yet!" I imagined the palace again after closing my view than felt for the arch. I felt it again so i opened my view to see i was under the arch but it was dark and blurry. A force pushed me a bit but i held on until....i was in my old room again. This time on my bed.

    This was the old room where my dream guide Eye use to appear a lot. I could see that there was a dim light in the hall way and decided to go into the wall for defense. Once in the wall i thought of what to do but i was pushed out. I leaned on the bed than heard a faint helicopter sound. (I just realized the helicopter sound is reoccurring. It popped up in my DreamyWB dream)A thing that looked like a oval lamp with antenna began to float down left to right. This creeped me out so i looked away.

    However, when i looked back cause i was still curious if it was a symbol, i saw a small bird cage, like the one from my first dream. It came out of the dark corner still with the helicopter sound flying close to me. I could also see that my bird was inside it! "Is this a tactic to try and get me to not look away again?"I thought. It did help. Not only was one of my bird in it, there was also a white post card attached to the side of the cage. The post card had a blue and orange wavy color design with a very small white signature.

    I was so interested now but I got nervous i wouldn't be able to read the post card in time. I watched as it turned open and saw on the bottom of the open card there were big wavy letters. It was written in red orange ink. I remember a N and C, M, O, I, N being in the writing. But i got too excited that my thoughts began to effect the writing and i couldn't read anything. TwT

    Notes- After looking at pics i realized that there are statues at the entrance. I thought they were only within the palace cause in the wide view pics i didn't see the staue. Either way i didn't figure out the symbol and the post card was just another distraction. >. <

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    1. Durza's Avatar
      Nice job getting there twice, that's two more than me!
      DawnEye11 likes this.
    2. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Lol Yup. I deserve a reward for this.
      Durza and Charles3 like this.
    3. Durza's Avatar
      lol, yes, that's a great idea! Next time I visit the palace I'll leave a chocolate cake for you by the entrance!
      DawnEye11 and Charles3 like this.
    4. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Yum~ Make sure you bring some ice cream too.
      Charles3 and Durza like this.
    5. Durza's Avatar
      okay, but better be on time or yours will melt!
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    6. lucidbunnie's Avatar
      It would have been so cool if you had found my symbol, you were so close to the archway too. Too bad that lion troubled you. I learned to treat lions and tigers in dreams as just big kittens and they won't be so threatening. ^^
      DawnEye11 and Charles3 like this.
    7. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Yeah, i was in the arch.> w <
      It would have been better if I did that. Your not even suppose to run from a lion or else they see you as pray. But in this dream I felt like being the one on top so I was kind of aggressive. Sorry about that. Your right that love and passive behavior helps though. I will take that option into more consideration next time.
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    8. Charles3's Avatar
      Until I read the comments I was gonna say. Smacking the lion seemed uncharacteristic of you. You don't have to beat yourself up over it though. It was kind of attacking you so sometimes its hard to project peace in that scenario.

      I wonder if your helicopter sound is from helicopters outside. Helicopters fly at night and can be quite noisy. At least around here (NY). I've had dreams where suddenly I hear a loud helicopter. I look out the window (within the dream) and there it is. Then, I wake up, and hear a physical helicopter.

      So thats my theory!!!!
      Durza likes this.
    9. oneironautics's Avatar
      For awhile I thought somebody had a lion symbol, :-)