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    Adventuring While Asleep

    The Cafeteria is Screwing me Over

    by , 01-15-2012 at 04:38 AM (577 Views)
    I was at a very nice cafeteria, with dark wood flooring and good slightly dim lighting. There were two levels, the lower one was a open room with a few tables, and the second raised one held a few tables with the food and all that. I wasn't that hungry so I asked for three brownies, but I got convinced into buying some chicken. I was suddenly, very hungry... I sat down with a group of people, one I recognized. I ate quickly and was soon finished. When I went back up to ask if they were done, I for some reason turned around. On the lower level a girl bought something, and I wanted to buy whatever it was too. I turned around, the girl that originally was making brownies and serving me chicken was gone. Replaced buy three guys that looked very cocky. I asked to buy whatever it was, I think it was a bracelet or something. I paid the ten dollars and opened it up. What the hell? Earrings!?!? I asked to return them. "Heh, no refunds!" Frustrated, I asked if my brownies were finished. "Haha! You missed it!" I bought more chicken, sat at a different table, and ate.

    16th Recalled Dream of 2012

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