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    Back to the Deepdown

    by , 05-12-2018 at 09:58 AM (158 Views)
    Iíve spent almost every night in the Deepdown. I remember fragments. Iíve been edging closer and closer to lucidity. I want to ask the dcs to tell me something important. I want to understand the divine nature of myself and all things. In response to this interest my deepermind sent me to a party with friends and my husband two days in a row. There are about six rooms, each room has a theme and and an activity. It is so much fun. We catch up with our friends at the end of the experience. We are also sent to help build a family members cabin in a place that looks suspiciously like the PNW. Iím trying on swim suits and covers. I wake up. Iíve been drinking a dreaming tea, I got it strait from its creator and itís not available on Amazon yet... I ran out yesterday so sad😢 I hope I can dream tonight.

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