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    Deanstar (Dream Journal)

    by , 08-24-2014 at 01:44 AM (626 Views)
    From what I recall:

    Was sitting by the water with some people. I looked up into the sky and an airplane is writing something in the sky. I keep watching and then I realize it has written "I love you" with a love heart. I think it's cute and I go to take a photo with my camera because it was so well designed. I see some people in a air balloon in the sky drifting up maybe a wedding. Then I see a massive wooden tank driving across the sky. I start laughing and say what is that doing? Then beside me a massive truck starts driving up and down across the water. I say again how is that truck driving across the water what is it trying to do? And the girl next to me responds, it's driving across wodden planks. I say again why what's the point. We watch it drive out, i can see that it's not balancing well, again and the truck falls off it's pathway and splashes into the water completely. We react with a mixture of extreme amusment and shock and horror. It was like it wanted to crash. Then fire starts coming out of the water, and she says "it's blown up the water pipes". We start backing away to run, and someone sounds a trumpet and says "everyone evacuate, authorities have blown up the water supply. And I look and there is a massive fire spreading through the city and everyone is running around in complete chaos. Then I remember the message in the sky and thought it's from Angels letting me know that none of this is for me. The dream is becoming so chaotic and ridiculious that I almost become Lucid but wake up just before it happens. I dreamt a lot of other stuff but it has slipped my memory.

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    1. Deanstar's Avatar
      In this dream last night I was singing and playing the guitar, though my voice was perfect and it was so easy. It's much better to play this in my dream and sounds a lot better. It's difficult to recall the rest of the dream and I'm waiting for something better and vivid to record. I have this theory that if you eat more vegtables, salads, fruits. You get more vivid dreams. So I'm about to test this since last few days I havn't eaten that much.