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    1. "Monster & Mirror"

      by , 03-07-2015 at 06:20 PM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid Dream,Lucid, (Comments)
      Background: It was a dry LD week for me. I am stressed out about school. I manged to get one lucid dream with ToTM. I kept doing RC and if I was next to a mirror I would try and act like it is a dream and reach out to it. I laid on my bed for a long time hoping to get a lucid dream, maybe 30-40min passed before I fell asleep. The monster part could have been some inner psyche stuff. I been feeling a little down lately.

      ToTM: March 2015 Advanced I

      Lucid Dream #Unknown, day: 03/05/15, time: -5:03am" Monster & Mirror":
      I am walking around the house. It is fairly dark. There is a man in one of the rooms. He goes to the light and he flicks it on then off. He said to me, "the light is not working you know what that means?"I jumped backwards as the reality hit me.

      (Monster):This is a dream. I wanted to get out of the darkness so that I won't fall into the void of darkness. He rushed out and closed the door. I followed him. I am in the dinning room, and it is a little bit bigger than usual. I am trying to keep my awareness. I touched my hands, I touched the floor and I try to hear my environment. That is when he starts to hit the wall. Bam bam bam. I told him to stop. He stopped for a split second and he turned around smiled and said, "I am trying to help you out". I felt like he was distracting me. I tried to use telekinesis, but I was powerless. He grabbed me and threw me against the ground. I struggle to find my strength. He is a tall large man. I manged to get him off.

      He started to circle me, he said, "let my monster be, I like it. Aren't you happy that you are in a lucid dream? I don't want to be free". I thought, "does he represent my monsters, my demos?" I get ready to fight him again. My shoulders felt stiff. It felt like I have a backpack on or something. I removed it and my shoulders felt lighter. I then removed jacket. We spared, I got some few hits, he got his. Ultimately he took me down, but I found my strength and pushed him off. I am now in my parents room. I look at my hands and I imagine bright light since I have done that in a different LD. Instead I got pitch black hole spiraling on my hands, it looks as though it is eating up my skin. I said, "hopefully this works". He was on the floor and as I reached to put my hands towards him he screamed. Once I touched him, he became mummified, his skin is glued to his bone and he is boney. I got up i felt satisfied but I knew that I would wake up if I don't have another task to do. I remembered ToTM.

      (Mirror): I walk into my room. I have a huge mirror. I look at my reflection. It is surprisingly realistic. I look closer and I noticed that my eyes are pitch black with a silverfish reflection no white part. In movies that meant I am possessed.

      I ignored it. I got on the counter top and went inside the mirror. I felt my skin get pulled from me. I walk out of the mirror and it is an exact replica of the room I was in, my room. I look back at the mirror. I am white! My hair is brown curly and kind of long to my neck. I have a beard. I was amazed I look at my hands, the dream is still consistent still white. I walked out my room. My sister laughs at me for being too white. I see that I am in some sort of reception. People from my church are there. They ask me what my name is. I told them. They looked at me weird and said, "what a strange name for a white man". I laughed it off. I gave one of the lovely ladies a kiss to the hands, like a real gentleman, as if to ask her to dance with me. I woke up soon after.

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    2. "The Eye of the Storm"

      by , 02-14-2015 at 07:24 PM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid Dream,Lucid, (Comments)
      Background:I didn't meditate, but I should. I watched show Smallville. I listened to lucid dream series. The reason why I wrote 4:12-4:50 is because I laid on my bed for that long without realizing that 40min went by. The whole time telling myself, "next thing I see is a dream". I got up for a min checked time, laid in a different position, and I dosed off. I was relatively peaceful and stress free.

      ToTM: Feburary 2015 Advanced I
      Lucid Dream #Unknown, day: 02/11/15, time: 4:12-4:50-5:50am" Eye of the storm":
      I am at my school. A car cuts me off. I try to go in front of them by speeding. I looked at the parking lot and it is empty. I turn and it is full. I nearly hit a car. I am suspicious about it all. I parked and decided to go. A pale girl from one of my class along with one other girl and one man came inside the car. As I reversed the car. The pale girl says, "wow it looks so realistic". I responded, "what do you mean 'realistic'". It went into an awkward silence. Her smile turned into a sad frown, she started to look down at the floor. As I kept driving. I started to explain to her that I practice this thing called lucid dreaming and I look for cues like that.

      That's when it clicked. This is a dream. I realized that I haven't been able to find a way out of the parking lot. I come out the car and started to walk. Another car went over a ram and landed inside the building. It is Lex Luthor and lana from Smallville. A women dressed in a general outfit walks up to us. She starts to explain the ordeal of the world. I should have been listening but I dazed off. I walked away and I see a fountain at the center of the building. It shot out water up to six feet up.

      I remember I could control water(bending). I started making it do spirals and zig zags around itself. It was cool but nothing new. I started to think to myself I wanted to do something and the ToTM came to me, a storm. I see a window, and I try to go through by jumping. I got rejected and fell back down, I felt temporarily pain. I shake it off. I see a window that is open. I started to imagine the storm. First some dark clouds rushed in, then it started to spiral around itself. It looked like a mixture of a tornado and hurricane. I remembered reading somewhere that the eye of the storm is actually peaceful. I decide to go to it.
      Was this Lucid? Still unsure-640px-helene_sts-115_90_kt.jpg

      I felt hesitant to jump out a window since my normal flight is a take off not a suicide jump. I jumped anyways and my flight was weak at first. I went through the clouds. I didn't feel any rain or wind. As I got closer and closer to the eye of the storm the wind and rain started to kick in. I try my hardest to get closer and closer to the storm. I reached out to get inside the eye of the storm and the cloud was literally a solid object I could hold. I then felt a great deal of water soak my body. I felt powerless. I have a fear of waking up, so I ended up waking up
      . I guess that was my subconscious way of saying "F#*k your facts". I can't believe I still have fear of waking up and I end up waking up.

      (Accidentally DEILD): As I lay there trying to remember the whole dream, I end up in a dream again. I am lucid and I realized i am clark kent from Smallville. I hear a voice tell me that I need to save lex. I am outside the mall or base, that I flew out of earlier. I got inside a car and went over a ramp to get inside the building. I overshot it and the car flipped. I flew out of it. I then continued to fly until it went into a 3rd person perspective. I couldn't fly or control character. When I landed, it went back to 1st person perspective. I see cop cars surrounding me. I hit the floor with my foot and a shockwave tore up the floor and some of the cop cars exploded. The dream went back into 3rd perspective and in slow motion. I see a giant purple and green frog pop. He had a humaniod body. He started to destroy cars around us. He tells me he will watch over me. I realized I am getting way to carried away, and decided to wake up.

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    3. "Kiss from same sex"

      by , 06-15-2014 at 02:42 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #52 Dream,Lucid, (Comments)
      Background: Didn't have much of a lucid week, but I haven't been doing all day awareness so it is understandable. I had lucid dream in the beginning of the week, and I was doing all day awareness.
      ToTM: June 2014 Basic Task II
      Lucid Dream #52, day: 06/08/14, time: 5:26-6:49am" Kiss of same sex? kind of?": The dream first started off way different than the lucid.
      I see a little girl, maybe 12 or less, she has a stuffed animal in her hands and a friend by her side. Her friend looked a little older than her, she had the same hair as her and they looked similar. Since I don't know the little girl name, I will call her Linda, and her friend Carina. Like all children Linda got peer pressured, although it wasn't the usual peer pressure. Carina tells Linda to do daring tasks. Carina told Linda top military secrets. She told Linda that she has to do something about the evil corruption in the world.

      This part of the dream got fuzzy. I am now a character, no longer spectating. I find myself in a car, it looks a military version of Jeep CJ. I am shooting at some other guys to receive a document. MY dad was in the passenger seat. He shot RPGs at the other car. We were driving around grand canyon. Well after having some gun battle we got the document. It was now in the Linda's hand. She walks into a dark room. A lot of people walked in and surprised her. They congratulated her about revealing the truth on the military corruption. She humbly tells them she couldn't have done it without Carina. She turns and gestures to her friend Carina. The guy that was about to give her a reward said, "Sorry? There is no one next to you. Is Carina around? Linda quickly turned around and frighten with what she saw, nobody was behind her. Then she looks at the man. He started to flicker, like those horror movie style, until he disappeared. As a spectator in dream, I commented as if I am watching a movie. I thought, "Is she schizophrenic? And did she just see the illusions that her mind made up?" She started to run in fear. She went into the night not know what is real or fake. As she went into the tunnel her illusions became vivid. She saw different color animals come at her, such as bears. Some of them clowns. I all of sudden became her. I felt her fear and desperation of answers. I spectated again, and thought if only she realized it is a dream. I became lucid and I became one of her hallucinations. An English man with one eyeglass, and a big hat. I

      I told her to stop running and face her fears. She stopped immediately. I saw her as part of my psyche. I wanted her to feel strong and what better way than lucid dreaming I thought. I told her that she is not crazy and that she is dreaming. I turned around and I see a door come out of the tunnel. I took her hand and she followed me. I see my body and I am an old white man. We are at a mall. As I was telling her that she could do what ever she wants and she don't have to be afraid, I see myself in the mirror. I am young now, my eyes are hazel slightly blue. I was getting distracted, this was the first time I saw my reflection in a dream. I walked a bit and turned and I am now a women. I had red hair, I had blue greenish eyes. I had wrinkles around my eyes. I am dressed in a red poke-dot skirt. I looked like a 1950s gal. I looked about 40 something years old. I had a wonderful body not too fat or too skinny. I thought about doing the challenge since I am now a girl, I could kiss another girl. I wanted to make sure that I am not a transsexual so I picked up my skirt and saw no penis. Oh yeah the little girl disappeared long time ago, I don't know when but she did. I scattered to look for a women. I saw one old lady, and another that is slightly younger, I would say about 40-50. She had grey hair. She was not attractive but she wasn't ugly. She was doing someone's nail. I rushed and grabbed her head. I first went for a light kiss, then I started doing tongue. I was slightly uncomfortable because she is old. I am old too but dam she was really old. What made it even more sickening was that she started to enjoy it. I then woke up. My legs kind of jerked as I woke up, Idk what that was about.

      Lucid Dream #53, day: 06/11/14, time: unknown "Short dream ":
      I am in my house and I found myself already aware that it is a dream. I don't remember what I did but I do remember walking around the house and recalling how blurry the dream felt. I didn't stabilized thinking that the dream will stabilize on its own. The rest of dream was about GTA 5, and friends from high school.

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    4. Meteorites Strike Ocean

      by , 06-07-2014 at 11:18 PM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #49 Dream,Lucid, (Comments)
      Background:I do not normally attempt Task of the Month because I don't like the thought of failure. This was on a monday morning. Mondays are normally not a LD dreaming day for me.
      ToTM: June 2014 Advanced II
      Lucid Dream #49, day: 06/02/14, time: 6:09-7:59am" Meteorite Strike Ocean":
      I was having a very vivid dream about being shot. I don't actually remember being shot but I do remember trying to take out the bullet. I was looking at my arm trying to take it out. My family was bothering me. I thought I just want to experience feeling a bullet in a dream and I can't.

      That's when it clicked. I started heading out. My body was hard to control at first. I thought about doing the task of the month but I didn't want to drop a meteorite unto a city so I wanted to do next to some body of water. I opened the back door to the house and it served as a portal to an island. It was a tropical island, had trees and stuff. I didn't think too much about the summoning of the meteorite, I just believed that it will show up. I lifted my hands and strike it down. I see 20+ meteorite come towards the ocean splitting the clouds open with fire. I see ships ahead. I hear someone behind me say hurry you are going to miss it. I started to fly. At one point I nearly went into the water and I became terrified since I can't swim very well in waking life. I shook off the fear and concentrated on the meteorites. As they were about to hit the ocean's floor I hear this high pitch frequency and it was painful to hear. When they hit the ocean it wasn't anything dramatical. It had waves but it wasn't as big as I thought it would be. One of the meteorite levitated out of the water. I see Iron man show up and take it. He took it back to the shore. I wanted to see what was inside. He opened it up and I saw a robot. It was black with blue neon glowing lights on it. I started flying and shortly after I woke up. I don't know if I was suppose to go underwater to investigate the ocean but at the time I did what I thought was right. I was pretty happy with the outcome.

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