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    "Sun in the Palm..."

    by , 12-18-2014 at 01:49 AM (785 Views)
    Journal Entry Lucid # unknown Dream,Lucid, (Comments)
    Background: I been thinking alot about lucid dreaming. I have been doing a R.C. when I see my sister since she is in every dream. I did this for only 1 hour before I went to sleep. I have been listening to PercyLucid's audio religiously.I heard it before I went to bed. I took his advice on not watching videos for an hour before I go to bed. While going to sleep I listened to Lucid dreaming series. While listening to it and telling myself I am already asleep. I relaxed my body and acted like I am asleep. I used PercyLucid Mantra as I tried to visualize snow to get ToTM. I drank water to do WBTB. I woke up after 2nd rem so dream is short. I also went to sleep excited, positive and energized. I told myself I wasn't going to write new LD I had until I updated my 3 month absence of writing on DV, but I was so excited about this dream. I wrote it a day late because I had an exam followed by getting into a minor accident.

    Lucid Dream # unkown, day: 12/16/14, time: 8:18-11:23 pm" Sun in the Palm of my Hand.:

    It was a bizarre story about a nerd that got teased by people. This girl tells him to do a song about them. He started rapping. I don't remember what the rap was about other than it was cool.Then I see a dream about corrupt cops roaming the streets. They been tailing people around the city causing chaos. They are playing loud rap on their patrol car. They pretended to help a civilian out but instead started to shoot at them. The other cop, not in patrol car maybe in a detective car, was just shooting at another car filled with gangsters. The cops are shooting just like gangsters. One had a shotgun in one hand just shooting at them.

    I believed what triggered my lucidity was being in garage with my sister. I was telling her how I would love recreate the fullmetal alchemist scene where the guy named father became god and made sun in hand. She just laughed it off. I became lucid, only remember this part of the dream. I was still thinking about creating the sun. I had a moment of doubt what if it don't work. I told myself to get something to help me out at first. I turn around and like a mistletoe I see a red circle held by strings dangling on the door. I hovered my hand a little below it and I just believed like theflowofmysoul said. And it went from a 2d cut out to a 3d eminatting red/orange/white sun, miniature of course. I was amazed by the outcome. I now wanted to create it without any type of assistance from the dream schema. I threw the mini sun I made and threw it at my dirty garage which I didn't notice until later.

    I held out my hand and opened it and out of thin air *boop* the sun, but this time it looked less realistic. The dominate color was red and the fire was just like a ball on fire. I then tried to do a different thing. First a red dry ball, I thought mars? then I created some weird colored ones. And finally I made a small little Earth. I know I should have thought about putting them together and making them revolve but I didn't. I threw them at the garage floor. My sister asked me, "could you make me one?" I said sure, and I tried it was hard to make this time. I told her after I gave it to her to make it herself. I told her to do it for another it is draining, but to do it for oneself is motivation. She asked, "how do you do it?" I told her believe not wish. Then her friends showed up. One girl I had a crush on for a while now.

    I tried to impress them. I saw the clutter on the floor of the garage, some pieces of metal scrap. I told them that I could pick up all of them. I start to use TK to pick them up. Some of them were very small and hard to concentrate on. But little by little they start gravitating upwards to my will. I managed to get half of them up their, imagine little bits of metal the size of a chair. Some of them were sharp. I although I was amused but to girls I was just annoying. She said to me, "that's boring". I dropped the metal that I TKed. I then thought maybe it is the size that they want to see. I start TK the TV, they all jumped and said,"Nooooooo". I don't know what I did wrong. I watched the TV and I kind of lost lucidity for a second. Saw something about rihiana getting married to somebody. I got bored of this drama show and I got up. I became lucid again. I walk to my grandmother room looking for something but I forgot. I look at the computer and I hear this person speaking a foreign language. I note it into my head about the absurdity. I remembered what I was doing before I got distracted and I wanted to create a life size model of the sun and planets.

    I walk out side and I remembered that I have been in this dream for a long time or it felt like it. I start to feel the dream destabilize and I remembered reading that flying helps. So, I after rubbing my hands a bit I start to fly. The dream looked clear again. I could see a pool in the yard. I then felt dream destabilize again. I am being sucked in by something. I try to escape it. I grabbed on to a rail. and I began doing what PercyLucid suggested to feel objects around you. I felt the coldness of the rail, the roughness and smoothness. I landed. My father shows up and he brought a watermelon which began to roll into the swimming pool. It was the same size as me. It went into the water and it had a hole in it. It began to sink. I went into a weird water bending stance, lol don't know why I did it at the moment. I used TK to take it out of the water, it was fairly difficult. After taking it out I just levitated it and brought it to my dad. He gets mad and tells me that I am wasting my time and I need to study. I told him I never felt more alive, and I feel energized. I then had a thought that woke me up. What if I wake up.

    Just want to say thanks to PercyLucid for the audio class. And flowofmysoul for those words of wisdom on dream control.
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