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    I couldn’t move

    by , 05-31-2018 at 07:54 AM (140 Views)
    The dog fell asleep on my legs and I had taken 4 Glanamine. My dream was bizarre. I couldn’t move and I was surrounded by darkness. I kept trying to come up through layers of awareness but had false awakening after false awakening. Finally I began to recite the Lord’s Prayer and when I began singing it I came out of my nightmare. I turned over, making my dog move and went back to sleep. I was in some kind of pre-party college situation. At a friends house. But I wanted booze so I called my dad but hung up because I figured he’d judge me for calling him from that place. I decided to ask for a ride but every person I asked ignored me. Finally I got pissed and called people out on it. Someone I thought was a friend said it was because people were fed up with my smoking. (I don’t smoke) I was really mad. So I left and thought I’d find someone who I could talk to. I found this dorky guy who was into gaming and guns. We talked and actually had a lot of fun. I forgot about the old friends. At one point we were sneaking out of a building and we were climbing trees and jumping through windows I guess it’s parkour. It was really fun. I pushed through some windows on a lucid state but it was harder than usual. I need to pay more attention I think.

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