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    Creepy and just plain weird

    by , 01-28-2017 at 09:07 AM (238 Views)
    All non lucid
    - I attend a drive in mass. There is a choir of very low bass codes that chants "oh Rihanna" (I guess that osannah is old fashioned nowadays). This causes an earthquake that moves the land all around the desertic field where the drive in mass to place. (Eh?)

    - I'm attending a course where I like a woman. In the course there are other three women, and I have sex with all of them. Then I let this know to the one I'm interested and add that I want to have sex also with her.

    - I'm in vacation with my girlfriend in a place at the borders from the Netherlands and Portugal (eh??). The people look Portuguese but generally speak Dutch. The place is corrupted and the streets very dangerous. While I wait for my girlfriend to order food, I hang out with a big blue Teddy bear. He wants to explore the area but he cannot fly. Fortunately he has telekinesis and can see through the eyes of other creatures so he uses a bit as a drone. I finally decide that I am too hungry to further wait for my girlfriend so I other a six courses menu for two people.

    All regular right?

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