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    1. TR's Request

      by , 05-11-2014 at 12:47 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Lucid #35 Dream,Lucid, (Comments)
      Background:Finally finals are over and I can relax.

      Lucid Dream #35, day: 05/05/14 time: 3:10-4:38am " TR's request ":
      I somehow became lucid. I started rubbing my hands. TR, from church asked me to open a mirror's back. I used TK to separate the metal. I went to the kitchen and wanted to see if I could do TK to pick up plates. It didn't work out at first. I then gently flicked my hands and it started flying. TR asked me to please stop. The dream stopped trying to wake me up but I lost lucidity. I was walking around the house aimlessly.
    2. March 05, 2014

      by , 03-09-2014 at 10:43 PM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Uncategorized Dream,Lucid, (Comments)
      Background: Before going to bed I did nothing again. Just listened to music and went to sleep easily. I also watched a movie early on during the day that had a witch in it and she could shape shift, "47 ronin".

      Dream fragment 1 from 8:20am-1:27am"":
      I had yet another mathematics dream. I was picking up patterns that didn't make sense and I tried endlessly to make sense.

      I did a WBTB. I stayed up later than usual and I watched a movie called, "Unbreakable". I went to bed around 5:06 am, but I don't think I slept untill about an hour of moving back and forth on my bed.

      Dream fragment 2 from 5:30am-7:06am" Dream with SP":I was looking for some equipment in Best Buy or some other electronic store. I looked around and found nothing. I went on a car ride with my sister. I looked at the beautiful sunset while on the free way. She drove on the line in between lanes. I thought about how strange it was for her to drive like that but I remembered that she is a crazy driver. Apparently everybody did the same thing as her. They were trying to avoid the muni-tracks.

      I was now going to an apartment. The women ran out of the bathroom. She started crying, she told us that she got an STD. I went inside the bathroom to investigate, brilliant me. I go inside and I see a can on the floor. I could still hear the women talking as I went inside. She said it was a can that sprayed her and gave her the STD. The can started moving towards me. I moved and it turned. I kicked it. The knob twisted and I started hearing a hissing sound. I got the fear that I might get this new STD that she got. I ran out. I saw these couples entering the bathroom. I told them about the can. My face covered. They asked me, "is it okay to tell the women that got the STD about this?". They didn't want to embarrass her. I said no we have to warn everybody. We left and I told them about my brilliant plan to kick the can. I picked up a pink paper and I wrote, "do not open the door". I said if they are stupid and don't listen they will get what they deserved. *I thought about the hard time I had to go to sleep.

      *transition: I see a man in a courtroom. He was testifying against the poor lady that got the virus. He was being questioned. The opposing lawyer was a witch and she walked up to the man looking at him in the eyes. He went into a trance. She said this women is evil and he repeated after her. This went on for a while. The other lawyer was screaming I object, he is saying the same thing as her. *I started becoming conscious of my sleeping body.

      I was now up in the kitchen making myself some food. The lights were all off. I felt sad about not having a good night sleep. I saw my sister and I started becoming concussions of my body again. I unknowingly felt the effects of SP in the dream. With it came fear. I was paralyzed in the dream and I thought my sister is making me do this. I thought demon. I was being forced to eat the food that I prepared. I realized that it was not a demon. It clicked this is a dream. I now had my consciousness without full control of body I see my sister transform into the demon I envisioned before my eyes. Her body went into the floor and she turned into a shadow snake. I tried to move but couldn't. It went to my legs and crawled inside of me.
      I wake up with a sensation of paralysis and vibration going back and forth throughout my body. My heart was racing. I thought I could go back into the dream but my body was too excited from the dream.

      Became lucid by: DILD

      Possible Dream Sign:
    3. February 07, 2014 "Curious Mind" led to short lucidity.

      by , 02-07-2014 at 06:23 PM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry Uncategorized#2 Dream,Lucid Dream, non-dream (Comments)
      Background: I have been acting very curious in waking life after watching a youtube channel called "shots of awe". Well he recommends that we look for awe in every day life. So I have been doing that looking at the walls in my house with interest, the rain drops and anything else.

      Dream fragment 1, 8:35pm-2:05am."": My cousin was complaining about how heavy an item was. She asked me to carry it for her. I said, "but after a while I said ok". I looked at it I think it was a heater small enough to carry but really heavy. I started observing it turning it around. Writing was all over it, I think it was warning label

      Dream fragment 2, 2:10am-3:13am." Short lucid": I was next to swimming pool and I was with my cousin, AL. I told him about our annoying cat, some body said you don't have a cat. I thought "hmm why did I just lie then". My cousin was in the swimming pool. I was touching the water with my feet but I didn't want to go in the water. I did this to all the corners of the pool. I wanted to go to my cousin without touching the water. I flew to him, and I thought we were having a shared dream experience. I told him it is a dream, then I realized. Then he started to float a little, I tried to help him stay up. I started to sink. I decided to meditate on my breath. I started hearing my breath and imaging it floating like it did in another LD I had. It started floating but it wasn't like the other time. Then a kid from my church, ES, came and said, "do you want to hear a story about demons" I responded angrily, "no" I then lost lucidity and I took the book from him

      Dream fragment 3, 4:10am-7:00am." Hillary Clinton is a slut": Hiliary cliton was trying to convince every body she is not a slut. She was on the news they were calling her a slut and we were looking at old footage's of her. We saw that she knew Bill Clinton was cheating on her. How he just used her and she used him to become politically active.

      Dream fragment 4, 4:10am-7:00am." Uncle's anniversary": I was looking for a place to pee. This man was running on the wall, sideways. My cousins, AL & BY were in my dream again. They were sleeping over so that they could be their for my uncles marriage anniversary. I saw BY before I saw AL. They were both in my sister's room. Idk why.
    4. A teaching from a friend (Uncategorized)

      by , 11-14-2013 at 02:00 AM (A Dreamer's Dreams)
      Journal Entry uncategorized #1 Dream,Lucid, Comments)
      Background: I have no idea how this dream came to be.

      Dream: I was in my room with a friend, from Calculus 2. He was telling me that I can control the objects in my room by turning and then imagining and looking back. I tried it, made some food appear (I think). I made other objects appear as well. I didn't think of this as odd for some reason. I looked at his eyes and one eye had a black line running through it. I turned and imagined it normal again, and it was. He asked me," what did you changed?" I said, "your eyes". He laughed and smiled. Then a thought of fear showed up, what if he was possessed by an evil spirit. I quickly recognized fear for what it is a thought and I let it go. Then for some reason I wanted to check if it was a dream or if it was the physical world. I looked at my hands it had 6 fingers on it an extra thumb on the other side of my hand. I said, "this is a dream". He looked at me smiling. I looked at the other hand and it was also odd. As I kept saying this is a dream to become in full control. The dream environment began shaking, my body began shaking, I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to wake up, so I told myself this dream is about to collapse and I can't move my body. I thought maybe if I let go of my lucidity, just maybe I will not wake up. So, I did, next thing I remembered was me in a different dream scene, still in my house though, and not aware . Well it wasn't that bad, but I wish that I didn't let go of it, but as in Buddhism attachment is the root to all suffering, so letting go should be good..

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