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    "Monster & Mirror"

    by , 03-07-2015 at 06:20 PM (969 Views)
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    Background: It was a dry LD week for me. I am stressed out about school. I manged to get one lucid dream with ToTM. I kept doing RC and if I was next to a mirror I would try and act like it is a dream and reach out to it. I laid on my bed for a long time hoping to get a lucid dream, maybe 30-40min passed before I fell asleep. The monster part could have been some inner psyche stuff. I been feeling a little down lately.

    ToTM: March 2015 Advanced I

    Lucid Dream #Unknown, day: 03/05/15, time: -5:03am" Monster & Mirror":
    I am walking around the house. It is fairly dark. There is a man in one of the rooms. He goes to the light and he flicks it on then off. He said to me, "the light is not working you know what that means?"I jumped backwards as the reality hit me.

    (Monster):This is a dream. I wanted to get out of the darkness so that I won't fall into the void of darkness. He rushed out and closed the door. I followed him. I am in the dinning room, and it is a little bit bigger than usual. I am trying to keep my awareness. I touched my hands, I touched the floor and I try to hear my environment. That is when he starts to hit the wall. Bam bam bam. I told him to stop. He stopped for a split second and he turned around smiled and said, "I am trying to help you out". I felt like he was distracting me. I tried to use telekinesis, but I was powerless. He grabbed me and threw me against the ground. I struggle to find my strength. He is a tall large man. I manged to get him off.

    He started to circle me, he said, "let my monster be, I like it. Aren't you happy that you are in a lucid dream? I don't want to be free". I thought, "does he represent my monsters, my demos?" I get ready to fight him again. My shoulders felt stiff. It felt like I have a backpack on or something. I removed it and my shoulders felt lighter. I then removed jacket. We spared, I got some few hits, he got his. Ultimately he took me down, but I found my strength and pushed him off. I am now in my parents room. I look at my hands and I imagine bright light since I have done that in a different LD. Instead I got pitch black hole spiraling on my hands, it looks as though it is eating up my skin. I said, "hopefully this works". He was on the floor and as I reached to put my hands towards him he screamed. Once I touched him, he became mummified, his skin is glued to his bone and he is boney. I got up i felt satisfied but I knew that I would wake up if I don't have another task to do. I remembered ToTM.

    (Mirror): I walk into my room. I have a huge mirror. I look at my reflection. It is surprisingly realistic. I look closer and I noticed that my eyes are pitch black with a silverfish reflection no white part. In movies that meant I am possessed.

    I ignored it. I got on the counter top and went inside the mirror. I felt my skin get pulled from me. I walk out of the mirror and it is an exact replica of the room I was in, my room. I look back at the mirror. I am white! My hair is brown curly and kind of long to my neck. I have a beard. I was amazed I look at my hands, the dream is still consistent still white. I walked out my room. My sister laughs at me for being too white. I see that I am in some sort of reception. People from my church are there. They ask me what my name is. I told them. They looked at me weird and said, "what a strange name for a white man". I laughed it off. I gave one of the lovely ladies a kiss to the hands, like a real gentleman, as if to ask her to dance with me. I woke up soon after.

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