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    the travel saga

    by , 09-03-2014 at 08:13 AM (517 Views)
    I was for some reason visiting this womans house, I was at a table, and she was writing something down. I read it and it had something explicit written on it. I said "you are joking yes?" and she said, ofcourse. Then she said Im going out now, and I said ok I'll mind your cat (I dont know how this makes any sense). Then she said I don't think thats a good idea sorry. So I said ok I'll go with you. Then she started putting surf boards on top of her car. I said what are you doing we don't need all those? And she said yeah ok I usually take them all but your right. So I get in the car and i dont know what happened but I cant remember where I was but I wanted to go back to my place again, so I go to catch a bus. I said to the bus driver where are we going cause I need to be in the city, he didn't seem to know really, so i said do you want me to drive (not sure why i would do this either) He said yeah ok you drive. So I start driving the bus lol. I ask him is this stop near the city? He said yeah, it was along some highway turn off (he lied, it was no-where near) So I pull into the stop. There is all these other taxis and buses. But they need to be booked, I line up and tell the information desk (or whatever it was) I need to go into the city. So she says "by bus?" I said yes how long will that take. And she says "oh about 6 hours". I said 6 hours?! Then I walked back to where the buses and taxis were. Every taxi had a number on it like "635265", each number I guess related to an order. One taxi guy was parked in the other lane and had a note on his car which said "I really have no idea what I am doing". I thought he must not have an order for anyone so I could ask him to take me into the city. This is about the time I woke up....

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