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    "Gravity RC"

    by , 08-31-2014 at 04:34 AM (535 Views)
    Journal Entry Lucid #74 Dream,Lucid, thoughts in dream,(Comments)
    Background:I actually remember what I did this morning because it was so memorable. I did wbtb at 3:19 and I slept from 10-3. I watched a movie as I normally do while being attentive and imagining that the movie is my dream. I didn't meditate before going to bed. I actually didn't meditate for a weeks now, I became increasingly lazy. I haven't been putting my LD DJ on here and I haven't been doing as many reality checks. It all had to do with school starting and I felt kind of sad about my classes. Well on the 08/24 I started to accept my circumstance and I started to go back to my regular schedule. I started to do R.C both noseplug and gravity RC. I only do gravity RC on and off but the noseplug I always do it with my RC. (Written 12/31: I have not done gravity RC in quite some time so it didn't develop like his did, it was just starting to mature and I prematurely stopped doing it when school got started.)

    Lucid Dream # 74, day: 08/25/14, time: 7:00-7:24 Am " "Gravity RC"":
    At first I had a dream about a test that was due in class. I am on the website for my school and they had a random search button. I clicked on it an it took me to a random website. It had naked people on it. I swiped the website to get another website. I pause for a minute to let it sink in I am thinking "WTF". I thought about how such a program to exist that takes people to random websites and the downside to it. The teacher informs us that the test has started. Everybody is finishing. I am stressing out. I tried to read but words were to small to read. I got mad and start talking to others about it. I see ER, I say sup to him. He gives paper to the teacher, and throws a huge back of chips in the trash. He left without helping me, it is just like him though. I then went to the teacher to complain. I asked her how long do we have. She tells me as long as you want. I said a whole day.
    I wake up next to a swimming pool. I see my DJ in the water. I laugh at my dream. I say wow what a stupid dream. I have to take a test. I looked around and I think stupid me I didn't even do a RC I could be in a dream for all I know. I do a RC but I wasn't mindful. I then told myself to be aware of the whole body kind of gravity RC. I tried to feel my weight and my legs felt like noodles. The weight fluctuated up and down in a circular motion. I realized I am in a dream.
    .I am now in my room, I ask did I wake up, told myself nope still dreaming. I couldn't believe that the gravity RC worked. I feel the dream fading. Fear start to enter my heart. "NOT NOW" I say to the dream, desperate to hold on to it. I then hear a voice in my dream it was my voice or how I think I sound like. It said, "You have to get to get used to this, you are now a lucid dreamer. You don't need to be terrified of waking up". I start to feel happy. I then calmed down. I then went to a light switch to turn it on/off. I remembered reading about a task somewhere to turn on and off by your mind. I think brighter it didn't turn on. It has a window, where a mirror is supposed to be. I see a door outside. (dream start to fade so I concentrated on visuals.) I walk to it thinking it is a door to darkness. I opened it and it was dark. I then see a face look at me. The face was size of my body. It got smaller and it had three eyes. I got a little scared but I calmed myself and asked it what is wrong? He replied back but I forgot. I woke up after hearing him/

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