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    Cancer and the end of the world.

    by , 01-19-2019 at 12:02 PM (230 Views)
    Details are fuzzy but we had bought a house in a dying hick town somewhere isolated with a midwestern feeling. I switched back and forth from the perspective of a teenager growing up in the house and myself who is married to my husband. Dream logic is amazing, you can be two perspectives at once, switching seemlessly like a quark between dimensions and it is the most natural thing in the world. Sometimes I think we are dream people and being human is our unnatural state, it is more limiting than our dream state. Back to the dream. When I was teenager me I met a neighbor boy who I felt an attraction but he had a huge growth on his chest that was infected. He matter of factly told me it was cancer. I believe this is a direct comment from my subconscious about a growth I have on my own chest that has been dismissed as nothing to worry about. I will be getting a second opinion. We were all out hanging out and we saw three small colorful lights in the sky and watched them break into five lights that fanned out and zoomed towards the horizon. We remarked maybe it was aliens? A few minutes later there was a sound of a huge explosion coming from where they had fallen. Then missiles began rising out of hidden silos in the ground and lifting off. My first thought was, oh my god the president has pissed off someone while we were sleeping and started a war. Weve been bombed. We are in a dangerous place because they will bomb here trying to takeout our military. I switched perspective and was now an adult married to my husband. I ran to be near him, I heard him try to calm a teenagers fear by telling him that its okay, we will kick their butts. I woke up before I could process anything more.

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