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    1. bitten by a vampire?

      by , 09-06-2014 at 01:29 AM
      Want to write this while it's still fresh in my mind.

      Was shoping, trying to choose a hat to wear, I went to look in the mirror to try a beanie on that I wanted to buy. These other couple of people kept trying to use the mirror for silly things, like that lift up a painting they wanted to see about. I thought why reflect what you can already see directly? So I left the store and my phone rang. It was my mom, she said can you come down here, they want to interview you for some movie broadcasting. The phone was cutting in and out and wasn't working. I eventally said, 'sorry, phone is cutting out' and left it. For some reason was in a running mood and just started sprinting around the block extremely fast. Then I saw a wild pig! I tried to move away from it, but it was very friendly towards me, almost like a pet dog. I throw it an apple that was in my hard and it went after it. I took the opportunity to sprint away from it, and had some success, then I looked back (this is so gross) and it did this massive crap right across the road bigger than I have ever seen. For some reason my half sister was behind me, and she screamed "gross" I looked back an almost barfed but also found it extremely amusing. Eventually got to my location, and found my great grandmother (who is quite elderly) having some sort of trouble with her words, repeating words, I thought maybe she was having a stoke and I think they were taking her to the hospital. This dream starts getting worse. I start fighting with someone's son, I don't know who it was, but I said something to the nature of, "I'd beat your skull in" Then his father came in (that I recognized as someone I was close with for some reason) and said, no you won't he's my son, an he got extremely angry, then I said why would I hurt him I love that guy, then I said I had got carried away and apologized, then he said no sorry it was me. Then we both agrees we just had a temper.

      The dream kind of skips through varies scenes, but I found myself in this prison camp thing. And everyone had a blade. And I was saying to this kid, (same one I had the argument with) you don't want to end up here, to waste your life in prison and get into drugs, you want to do something with your life. The prisoners or someone was disagreeing and saying no it's actually a productive life, I was repulsed and said how is it? They started secretly showing me their hand made blades and trying to discreetly slice my arms with it. They would gang up and then suddenly slice me. I thought I got to get security somehow. But security in this camp was very lacking. Eventually someone I recognized as a highschool student who died in a car crash, he was there and he had this needle that had aids in it, and he was laughing trying to stick it in me! He wanted to stick it in and break the needle tip off in me. I can't remember if he managed to do it, but a cop eventually came to my aid, and he had a machine gun and backed him against the wall.

      All this was bad enough, but gets worse. I had a couple of false awakenings, in one of them I was on my computer researching an old friends books, except he was into alice bailey and luciferian stuff that was wrong, I was reading through it and disturbing all the subjects were on target and very interesting, but they were mixing truth and falseness it. I read his notes down that said like "It's been fascinating to watch the reaction between Satan and Gods people concerning this book" and something along the lines of that. I thought this is intense lol. The dream skips to a different scene again where my teeth feel a bit odd, I say to one of my suppose friends, these teeth here actually feel a lot sharper then they should. He checks them out and grins and gets excited, and I said what? He said, yep, you have been bitten. I got the impression he was saying (you become a vampire) I said, oh really? Great, thanks. Then I felt my neck and blood was coming out of it. And I said, "are you happy now? There I'm like you". I can't remember his response.

      (creepy false awakening)
      I suddenly wake up in my room, and think to myself. What is with that dream? Then I notice the top of my laptop is actually missing. I check my computer screen...I have actually taken it apart in my sleep, I thought Good heavens what have I done here? How did I do this to my computer? Then I realized there was another "me" that seemed to be extremely smart, and was trying to do things opposite of my agenda, that it had something to do with the vampire thing. I got out of bed, and my lights went down in my apartment, I don't know why but something in the building had been triggered. This is where I forced myself awake, because I didn't believe what had happened. Then I woke up from this...

      I have never dreamt of becoming a vampire victim like that, but that dream was really fascinating. When I recall this material it seems to be really awful, but I hardly ever experience any kind of "fear" in these sort of nightmares. It's almost like the drama is just entertaining me.

      (Note: I think I have discovered some of the problem, recently at a fair, I had brought home this sonic doll. And put it on my desk, just now and I can sense something has taken this doll over, it's got this creepy awesome little sonic smile on it, and it is more or less telling me "hope you liked your dreams". I need to get rid of this thing, it's got energy in it. I knew it should not have got objects that I don't know where they come from. It's probaly got some weird gypsy curse on it, I'm taking it down to the trash.)
    2. The two witches

      by , 09-05-2014 at 01:34 PM
      This is all I can remember from last sleep I had (my sleep cycle has been pretty much wrecked this last week or so).

      I was watching the news, and the news reader was saying something about another dimension, and how people who went into this dimension can no longer come back, and the problem of this dimension becoming avaliable to people who might be vunerable to going into it. Then I was in space, this is very different as I hardly ever dream about being in space. But I saw a giant fireball like planet. And there was 2 women who were I think thai or chinese, and they were clinging to this fireball planet that was glowing and they were worshiping it and trying to get into this other dimension. I got the impression they were very lost people. The news reader was still narrating this and saying "these two will never be able to see the light" or something to that effect. In essence they were drawn to this dimensional trap, and it was very difficult to get into this dimension they were so keen to get into, but once they did, they couldn't come back because it was a dimension without God. Or something like this. It was kind of creepy sort of dream. I hope to have something more positive or some lucids soon.
    3. the travel saga

      by , 09-03-2014 at 08:13 AM
      I was for some reason visiting this womans house, I was at a table, and she was writing something down. I read it and it had something explicit written on it. I said "you are joking yes?" and she said, ofcourse. Then she said Im going out now, and I said ok I'll mind your cat (I dont know how this makes any sense). Then she said I don't think thats a good idea sorry. So I said ok I'll go with you. Then she started putting surf boards on top of her car. I said what are you doing we don't need all those? And she said yeah ok I usually take them all but your right. So I get in the car and i dont know what happened but I cant remember where I was but I wanted to go back to my place again, so I go to catch a bus. I said to the bus driver where are we going cause I need to be in the city, he didn't seem to know really, so i said do you want me to drive (not sure why i would do this either) He said yeah ok you drive. So I start driving the bus lol. I ask him is this stop near the city? He said yeah, it was along some highway turn off (he lied, it was no-where near) So I pull into the stop. There is all these other taxis and buses. But they need to be booked, I line up and tell the information desk (or whatever it was) I need to go into the city. So she says "by bus?" I said yes how long will that take. And she says "oh about 6 hours". I said 6 hours?! Then I walked back to where the buses and taxis were. Every taxi had a number on it like "635265", each number I guess related to an order. One taxi guy was parked in the other lane and had a note on his car which said "I really have no idea what I am doing". I thought he must not have an order for anyone so I could ask him to take me into the city. This is about the time I woke up....
    4. shot

      by , 09-02-2014 at 07:14 PM
      Well finally I dreamt something, though I don't think this was a positive dream and not Lucid. I have only been asleep a few hours to write this. Some of it could even be embarassing.

      A few things I remember I was watching a movie where some people were playing a video game backwards, but they were in the video game and they had to go through it in rewind. Quite a weird movie. I had some ginger beer with me. But I decided to go outside and go for a walk. I was walking along this warf by the ocean and there was some ships. At the end there was like this pirate ship that was coming in where people could swim by it. Someone asked me about it a small child. I said that's where everyone can swim I think. Somehow I was trying to help these people with their boat. Somehow while I was in the boat it took off lol. I didn't want that but then accepted it and thought okay I am now on a boat ride, great. So I helped steer the boat, then when it stopped I went to change position and there was some confusion and we couldn't figure out which position we were going in next, and it was with some friends I knew she just said with a look of amusement and apathy, I really don't mind which position we go in. So I dived into the water and decided I had enough and went to the land. She came with me.

      As we were walking along the shop. I walked by the guy with a gun. I looked over at him and wondered why he was loading bullets into his gun. Out of no-where he aimed it at me and shot the gun. The bullet didn't fire out of it. He said something to me I think he was telling me to shut up (it was something he didn't like I can't remember) I just said okay. And he loaded my bullets in his gun and implied that I was chicken. So I went right up to his gun and said. I'm not afraid of getting shot, that's not why I agreed with you. I thought this is it, he's going to shoot me for sure now. Instead of shooting me directly, he aimed it at my stomach and shot several rounds in my gut and into my groin. I felt the rounds go off and into my stomach very realistic. He made a joke about me no longer being able to have kids and left. This is when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and obviously groin and I felt the blood start coming out.

      I sort of knew it was a dream, because I tried to change the dream and go back to before I was shot, without success, but it didn't work. I wasn't really Lucid though. So I went to one of the rest rooms, and I pulled 2 bullets out of my stomach. I thought this isn't really that bad. But I was thinking down below is going to have to be more careful and I was thinking hospital. The restroom was full of people. No privacy. So I decided to go out.

      When I woke up, I was just glad to have everything intact and to not be shot. Very glad! It's that wave of relief you get when you wake up from something you just didn't want to happen. This is an interesting psychological phenomenon when you get a bad dream that you feel relieved, and then you apreciate what you have.

      If I look back at it now. The dream seems to be about sacrifice, or about having courage in the face of danger. Even though I was willing to avoid conflict to make the agressor happy. When I got accused of something, that's when I stood infront of the gun and said very directly I'm not afraid. In my eyes I was making a statement, but now I'm thinking if it's better to let that slide, in the face of getting shot, or if it would be worth the statement morally. When I reason about it now. I should have been more responsible for my safety.

      Other than that, I'm not sure what the movie I was watching meant. Pirate boats seem to be a bit of a theme in my dreams. I'm often in something to do with boats. Which is suprising.
    5. Deanstar (Dream Journal)

      by , 08-24-2014 at 01:44 AM
      From what I recall:

      Was sitting by the water with some people. I looked up into the sky and an airplane is writing something in the sky. I keep watching and then I realize it has written "I love you" with a love heart. I think it's cute and I go to take a photo with my camera because it was so well designed. I see some people in a air balloon in the sky drifting up maybe a wedding. Then I see a massive wooden tank driving across the sky. I start laughing and say what is that doing? Then beside me a massive truck starts driving up and down across the water. I say again how is that truck driving across the water what is it trying to do? And the girl next to me responds, it's driving across wodden planks. I say again why what's the point. We watch it drive out, i can see that it's not balancing well, again and the truck falls off it's pathway and splashes into the water completely. We react with a mixture of extreme amusment and shock and horror. It was like it wanted to crash. Then fire starts coming out of the water, and she says "it's blown up the water pipes". We start backing away to run, and someone sounds a trumpet and says "everyone evacuate, authorities have blown up the water supply. And I look and there is a massive fire spreading through the city and everyone is running around in complete chaos. Then I remember the message in the sky and thought it's from Angels letting me know that none of this is for me. The dream is becoming so chaotic and ridiculious that I almost become Lucid but wake up just before it happens. I dreamt a lot of other stuff but it has slipped my memory.