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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Fear of Lucidity?

      by , 09-13-2011 at 12:09 PM
      13 Sep 2011

      Some weird psychotropic thriller, I do not know what was going on but Dark_Merlin and I were attempting some weird lucid technique and every time someone said its title it occurred for one of us but it was extremely traumatic. It was a teleportation but it was sudden, uncontrollable and felt like what apparition in Harry Potter is described to feel like only worse. It scared the hell out of me and actually had me not wanting to go back to sleep when I had woken up for the first time in about ten years. I feel that I must admit that I was actually scared of becoming lucid and I hope that this is not a barrier to future attempts. Hamish and Andy had also requested that I meet them for lessons in walking each week. The girl I love was also at the tennis courts. The dream jumped between all of these things in a weird order. The whole dream was rather traumatic at the time. I was genuinely terrified of going back to sleep.
    2. Wi(n)ld

      by , 09-13-2011 at 11:51 AM
      12 Sep 2011

      Actually managed to WILD tonight... I was lying in bed bored and trying to sleep, I was pretty relaxed even though I had not previously been sleeping and I just decided to construct dream scape around me. I built a castle around me but instantly forgot that I was dreaming and so the whole WILD experience was non lucid i.e. WI(N)LD. I was lucid for a grand total of maybe ten seconds so I will not count this as a proper lucid. I went on to explore a church yard at night and some other Gothic style stuff, I surprisingly do not remember much. Then again I was busy this morning and so have left it about eighteen hours to write it down.
    3. Keratin Teeth

      by , 09-11-2011 at 07:48 AM
      I was unhappy with my teeth and believed that they had grown too long and rough so I naturally cut them as I would have done with nails under the same circumstances but I found the effect undesirable after doing one. The discovery was that we are not meant to cut our teeth. I was then discussing teeth with an expert who was telling me that not many people actually know that we have enamel on the grinding surfaces of our teeth as well. He wondered who the enamel on these surfaces belonged to. He also told me about a link between intelligence and bad teeth but I believed none of it a tore down his argument at every stage.
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    4. Indian Rail

      by , 09-11-2011 at 07:41 AM
      11 Sep 2011

      We were on holiday in India and we had just arrived in a small town on a train. The train was horrible in the sense that there was no security and it was dirty and a little crowded. After arriving, we became more like native Indians than tourists. We were new to the area but living like locals. There were these special electric lanterns which cycled through three different levels of brightness. The dullest was barely enough to illuminate the ground in front of you, the middle level was bright enough to see and be seen but would not blind anyone and the brightest could illuminate everything to the horizon. I decided that I wanted to go for a walk and mum insured that she accompany me since this land was new and dangerous. My brother and father ended up coming along also. It was night time and we elected the middle brightness level. We left the village and climbed a hill to a low ridge along which ran the main road through the area. There were few cars on the road. Having crossed this road a field opened up before us. We knew that somewhere in the field was the railway line on which we had come in. We walked out into the field and came to the line. There was nothing on it so we crossed. We came to a second line and found a man stuck in the rails but left him there to die because we did not want to get caught up in his business. We continued and crossed three more lines. The was a train in the distance on the first but we crossed anyway as we had plenty of time. The second had a train much closer but I judged that we had plenty of time at the speed it was traveling so I crossed but my family waited for it to pass. The third was much closer again and I would have been hit and died if I had tripped but I still risked it and survived. There were many more but I do not remember specifics. All I know is that the trains were either packed full, dirty and old or completely empty, clean and new.
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    5. Barbra Streisand Assimilates Words

      by , 09-11-2011 at 07:34 AM
      11 Sep 2011

      All I remember is that I had to assimilate a word in order to understand someone and describe them. I am working to bring more details back. The assimilation of a word comes from a Barbra Streisand film which I watched before going to bed (The Owl and the Pussycat). In fact the whole concept of the dream seems to stem from this film.
    6. Over Curvature of Space Time in L Block

      by , 09-11-2011 at 07:27 AM
      10 Sep 2011

      I was standing talking to the G Block group who were occupying our territory for some reason. They got angry and tried to stop me from leaving but my anger was so much that not only did I beat up M.T. who was trying to hold me is a sleeper hold, but I also stole a packet of pretzels and, having asserted my dominance, they let me keep it so I ate a few and then threw it back to them. On leaving the back fields I entered L Block from the Eastern end and became aware of something called the 'red blue zone'. There had previously been a 'red zone' and a 'blue zone' in the school and they had been exciting. Little did I know that I was already tangled up in it. I looked down corridors, into class rooms and stair wells and noticed various red and blue lights. The internal layout was all wrong. There was some incorrect and dangerous space time curvature going on and I was determined to get to the bottom of it. I came across year nine kids all wearing blue vests and holding guns. They fired at a few other year nine kids in red vests who fell. I saw Mrs T (music) come round a corner. She looked exhausted and told them to stop firing. Some of the girls had already complained that the game was evil and reminded them of what was going on in South Africa. Anyway I tried to talk to Mrs T but she told me to get out of there as quickly as I could. The blue and red light everywhere was starting to creep me out a little and I would have obliged only I now knew that the way was blocked, or rather twisted in such a way that all paths lead back to the same place or became unreasonable dead ends. Having told her that I could not get out she looked dismayed. She and the year nines had been stuck down here for a while and they did not have long left to get out. We searched every path but they kept changing and we drew a blank. There was no way out. Then it dawned upon me. We were trying to go up to get out of this underground maze but perhaps if we wanted to go up, the best path to choose would be down. We picked a downward staircase at random though Mrs T had little hope. We descended into another chamber and another chamber again and found that we could go no lower but there was a ladder in the middle of the room leading up. We looked up and there was daylight. We climbed the ladder and found our way out into the lawn between K and L blocks. I asked Mrs T to tell me everything she knew about the 'red blue zone' and she obliged. She knew everything about it except what had gone wrong, after all, she designed it... It was a maze which she had built in the school. She had used a special space time curve to make the passages confusing. The purpose was to run a team based laser skirmish type game for the year nines. What she could not figure was why the curvature kept changing such that noone could escape since the layout changed with the curvature and could not be fully explored. I asked if there was any harm in just leaving it the way it was but she said that the curvature was programmed to fade in twenty minutes and that anyone or anything left in the zone would simply be zapped out of existence. Given enough time it would be theoretically possible to map the curvature itself and predict an escape route in four dimensions but we did not have time so I began to think laterally. I asked Mrs T if she was certain that she had designed it and she said that she was. I urged her to to reconsider as it was often difficult to be sure that you had not been influenced by someone or something else but she again claimed her own guilt so I took a different tack. I asked when she had first come up with the idea and she referenced a day not very long ago. This gave me suspicions as to how quickly the technology had been developed so I asked at what point did she design the curvature and she answered that she had come up with it on the same day. My opinion was that she was either an idiot savant or she had been influenced by someone or something which had already worked it all out. I quickly modelled what I believed the curvature to be on some electromagnetic curvature modelling thing and asked her if it was correct. She was surprised and asked how I knew. I replied "lucky guess". Two problems existed with the curve I had mapped in wire like mesh things in my hands. The first problem was that the curve was identical to the natural curvatue of of time space within her brain on the day she designed it. This meant that the whole system was linked to a time before it had been designed and caused a paradox. It could not exist. The other problem was a more practical problem. The curvature of time was far too strong for the curvature of space given. The result of this was an ever changing maze of school passages. Still having just under twenty minutes to save the vast majority of year nine, Mrs T determined to reenter the zone and try to rescue them. I urged her not to, the chances of her escaping again were next to impossible but she had a duty of care so I told her to take a long string and tie it around something outside the zone such that on unwinding it would mark a path back to the entry. I hoped that this would work. I also advised her to use the method of heading down to the deepest point in an emergency though who could tell if this logic still applied. I went down into the zone with her, just a few steps and all of the claustrophobic fear returned to me instantly. I had just gone around a corner, out of sight of the entry to let her through a second door. I was supposed to hold it open for some reason though the string would have done a reasonable job of this itself. I was terrified that the zone would trick me again and that the door just out of sight around the corner which was supposed to lead to the exit would lead me somewhere else deep in the zone. I walked around the corner and back into the daylight of the school. I had started to realise that it was only a dream but that I should not wake up as these people might need my help. I was still taking it too seriously to become properly lucid but if someone had asked me if I was dreaming I would have said 'yes' most probably. I think this was because I was beginning to wake up. I woke up and that was that.
    7. Nuclear School

      by , 09-09-2011 at 11:48 AM
      This is another one from my childhood, this was towards the end of primary school, year five I think. Anyhow, I was at my normal primary school in Newcastle, north of Sydney but a small section of land had been sold off next to the school and a nuclear power station had been built there. The main problem with this was that about once a week they had to vent radioactive gasses during which period we would have to hide in bunkers. An alarm was sounded to give ten minutes warning but we played a game where we would hide in the forest arous the school when the venting was due and then struggle back to school at the sound of the alarm, often just getting into the bunker on time. One day we were hiding in the forest and a different alarm sounded. We knew this to be the evacuation alarm which was sounded in the event of a meltdown or serious radiation leak. We struggled together and ran to the road. Six of us stole a car and drove off as fast as we could. I do not remember who we all were except a girl who I had a crush on at the time was one of us. I drove south as fast as I could and we went through Sydney and reached Melbourn later that day but the cloud was spreading and catching up with us. The reactor had exploded and a meltdown was underway. Seemingly the whole world would be destroyed. In Melbourn we chartered a boat and sped off to Antarctica. The theory was that the magnetic pole would protect us from the radiation. On arrival we sprinted to the pole and dug a big hole to protect us. We lived here for a while and the dream faded.
    8. DEILD and False Awakening

      by , 09-09-2011 at 10:26 AM
      8 Sep 2011

      I was attempting DEILD tonight so I can remember little of any dreams but I am pretty sure that I had a few false awakenings because on reflection, the times when I woke up and tried to DEILD were weird. I wish I could have realised this at the time so that I could have attempted DILD.
    9. Train of Thought?

      by , 09-07-2011 at 04:40 AM
      4 Sep 2011

      We were staying at an open motel I think and there was a problem with the railway line. A man was showing us how to make railway rails out of copper barbed wire and small copper nails. He talked of a time when a close relative of mine was working at the factory which supplied these rails and of how this relative was a perfectionist. He would use more nails than anyone else as he used them a spacers to make sure that the spacing in the rail was even. His rails always lasted longer than anybody else's. We made a few short segments of rail with no clear intention but then went and used them on our Gemini Catamaran as a launching device. One short rail was attached to the stern of each hull and a rope was tied around it. Somehow this mechanism was to allow us to release the rope from on board. On the day of testing, M.S. was on the shore watching us with no idea what it was that we were doing. The mechanism did not work in theory and the same went for in practice. We had to cut the ropes in the end and nearly capsized in the process. As we finally got away, M.S. called out "Where to now?" I yelled "Home," but she did not hear me and a asked again repeatedly so I sent her a text message politely telling her that we were heading home and that she would find it difficult to join us there. Then there was intrusion from the waking world, I heard someone ask whether I was awake yet and woke myself up as the dream was quite boring and I was in a hurry. I might also mention that the rails produced bore more resemblance to zippers than to railway rails in the waking world. Oh and the Nerf Gun, there was reference to a Nerf Gun.
    10. Voyage of the Dawn Sunmaid

      by , 09-07-2011 at 04:34 AM
      21 Aug 2011

      Lots of navigational issues, Dad and I went sailing out to sea and tried to navigate to various points. We encountered islands and other vessels in different situations. It was kind of like 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader". One vessel which we couldn't seem to get away from was a large sinking yacht. We were worried that the resultant undertow would drag us down. That is all, I am too tired to remember more and am surprised to have remembered this much in coherent detail.
    11. From Party to Party

      by , 09-07-2011 at 04:29 AM
      20 Aug 2011

      We were having a party somewhere but I was not there. Many others were in and around the same place as me. I was hanging around Pokolbin Street, Broadmeadow to redirect people to the new venue. For some reason KnowingNoMore ran past and would not stop for our attentions. Some other random and I chased him up towards the school and across the road, he yelled something about a family tragedy, then back down the other side but I needed to go to the toilette so I ran into the house where I thought KnowingNoMore lived and some rich, late 50s woman allowed me in. I went in to the bathroom, only to discover that her husband was showering in there. The wife also returned and they were showering together. They complained about my behaviour and threatened to kick me out if I refused to give them sex therapy. This was a horrible situation for me but I had no choice unless I wanted to wet myself. They both got off while I was there, I will say no more on the subject as it is not nice to recall but I do remember that the couple were in fact in two places at once. They were in the shower and also at a cocktail party where they had certain problems with their hygiene. Some time later, my family and I were going on a long trip. On one particular leg, we had to climb high into some mountains and then back down the other side. The descent was the hard part. We had been traveling for a very long time and were relieved to be nearly at the end of our leg. The descent was steep and twisted sharply above cliff edges. On top of this difficulty, we had a bottle which had to be carried with us, safely to the base. It was usually kicked down the path as we needed both hands each to balance. On the second last hairpin, we nearly fell. They had been getting progressively worse. The last one was too tight for my dribbling abilities so I picked up the bottle and threw it to a safe location on the path below. On traversing this last bend at the peril of our lives, we came out on a long flattening area leading up to the carpark of some council flats. Having taken this in, I realised that the bottle was now running away so quite naturally I sprinted after it. I jumped onto and over several cars in a line and eventually caught the bottle. At this point I noted that I had almost cleared an entire car in one jump and attempted the like again with about as much success as a snake. But heads up, I had crushed in the roofs and bonnets of many cars and many alarms were going off. We thought that they would be ignored but no such luck. The council flat occupants were all coming out to see what the noise was. We had to run and blend in. Someone, possibly a member of my family tried repeatedly to enter the flats' building but was foiled at the last minute every time. Was entry here our goal? I walked around the face of the building, looking for an alley way through to the grounds at the back. I had a previous memory if there being one or two such alleys but they were nowhere to be found. The grounds at the rear (or possibly it was the front since we were standing in the carpark if you recall) were fenced off all the way around and could only be accessed internally by the building. Clearly there was some reason to keep people out. Some time later again, I found myself in a joke magic shop, not an ordinary joke magic shop but one of those joke magic shops that uses real magic for its jokes. It was similar to the shop operated by Fred and George in Diagon Alley in the popular fantasy series "Harry Potter". I was demonstrating various products for the customers and they kept feeding me polyjuice potion to see what I would turn into. I turned into all manner of things from lions to mice to famous people to discoloured china and I was getting rather sick of it. And do you know what I said when I was getting rather sick of it? I said, "I'm getting rather sick of this. Don't you think that that's enough?" They were quite surprised that anyone could get sick of polyjuice potion but the interesting thing is that though most people don't know since they've never tried polyjuice potion (it's quite expensive), it actually makes one feel quite literally sick. Whether they force fed me another tea spoon or not, I am sure that I do not know since I woke up.
    12. It is NOT Emma Watson!

      by , 09-07-2011 at 04:17 AM
      17 Aug 2011

      R.T. had a girlfriend! They were having a joint birthday party with C.D. at school. A frisbee party. C.D.'s girl friend couldn't attend because she is not at our school so it was just the two birthday boys and one of their girlfriends. We were all really excited despite the mundainaty of the concept. The dream ended with a conversation with R.T. about his girlfriend (who was specifically not Emma Watson).
    13. Of Buses and ALDI Toilette Paper

      by , 09-07-2011 at 04:11 AM
      15 Aug 2011

      I do not remember much but the recurring theme of buses was present again and I complained about the quality of ALDI toilette paper which we had actually bought a lot of recently in the waking world.
    14. Weird Invitations

      by , 09-06-2011 at 02:04 PM
      14 Aug 2011

      The invitations for a party had to be rewritten and Mum was helping out in order to make sure that they were kind and appropriate. They each included hand written recipients and sibling attendance invitations. They also included personalised apology or condolence or encouragement messages. That is all.
    15. Crime after Punishment

      by , 09-06-2011 at 02:00 PM
      13 Aug 2011

      Our world consisted of a number of different districts, each with it's own government, city states if you like. Anyhow, we were of a group of tourists from a few local districts and we had a bus. We arrived in one district from the west. This district was south of our own region of districts. On arrival in this district, we were arrested for some petty crime and put on trial. The questions were all about trivial things. One question I think was about some event at dinner, something to do with the type or quantity of relish used by one individual. The most important issue discussed however was the health condition of one of our party. He had some weird condition of unspecified scope, which requires treatment of the consumption of 'black seed oil' or some such. The prosecutor questioned the witness on the legality of this oil and the witness complained that it couldn't be illegal because it was produced within his district and that would harm the economy. At some point we just decided to leave, and somehow we got away. We drove off in the bus to another district at quite some distance and went to a mass eatery. Something was wrong with it so we walked out and went to a different one. Whilst in the eatery and eating dinner, an attendant approached me and asked if I was from the bus. To this I replied in the affirmative and was informed that the bus was required to be moved before twenty-five people had disembarked. This seemed strange at the time but somehow we were all on the bus again and disembarking. I was the twenty-fifth person but I forgot to inform the driver and M from VTC was there and she asked if I had been aware of the situation and on replying in the affirmative she scolded me for not informing the driver as I was the twenty-fifth passenger. Actually, it strikes me now that the time scale was not linear, in fact on reflection, we may not have left the district but were allowed to leave the court because we had not been caught for the crime yet. In this circumstance it would make sense that we were in fact still eating in the same district, they were not looking for us so we didn't need to get away. The crime could have been in allowing me to get off the bus before moving it. This would also explain the incident questioned in relationship to an event at dinner and how we were told about how we were allowed to disembark the bus after doing so and then given the opportunity of doing it correctly. This doesn't explain the black seed oil however.
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