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    1. Dream Journal - Debigas

      by , 03-02-2012 at 02:00 PM (How i lost my pants)
      03/01/2012 - 23:57 PM

      I'ts really hot in my room, the air is thick and sweating is just a natural consequence of being in there. Curiously, i cant sleep so well, probably im too tired to try.

      First, i keep repeating those mantric words in my head: "i will wake up after every dream", just to focus my mind in what sould i do.

      Honestly, i didn't knew what the f*** i was trying to do. Though, it was a WILD.

      03/02/2012 - ??:?? AM

      I'm not sweating,
      but it itches everywhere as my patience goes down the sink.
      It is a REAL mess, like i'm already laid down for a half hour straight and a tiny-weenie fly shatters all my hard work.

      After three consecutive failures, i change my position and promise myself i will do a reality check in my dream.

      ---A little perspective of the Dream---

      There is this...Gap. I can't tell precisely where i did the RC, but i did; Yet the dream was the most unstable thing i've ever dreamed of, perhaps the cause was the combination of hours in front of the PC, plus the tiredness and the fact that i woke up late for work and couldn't write anything down in my physical journal.
      I swear i tried to write it down, but it was just a waste, i was in hurry and "relax and remember" were a joke at the moment.

      Now, to the mistery, what was going on...My dream

      ---Inside the Dream---

      ~It came to life.

      A gigantic-big-as-hell-mostruous-gigantic train.

      The railroad, was made of Jacarandá and Gold
      My friend Roberta and i was inside the room.
      The day is bright, the sky is blue, yet in her eyes i can see the insecurity of this situation.
      As always, she wants sex. Nothing personal, i'm a love deity in this world after all.
      I look at my fingers, they are blurry.
      "Maybe i'm a little drunk, thats all"
      Theres a big clock in the room. It's past 5.
      Theres a big sun in the sky. It's 1 PM.
      "Oh" i said.
      Theres a big clock in the room. It's 1 o'clock
      The sun vanished. The world is in full darkness.
      That was just me, trying my powers. Now that im almighty.
      The train now is a castle, there is lots and lots and lots of masonic symbolism.
      There is another girl, Glenda. I rush to take her

      03/02/2012 - 07:26 AM

      Mom: "You are late"

      My dream was lost.Forever.

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