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    1. Zombie Egg Grandpa

      by , 02-01-2013 at 01:49 PM
      Dream 1
      I see someone break an egg into a frying pan fry it on one side then reach in bare handed to flip it
      Dream 2
      I'm in my grandpas old shop when my grandpa (who's been dead for 7 years) walks out of the back wearing Raybans. Then I realize the shop is full of little kid bikes I talk to my grandpa a while then he disappears and I'm laying in a grassy field and crying
      Dream 3
      I'm trying to hit a life guard with a dodge ball while I'm in a pool suddenly I'm in the ocean with the life guard on a boat all the sudden a little girl wearing a tshirt and jeans walks on the water and tells me that there are zombies under the water. Then I wake up.