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    Memorable Dreams

    1. "Epic Battle"

      by , 08-31-2014 at 05:21 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #75 Dream,Lucid, thoughts in dream,(Comments)
      Background:I was still practicing gravity RC around this time. All that I could say from memory, and I also did noseplug, and other RC as usual, but I don't know if I meditated or not.I did WBTB

      Lucid Dream # 75, day: 08/26/14, time: 4:06-5:06 Am " Epic battle with guy1":
      I am at school, in a boring class. I walk around the campus and I end up in my grandmas room. It is pitch dark other than a computer screen. My sister is playing her annoying music. I asked her kindly to turn it off. She didn't, but instead decided to go talk on the house phone. I was angry. I reminded myself to be mindful and that music is just sound. I got up and turned it off. She comes back and yell at me for turning off her music. I am not listening to her because I got fascinated by a shadow on the computer screen. A shadow of a huge spider. I didn't know where the source was coming from. I get up and walk to the kitchen. I tell my mother and grandma about the incident and they seem to just ignore me. I just had a weird feeling to do a RC. Nothing prompted it. I thought this can't really be a dream. I did a noseplug and at the same time I felt the gravity at the sole of my feet, and it fluctuated.

      I then floated to fully test dream. I rubbed hands together. I told myself not to worry about waking up. I landed and stopped rubbing my hands. I went for the front door. Normally in other LD, I wouldn't go for the front door because it was always pitch black, but this time I did. I opened door not pitch black, but it is night time. The neighborhood certainly changed and I see some construction site nearby. I fly towards opposite side of street. I felt that I needed to stabilize. I looked around and I paid attention to the sounds. I hear crickets. I could feel my legs and I'm amazed it is a dream. I am walking on sidewalk of what looks like outside of our church. I see two DC "training to become lucid dreamer". One DC was IN, a friend from school smart man, very open minded to new ideas, he is the teacher. I see them running and coming out of their bodies. Their body lands straight to the ground. I got quite into dream plot because I asked friend, TO, if I came out of body. He said no. Another guy, call him guy1 said yes. I said it is still a dream. I start to fly a little. They said, "How is he doing that". One screamed, "he has super powers". Guy1 said, "they should restrain me". I landed and levitated the two followers,who were running towards me. Guy1 walked towards me. I created a force field and he couldn't walk anywhere near me. My friend, TO thought I was a threat, so he came from the side and tried to get me. I used TK to stop him as well. There they were all straining their muscles to be free. I remembered what ~dreamer~ said to me about holding back. I put them down and I said to them, "ok we can talk about this..." my friend rushed towards me with a war cry.

      I stopped him with force field and I picked him up with one hand, he felt like a fragile. I slammed him over. His face facing the floor. I put my feet above his head. He didn't look like my friend anymore, but he felt like it. (maybe it is to make it easier for me not to hold back I don't know). He was crying. I let him go and I said, " you are not the problem". I went to guy1, the agitator, and there him into the sky with my hand. I start to fly away. I kind of lost lucidity and I ended up in a helicopter. I hear and feel a loud thumb on the helicopter followed by it spinning out of control. I felt the gravity change rapidly. I realized still dream. Guy1 came inside the helicopter. I threw him out of the window of the spinning helicopter. I then jumped out of the helicopter and started to fly. I start to hear a guitar solo, a very good one too. I start to charge at him. He punches me to the buildings, the buildings crumble. After a good exchange between each other. He start to plummet towards the floor and he screamed "high density field" I guess gravitational field. It messed with my head too and I started to feel a pulling effect. I see myself fall. I then awoken

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    2. "Gravity RC"

      by , 08-31-2014 at 04:34 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #74 Dream,Lucid, thoughts in dream,(Comments)
      Background:I actually remember what I did this morning because it was so memorable. I did wbtb at 3:19 and I slept from 10-3. I watched a movie as I normally do while being attentive and imagining that the movie is my dream. I didn't meditate before going to bed. I actually didn't meditate for a weeks now, I became increasingly lazy. I haven't been putting my LD DJ on here and I haven't been doing as many reality checks. It all had to do with school starting and I felt kind of sad about my classes. Well on the 08/24 I started to accept my circumstance and I started to go back to my regular schedule. I started to do R.C both noseplug and gravity RC. I only do gravity RC on and off but the noseplug I always do it with my RC. (Written 12/31: I have not done gravity RC in quite some time so it didn't develop like his did, it was just starting to mature and I prematurely stopped doing it when school got started.)

      Lucid Dream # 74, day: 08/25/14, time: 7:00-7:24 Am " "Gravity RC"":
      At first I had a dream about a test that was due in class. I am on the website for my school and they had a random search button. I clicked on it an it took me to a random website. It had naked people on it. I swiped the website to get another website. I pause for a minute to let it sink in I am thinking "WTF". I thought about how such a program to exist that takes people to random websites and the downside to it. The teacher informs us that the test has started. Everybody is finishing. I am stressing out. I tried to read but words were to small to read. I got mad and start talking to others about it. I see ER, I say sup to him. He gives paper to the teacher, and throws a huge back of chips in the trash. He left without helping me, it is just like him though. I then went to the teacher to complain. I asked her how long do we have. She tells me as long as you want. I said a whole day.
      I wake up next to a swimming pool. I see my DJ in the water. I laugh at my dream. I say wow what a stupid dream. I have to take a test. I looked around and I think stupid me I didn't even do a RC I could be in a dream for all I know. I do a RC but I wasn't mindful. I then told myself to be aware of the whole body kind of gravity RC. I tried to feel my weight and my legs felt like noodles. The weight fluctuated up and down in a circular motion. I realized I am in a dream.
      .I am now in my room, I ask did I wake up, told myself nope still dreaming. I couldn't believe that the gravity RC worked. I feel the dream fading. Fear start to enter my heart. "NOT NOW" I say to the dream, desperate to hold on to it. I then hear a voice in my dream it was my voice or how I think I sound like. It said, "You have to get to get used to this, you are now a lucid dreamer. You don't need to be terrified of waking up". I start to feel happy. I then calmed down. I then went to a light switch to turn it on/off. I remembered reading about a task somewhere to turn on and off by your mind. I think brighter it didn't turn on. It has a window, where a mirror is supposed to be. I see a door outside. (dream start to fade so I concentrated on visuals.) I walk to it thinking it is a door to darkness. I opened it and it was dark. I then see a face look at me. The face was size of my body. It got smaller and it had three eyes. I got a little scared but I calmed myself and asked it what is wrong? He replied back but I forgot. I woke up after hearing him/

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    3. "First Blood"

      by , 08-02-2014 at 09:13 PM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #66-67 Dream,Lucid, thoughts in dream,(Comments)
      Background: I Meditated before going to sleep. WBTB. This is the first time I have ever killed a DC, while lucid, and it was brutal.

      Lucid Dream # 66, day: 07/29/14, time: 3:30-unknown " The house in middle of nowhere":
      The dream started with an investigator that looked like
      Our ad banners.-143381.jpg He started a charity even in the lady's death. He bought all her stuff, before she died. People cheered him because they thought he was noble man. A screen pops-up and it asks to add a new character the girl that died. He looked dismayed by it. He didn't want her to come back to life. He killed her. The game say's new character added. She is transported to a new house. She is wearing 1600 cloth, the corset. I became her. I am using telekinesis to lift the couch and I see a glowing green thing around the object. I started to pay attention to it. It looks like an aura. The object started to move on its own. I see these twin sisters, old I mean really old. I became lucid without any cause.

      They tell me to a have a good day, as they smiled and walked away. I looked for a door and left. I see a front porch and the house looks old too. It had wood coming off of it. It had an old wild wild west feel to it. I wanted to go some where but I see only the house and grass that surrounds it. Everywhere I looked was white space literally just empty white space as if the dream hasn't finished forming. Maybe the dream doesn't want me to go somewhere else.I looked back at the house and I see an elevator man, he had the hat and everything to the red top. He shook his head with disapproval. I felt the sensation that I am about to wake up. I went to the floor to interact with the dream. I started to touch the grass and the dirt. I woke up though.

      I woke up to write down my lucid and then after some time I went back to sleep.

      Lucid Dream # 67, day: 07/29/14, time: unknown-5:02am " First Blood":
      I wake up in my room and I see that SN and his brother, YA were in my room playing on the ps3. It was night time so I didn't expect them to be over at my house. They left to get some food or something. I wanted to go back to sleep so I turned off the light. The light switch controlled controlled the ps3. That's strange. I plug the tv and the ps3 back on. I am suspicious now. My father brings another person and tells us to get along. The kid started to threaten us and he wants to play the next game because he is tall. I am angry now. I could beat him up. He couldn't do what he said. The guy from Doctor Who season 2-3 was in my dream. he summoned us all at once. We are in a room. He tells us that everybody has to obey their goddess and this creature with a head on her chest about 2 ft in diameter. She also has a big head where her head should be. She also had an uncanny smile. The color of her skin is green. And that ugly thing had the nerves to put on red lipstick, absolutely disgusting. I see her talking to her granddaughter. She tells her that she could do anything she wants and told her to fly. I see them fly. I then see the Doctor kiss goddess of his. It was repulsive. I asked them to stop kissing.

      I realized it was a dream and I am back at what looks like my house, but bigger. I see all these people worshiping one of the goddess' minions. She was told that she could have power over these group of people. I told them to stop worshiping her. They were too scared at first. I started to fly and they trusted me. They got up and came towards me. She started to yell at me. I use TK to lift her up and push her against the wall. I see one kid from church, the one that practices LD was there, he was also using TK. I told him to stop assisting me. He stopped. I tried again and further inspection led me to see that she was just on her tip toe. I was upset that I didn't have control over my power. I strained myself hard and I managed to get her up on the wall. I then lost control again.

      I wanted to create water out of my hands. I put my hand out and imagined sweat come out. At first it was just normal amount of sweat and then it started to rush, more and more. It was up to my ankle. The DC were all scared. I told them that I am going to kill them. They became terrified. I told them I am joking around. All the water vanished just like that. I wanted to try and do TK again since it is all that I love. I then tried to lift a table. I put my hand out as a gesture and it started to levitate. I then realized that lifting my hand was just a guidance for my will. It started moving up even though I didn't move my hand. I started experimenting with it, bringing it closer and further.

      "HOW DID HE GET THOSE POWERS", screamed a man. He continued, "HOW DO WE KNOW WE COULD TRUST HIM?" He turns to me and demanded, "HOW?" He said with a whimper , "my grandmother told me 'avoid the things you don't know' " . Look at him still wearing orange. He is still a slave. Even though I freed him from the cult, I didn't free him from his mind. I mockingly said, " Your grandma is not a very smart lady". I laughed at the Forest Gump reference, no one else did. We then went to tables. They were filling me in on what is going on. They told me that we are underground tunnel. I started dazing off trying to understand will power. I started to use TK to lift chairs around. I grabbed a ring about 10 inches in diameter. I threw it and I willed it or used TK, but I didn't use hand gesture. For the first time I understood that it was not TK but will. I would throw it and in mid flight I bring it back like a boomerang. I didn't quite master it. A man came in. He sat next to me and he had a metal neck brace that signifies that he once was a slave. It had cool designs. He had all these tattoos. One of a tear drop on his face. He didn't look at me at all. He just sat there. I look down at the table and see this 3 x 4 ash tray except it melts metal. It is red hot. I tried to do the TK thing. I kept dropping it and nearly hitting people. One time it fell and hit a chair and shattered it. I then accidentally dropped it on the guy's foot.

      He got mad at me and he grabbed me by the neck. He looked at everyone they looked scared. He said, "I don't care what they think you are but I don't care". He started to put a stronger grip on me. I tried to use TK on him but it wouldn't work. I then looked at the metal burner on the table. If only I could reach it. I stretched my arm. It started to move towards me. I thought, Maybe I have magneto's power control metal.I couldn't reach the man's throat but I now can use magnetism. I put my hand towards his throat and I start clinching my hands into a fist slowly. He grabs his neck. I then without hesitation put my hand in a fist and the metal around his neck just got so small that it was a decapitation. He died instantly. His head didn't fall though. This was the first time I killed. I don't care far too long have I let my DC kick me around. I see a hand on my right hand. It was frozen shut. I said jokingly, "how can I remove this hand?" I looked around everybody looked at me with fear. I said, "It is just human hand". I broke it off like it was just frozen meet. It was easier to break. I threw it into the metal burner. I saw his hand burn away. It happened instantaneously, I saw the skin burn right away and then the flesh with the bone.

      Everyone is rushing towards the exit of the tunnel. I wanted to leave. As we were leaving I see that the girl that was cloned by the game was what they used to make the tunnel. They were cloning her and grinding her body into mush.

      I do not get the ending.

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    4. "Cherished Memories" 03/27/14

      by , 03-30-2014 at 02:30 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #16 Dream,Lucid, (Comments)
      Background: I went to sleep wanting a LD but without forcing it. I laid in what the Tibetans call "lions position". I didn't fall asleep for a while and I had other dreams and brief awakenings.

      Dream fragment 2 from 3:20am-6:00am"":
      I was playing on some game in my dream, suppose to be a virtual reality game. I put my hand out and I touched this 2in in diameter. I tried pulling it but it was strong. I kept trying and it was painful. I thought pain is like an illusion and I pulled it out. It felt like a dream I thought.

      I realized it was a dream. I see my mother next to me atop a of a building. She mocked me, as usual, and said, "Oh so you are in a dream, well then have fun". She tried to distract me, but I left. I jumped from the building to another. I kind of lost control but not lucidity. I see a women jumping as well. I became her them back to me then her. I no longer had a real body. This guy started fighting with me. I was lucid without control. I didn't like it. I willed myself to control. I felt my body about to awaken. I started rubbing my hands. No use I still feel my body about to awaken. I became desperate. I started touching the red brick wall. I remembered what I wanted to do: telekinesis. I then see graffiti on the wall. It was a women. I started following the image and she was running and new painting was being animated when she kept running. At the edge of the wall she made a right turn. I turned around and I see this cartoony place. I was at my old elementary school, Rosa Parks Elementary. I saw pictures of Rosa Parks and other black people. I see them looking at me. I started to cry because I thought I have forgotten about my childhood, but here it is. A voice says with power, "the test was to see if they could get rid of your childhood". I replied no they cannot. I was so relieved and happy and crying. I saw this text that read something like, "Mothers of the Earth offer...", I agreed with it as well.

      I see these guys, children walk to the pictures and one guy throws food at the picture. I thought how disrespectful. I became angry. I stopped on of the food in flight. He said. "dam I missed". One said, "what if he is here". The other one said, "no he is gone". It seemed as though they couldn't see me. That is when I realized I could have been a child that died at the school a long time ago. He kept throwing fruits on wall. I grabbed it. I wanted to throw it back at him, but I decided not to. The fat guy says again, " I missed". I thanked my dream for leading me to such a cherished time and experience. I wanted to do the task I set out for: telekinesis, but I felt satisfied and without wanting, I awoken.
      I woke up feeling satisfied as if something resolved itself.

      When I was a child I had an after school teacher who told me that I would not amount to anything. That I couldn't even graduate middle school. It stuck around and I thought of myself as an idiot in elementary. This dream may have closed some old wounds regarding that, I don't know.

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    5. 03/22/14 "Exploration"

      by , 03-22-2014 at 07:00 PM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #14 Dream,Lucid, (Comments)
      Background: I woke up at 12:50 and watched a movie, Waking Life, now my favorite movie. I have watched it 3x now and every time I notice something unique about the movie. I watched it until the point in which he talks to the biker guy in the bar, (not to include any spoilers). Since my dream recall went back up since I started meditating, I was desperate for a LD. I realized that it is the end of the week. My heart ached for a LD. I know that most of my other LDs were when I was in between longing and serenity. Where I had my intention but my intention did not make me anxious. I listened to some music that I enjoyed. I tried relaxing it took a while. I then let my imagination take over as I kept telling myself the next thing I will see is a dream.

      Dream fragment 2 from 3:20am-5:00am"":
      The dream was interesting, I was in church and I said hi to some guy. I thought I knew him, but I didn't. I see the kids from church running as usual. This guy was telling them about LD. One child believed it and got into trouble. Then I was on the internet, watching some show on youtube. I found this clip of teens, supposedly uncontrollable teens. I am now an observer no longer on a computer. The teens were acting wild they tried to act like they were adults. They were kissing very sexually while holding each other. I then saw a girl and a guy have sex like in the movie scene where you don't actually see it but it is implied. I see the girl and the guy behind her. I then float my eyes to a different room. As I was doing this the dad walks up to me like I am the camera. He said, "do you know what my daughters told me? My daughter told me THAT THEY WOULD PLAY WITH THEMSELVES UNTIL THEY WENT TO BED, they claim they have a sleeping problem". He shakes his head and walks away. I see two girls sitting in the room with their hands inside their pants or in each other pants. Then one girl wrestle with the other. The cover goes over them this served as a transition like the movie.

      I am still a spectator, I am in a cartoony environment. It was a tale about the emotion "anger" represented by some big bluish monster. The cartoon's theme was blue and purple which glowed in color. The voice was talking a lot and as he did the environment along with what is happening changed. I don't remember it clearly but I remember the voice say, "...it was in everyone of us..." The voice kept going. I was in awe by the whole experience not understanding what I was experiencing. I paid attention to the details while being in the dream. I woke up, I had the hardest time walking. I thought wow trippy dream, and now I feel trippy too. It felt like my legs was ahead and too slow when I wanted it to do something. I walked into the bathroom, it was dark as if someone replaced the lights with candles. I started peeing inside of a bucket. I thought oh crap I peed in the wrong place. I thought about it all and I thought I could still be in the dream. I did a nose plug. I could breath. I did it again, I still could breath.

      I became lucid. I walked out of the bathroom and realized that I wasn't wearing any cloth but a boxer. I thought ah the clothes will spawn later. I see my sister's friend watching me weird. I also see my grandmother putting on her shoe to leave. I went to her room. I did a nose plug check, I still could breath. I started rubbing my hands then I looked at my hands it was blurry and had no real form. It floated all over the place. I went out of grandma's room. I then looked around everything else was spot on. I then lifted my hands and began to fly. I put had down and I gently went down. I knew what I wanted to do, I saw the blue sky when I looked through the back door. I wanted to fly to the clouds. I walked through the front door. I wanted the front door to serve as a portal. The moment I got close to the front door I became anxious and I could feel heart racing for some reason. I thought man I am going to wake up I woke up and I laid there. I was pleased with the LD even though it was short. I didn't move that much
      I woke up and started walking around the house unsuspectingly. I was in the dinning room. I was talking to my grandmother. As I was doing that I lifted my hands and my sister's friend got lifted off the ground. Time froze my body was frozen but I was not. She was frozen. I then went to my grandmother, she showed up a picture of my first dream I had today. It was about a women I was talking to. She had a bizarre look. My grandmother said, "look at her face that should have made you lucid, and now this". I looked at it and realized it is a dream.

      I was so grateful. I walked into grandmothers room and I saw a man sleeping there. I was rubbing my hands to enhance the quality of the dream. I started noticing him in more detail. I saw that he had a brown hair, beard, and blue eyes. He looked confused. I was confused why he was in my grandmother's room. I thought this might be the weird logic of dreams, maybe that is my grandmother. I was grateful for my actual grandmother making me lucid that I told him I love him. He looked shocked at first then passive to it. I walked out. I see my grandmother and my father in the dinning room. My grandmother was on far left, closest to the backdoor, and my father was on the right of the table. As I was walking out I told my grandmother willingly in my language, "I love you". I wanted to see how I envision my house to look like in my dream. When I walked out I touched the wall. They were very smooth. The wall of the house was circular which didn't represent my house at all.

      I then realized that I could fly. I started flying with my hands raised up to my mid section as if I was using telekinesis. I told myself I wanted to fly without the use of my hands. While in mid flight I lowered my hands and started rubbing them together to get a vivid experience. I stayed up. With pure will power I started to fly any direction I want. I saw my backyard and it had a tennis court. I think also a swimming pool. I turn around and noticed that my house was located next to my school. I flew just a little bit and landed. I touched the ground and felt the cold floor. I thought I must not be wearing shoes. I felt every pressure that I applied. The school looked some what like it did when there was no construction crew around. I see students holding books walking around. then saw a girl sitting down wearing a bikini, I got distracted she got up and started running. I turned around and looked at her butt. I caught myself and tried to focus. I turn around and I see death, but closer analysis showed that it was just a guy wearing a costume. A lot was happening at once. I smelled the air, the smell of roses. I tried to stimulate all my senses. I then wanted to do an awareness with the just my vision alone without rubbing my hands. I was losing clarity, NOT LUCIDITY but Clarity. I knew though that I might start losing lucidity soon so I went back to rubbing my hands. I started rubbing them in a circular motion to get a different feeling.

      I wanted to find a door and make a portal to a "training facility" like the one in Matrix, so that I could practice telekinesis there with Morpheus(this has been my LD goal for quite sometime now). As I was walking I saw my friend from school, EK, and IN, they just walked passed me like any other dream character. I called their names. EK turned around. I took out my fist to fist bump him. He then took out his and started throwing his hands around very quickly. I thought what is the point, he is just a DC anyways. I walked away. I looked up and saw a dark cloud appearing. I wanted to go inside the building, which now looks nothing like my school(*form transformation). It started to rain. I hear thunder. People started panicking. I didn't feel the rain. I became confused and tried to make sense out of it. The DC started running for the door as if the water would kill them, they were in pain. I was confused I lost lucidity for some reason maybe it was the confusion or maybe I tried to make sense out it and got distracted.

      I watched them take a guy into questioning. He was being accused about something. They took out a box, his "weapon". They started explaining how he would use his weapon. He got angry and he said,"you guys don't even know how to use it". You don't know what goddle particles are. He turned in on. And pointed it towards the man accusing him. It started eating up his stomach. The man fell to the floor and died. We were in my kitchen at the time. The device went straight through the food, bread. I started feeling weak and thought maybe it was the device releasing radiation. I quickly put it into a plastic bag. I kept saying that we have to move out now. They didn't listen. I ran around the complex house and I found trash outside. I threw it in but realized that it was sinking in. I knew that I had to throw it some where very far. I told them to leave. My grandmother comes back to check on it. I got angry and frustarted that she didn't listen. I thought that thing gave me cancer. I didn't want my family to suffer. I tried to help my grandmother out of the garage but ended up with this opening that read luch box.

      I woke up in another scene that looked like "waking life". Narrator said, "I was now just like everybody else". I see the main character entering the bar, sitting down. His face was gone. I thought trippy dream and remembered that I was dreaming and I didn't write down my other dreams. I realized I had to write down my other dreams, so I decided to wake up before I forget.
      I did forgot some details though.

      Became lucid by: DILD (awareness and nose-plug RC)
    6. In the Beginning! (1st lucid dream 2011-2012)

      by , 03-09-2014 at 10:56 PM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Background: This was my very first lucid dream, pretty old dream around 2011-2012. well here's the story: I watched inception and I really became intrigued by dreams and what they are. I joked around about controlling dreams to my friends and family. I had this thought when I was a child but it got thrown out as a stupid thought by myself. Well I then searched up "dream control" on the internet. I got lucid dreaming as a suggestion. I didn't believe it at first. It felt like a far-fetched idea, but I was open minded to it. I learned a little about LD, but not too much. I thought I was "trying at the moment but I barely did anything". I didn't write down my dreams down. Even my first LD, I never wrote it down, but you never forget the first. I tried a little for a couple of weeks and nothing. I waited and kept trying for a month two then three months. I gave up around the fourth month. As I was laying down watching spongebob I fell asleep during the break.

      Dream:I don't remember what made me lucid but I became lucid inside of a room. The dream was stable though. I thought about what I wanted to do for a long time which was naturally to fly. I never thought about limitation. I broke through the roof tops. I thought about flying fast like in the movies where they see the stars passing by them. I immediately escaped Earth's atmosphere. I passed the sun then the stars. I kept going. It became pitch dark. I said uhh uhh I am going all the way. I kept flying for some time in the VOID. I broke through the floor and ended up in my sister's room. I lost lucidity here. I walked around house for some reason in the dream. I woke up and realized that was only ten min of sleeping. I became excited because now I believe.
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    7. March 05, 2014 Lucid #12 "family's support & Mewtwo's cry"

      by , 03-06-2014 at 02:19 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #12 Dream,Lucid, (Comments)
      Background: I got up around 1:22 and I studied for my chemistry exam. I don't remember thinking about LD. Around 3:45am I got up and went to my room. I listened to some music and I just tried to enjoy the moment. (I did not listen to any Robert Monroe recording because I wasn't aiming to become Lucid.) I told myself don't care about having a LD, just go to sleep and try and remember some dreams. I went to sleep very hungry.

      Dream fragment 2 from 4:10am-4:46am" Family's Support and Mewtwo's Cry":
      I remember walking around my neighborhood stores. I was eating food with my friend TO, and my teacher. I came back home and I saw my parents come out of the car. My neighbor who didn't look like himself was driving the car. After he parked it, I helped them get the food out the car. I saw a machine that takes the food to my neighbor's house. It went across the beautiful green grass they had. I turn and I see giraffes and antelopes in our hard. They were fighting with each other it was crazy.

      I woke up because of my hunger. I felt sad and angry that I woke up. I thought oh man I am going to have a hard time going back to sleep now. I thought for a second about a video I watched, he said to be happy in every thing that you are doing and do it out of love. I manged to ignore my stomach and I laid down laughing about something. The dream happen within seconds maybe.

      I think it was just me talking to myself in my imagination at first. Enjoying the time, but it quickly became a disturbing conversation. [COLOR="#0000FF"]I found myself in church having a conversation with this man and BE, old friend. I saw this guy in front of me and he is telling me if I leave, we will fight. He is going crazy yelling at me. I looked at him at peace filled with no emotions of anger like I usually do. I thought this doesn't make sense. I told my self to move to make sure I wasn't imagining it. I managed to move.

      Family's Support: I then had the thought this is a dream why haven't I done anything yet. I started acting casual about it and I walked in middle of the room. I started rubbing my hands because I felt like the dream was on the verge of ending. I looked around to make sure it was a dream and not some extreme visualization. I looked at the kids in the room they were running around playing tag without me thinking about it. As I was about to walk out of the room the guy followed me, he said I am getting weak, BE said the same thing. I felt a little weak but I was excited. I kept going I saw some food, I told them to eat some food. I picked it up it was a pink cookie thing it had a taste of donut. I knew I fell asleep hungry and my physical body can't be tricked for long. I told them hey look at this.

      I stopped rubbing my hands and I flew up to the ceiling with ease. The church people started gasping and looking at me like I was a monster. I thought about how it felt, this particular flight. It felt like someone picking me up. I didn't feel in control anymore, my legs started rising above me making my head upside down. I thought ok I will work with this. I started swinging my legs to get a circular motion going. I felt nauseous at first but then I could control my whole body now. I stopped my body and landed. My grandmother wasn't as protective anymore, she trusted me. She told me that the church people are not ready to accept me, (I guess a LDer), they seemed to be convinced thought that it was real life. I started to fly again and I was about to try and go through the door, phase. I bumped into it and it changed my direction of flight. My uncle opened the door for me and he said, "go fly, go up, go high". I saw a beautiful horizon, purple and blue with a blend of orange. I don't know how to describe it really. The dream then froze like a computer screen. I couldn't move the body that I see, everything remained motionless. I then entered the VOID.

      Mewtwo's Cry: It was pitch dark but I knew that the dream didn't end. I started rubbing my hands. I let go off my lucidity, I let my thought wonder, but I caught it right away. A dream started to form. I see a wasteland, ugly looking thing. I see Mewtwo from Pokemon, my favorite Pokemon when I was a kid. I thought wow dreams could get random. I thought am I going to be mewtwoI started getting closer to it. It was flying around the dystopic landscape. I became him. I then started rubbing my new hands. It was white and I had those three little fingers that Mewtwo had. The sensation though still felt like five fingers. I could still fly too. I kept flying. I saw a lot of legendary Pokemons. They were flying, running and jumping around, attacking each other. Some shooting beam out of their mouths at each other. I said to them, "we should not fight with each other..." (I don't remember exactly what I said after wards but I know it has something to do with the corruption of lords and how we should not follow them). I then stopped mid flight and I pointed both my fingers side ways. I saw my chest as I was doing this and I saw the armor that Mewtwo had, the dream was so consistent. After I put my hand out to the side I made a purple enegry beam that exploded and woke me up.

      Became lucid by: DILD

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    8. February 18, 2014 Lucid #10 "Spinning Technique"

      by , 02-19-2014 at 03:16 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #10 Dream,Lucid, (Comments)
      Background: After awakening at 11:44, extremely tired, I used the bathroom and remember little snippets of dreams.
      I couldn't try to WILD at that time because I am too tired and would fall asleep too easily. I stayed up and I played BF3 to make myself a little awake and too feel happy because I woke up sad. Around like 1:40, I made myself that avocado mixture, with banana, strawberries, tangerine and berries. I don't think the food made a difference though. I heard Robert Monroe's audio advanced focus 10. Then I thought let me do a WILD. I rolled over to my side with my head resting on my left hand. NO luck, King Yoshi suggested turning over if there is no luck. I rolled on belly and I put both my arms back. Just like he said there was a switch. I immediately fell asleep, I want to stay aware but like he said I went to sleep faster.

      Dream fragment 3 from 2:20pm-3:06am" Spinning Technique":
      I was playing a race on GTA 5. This guy constructed easy race, from point A to point B. I thought this will be easy and I lost. My sister told me about how easy it is. I wanted a replay so they gave it to me. This time instead of looking at the race. We became curious about the AI of the game. I saw this little blond white girl just standing there. An opponent said, "what do you think that AI is thinking about?" I don't know. We went to get a closer look. She looked lifeless. She stared into space just looking at the cars pass by. She then gave us a face look. She started at us for a couple of seconds and then back. I walked away from the race and went up this little hill thing, into a store. I saw my mother and father there. They asked me to go get some food. I left.I woke up and thought, "I should have been lucid", this was only a second of opportunity and I took it. I went back to the same dream and I gave my parents the food my father was gone. When I handed my mother the food she asked me if I washed my hands. I thought about it and thought back to what I was doing before going to bed. I washed my hands and face I thought.

      I realized it was a dream and I started to rub my hands. I controlled my emotions this time. I look around and realized that I was in the bathroom. I said, "Thank you, Lord!" or, "what ever helped me get Lucid" (Meaning myself or something else). I walked out the door like as if not lucid, I didn't want the DC to know I was LD. When I walked through the door I realized that we were in a diner of some sort. I saw a waitress give my mother and my grandmother and sister some food. My dad however was in a different table. I thought why would I dream my dad separated from my mom? I looked around the diner and it looked very dark and dim. The quality of the dream looked sad and depressing. I wanted to lighten the atmosphere up and thought if I could get a little object that is bright in color I could change the whole entire atmosphere. I thought about turning one of the napkins into bright baby blue and red. I looked back and at first it was normal white. I said not good enough. I turned again and it was dark red and brown. I thought I got to escape from my family.

      Knowing that my family is overprotective in my dream I tried to sneek out. I looked at my door to my left and I saw a dark looking area, THE VOID as some people like to call it. I look at my right and I see the outside with lights on. I walk out. As I was walking I did a quick RC so that I won't mistake it to be Waking life I looked at my hands and as soon as I was about to start counting I saw a smaller pinky starting to grow out as to make the RC fail. I laughed and said this is a dream. Also my grandmother made some petite excuse to follow me and came along.She said in my language, "Where are you going?" I said, "no where grandma". She kept following me. I told her to mind her own business I will be ok. She didn't listen. I knew that my grandmother always wants her way and if she was anything like my grandmother she is persistent. I turn around and I see another copy of her. I thought oh crap it better not be a demon or prototype just like my last long LD.

      I quickly told myself not to say that and I told myself to play with the ridiculous logic of dreams. I was still rubbing my hands BTW. I told my grandmother as we were walking back to the diner that the clone was her twin sister. She didn't respond at first but then she said yeah that is my twin sister. She started speaking English, "Dam she fat though". I laughed because they looked identical. They even had the same cloth on. I thought of a way to get rid of my grandmother. I told her in English hey grandmother your fat twin sister is going to steal your food, you better stop her. She turned around and started walking away I found the window of opportunity and I took it. I started doing the spinning technique. I started seeing all the environment get smudged.

      I felt my waking body in my room. I thought I was going to wake up then I got a thought of hope,"don't give up". I stayed in the dream. I started feeling my dream body. I saw it get re-spawned in a freeway. Then it got launched to a parking lot. I thought, "is this GTA 5 environment". The quality of the dream was ugly. The objects looked like cardboard boxes with smudged drawing on them. I started rubbing my hands and started looking at the environment. It started looking realistic but the quality only went to the quality of GTA 5 not waking life. I turned around and looked at the cars and I could see the reflection of the world on the cars. I was content with the quality and I said "Not bad". I then wanted to explore the city and at first was going to drive the sports car that were in the parking lot but instead I flew out of the parking lot. I had no doubt about my flying ability, so I flew with ease. I then gently landed on the street in front of the parking lot. I used my hands gently putting them down as if I was doing telekinesis. After I landed, I thought what should I do. I thought about using telekinesis to pick up cars and stuff but thought of making a training simulation where I am in a all white room and their is different objects there. I imagined a door that will take me to this place. I closed my eyes for one second and realized that the dream might changed. I opened them and saw this black circle across my eyes, you know the one you get when stare at something bright and it leaves and after image. I thought WTH, what do I do?

      I woke up. I thought at first that I over loaded my brain by the new task I presented to it but I woke up because I wasn't rubbing my hands. I was using them to fly and stuff. I can't seem to get the dream stable enough to the point I won't have to rub my hand all the time.

      Became lucid by: DILD

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    9. February 18, 2014 non-lucid #38

      by , 02-19-2014 at 02:23 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry non-lucid #38 Dream, non-dream (Comments)
      Background: I meditated before going to bed and told myself that I want to remember my dreams. I didn't hear Robert Monroe's advanced focus 10 audio. I also looked at king yoshi's new WILD guide. That is why I bumped up the water to wake up even earlier.

      Dream fragment 1, 8:51pm-11:44am."":
      -My cousin was in my dream and she was eating some food.
      -some old man was wanted by the cops.

      I got up and went to sleep which gave me a LD which I will DJ in a different entry.

      Dream fragment 3, 3:31am-6:53am." Chem 120 Teacher a Critique": My chem 120 was walking showed up around my house next to a bus stop. She asked me why I wear jackets on hot days. She was right. Hot! wow it felt like 90 degrees, no clouds to cast a shade too. She also showed up in my chem 121 class and everybody was trying to look like they are doing there work to impress her.

      Dream fragment 4, 3:31am-6:53am." New friends with old friends": I walked to my friend Ls and he forgot my name he called me Mr. White. I thought why would he call me Mr. White but I didn't follow up with the question. He had a lot of food all over his face. My old friend Dd was their and he joined us in the table. He looked healthy which was good.

      Dream fragment 5, 3:31am-6:53am." Smoke Addiction?": I was in the living room smoking a cigarette. It felt good! It burned my lungs with every breath I liked it. My parents told me to stop and I said I couldn't. I threw the cigarette with disgust, but picked it right back up and I walked out to my backyard. I thought when did it reach this point. I conjured up a story about how I got addicted it went a little like this: I got 2nd hand smoking from school, then after that I needed a way to deal with the stress so I started smoking. I never smoked a cigarette, so it was quite a shocker, I do occasionally get 2nd hand smoking though. And I would have forgot this dream if it wasn't for a video that depicted a women smoking and I remembered it and I felt shiver down my spine. I felt the disgust I had in the dream of myself.

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