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    A DC Named Courtney

    by , 04-21-2011 at 10:54 AM (1022 Views)
    Very clear, detailed dream - hence the long journal entry.

    This dream began with me talking to a friend on the the phone. She mentioned something that caught me by surprise because I didn't remember telling her anything about it. I did an RC by checking my hands and noticed one didn't have as many lines on the palm as it should. I became lucid and took the time to anchor myself to the dream by chewing some gum (Trident Spearmint <3).

    I decided to try and find Catie (a DC that represents my subconscious/dream guide/whatever you wish to call it). I didn't want to walk all the way over to the front door so I opened a window and decided to jump out of it instead. The moment the window was opened, a crow flew in my room and told me I should look for Courtney (an irl friend) instead. I wasn't sure why it wanted me to search for Courtney but I thought I may as well since it was the first time a crow had spoken to me without being asked a question first.

    For some reason I went downstairs and went out the backdoor of the basement suite instead of the window. Once I opened the door, the fox (I really should name it soon) appeared and followed me out. It didn't do anything to attract my attention so I just ignored, I've grown used to it showing up randomly and following me around. I'm even starting to like it's company, except when it makes me lose focus by yipping, yelping, barking, or whatever you call that sound. Anyways, instead of being in my backyard, we were in the street of some residential area that seemed strangely familiar.

    We went down a couple houses and stopped at one that I somehow identified as Courtney's (although it didn't look like her's). I knocked on the door and, through the window, saw someone making their way over to answer. A girl opened the door (or woman I should say, she seemed to be slightly older than me) but it wasn't the Courtney that I'm friends with, just some DC. An adorably cute one, mind you, but a random DC nonetheless. Her face did seem familiar however but I'm not sure why. I've probably seen her in another dream or maybe seen someone who looks similar at the mall or something.

    I was happy to see her and I soon got the impression that she was supposed to be my girlfriend in this dream. She was even happier to see me and greeted me with a hug that literally seemed to last hours. I noticed the faint scent of black jellybeans (which are awesome) so I guess she was wearing perfume or something. Do they even sell perfume/cologne that makes you smell like jellybeans btw? I should Google that. I managed to do a couple reality checks and a few stabilization techniques before she finally let go. It was at this point that I realized the fox had left to do something. She then kissed me, which also seemed to last for hours. I didn't need to do anything to stabilize the dream during those ''hours'' though, she had (spearmint flavored <3) gum or something in her mouth so the taste was enough to keep the dream from falling apart. We eventually made our way to her bed and did the grown-folk. =P While we were lying in bed, she started telling me something that she felt was important but I couldn't pay attention because the dream was destabilizing. I "woke up" soon after.

    I was back in bed and checked the clock to see how late I had slept in. When I saw it had odd symbols on it, I realized it was only a false awakening. I did several reality checks to make sure I was dreaming, then I went back out the basement suite's backdoor (the fox didn't show up this time), and headed towards Courtney's place again. This time she was wearing a blue slip dress. Normally I don't remember what DC were wearing in my dreams but this time I did so I guess my recall's improving. Hurray for progress. We sat down on her couch and started talking about something but I can't remember what was said. The dialogue seemed to have been significant to the dream but I've never been very good at remembering conversations, I'll have to focus on improving that. The dream fell apart soon after.

    I woke up and checked the clock, this time I really was awake. Turns out I had only been asleep for just under two hours but the dream felt like it lasted much longer than that.

    I don't know if this dream means anything but if it does, maybe I still have feelings for Courtney (my friend, not the DC). We never really had a full-on relationship but we had something going on between us; for a short while at least.
    I need to remember to ask that fox a couple questions next time I see it, like why it's been following me around lately. I've got to come up with a name for it too since simply addressing it by ''the fox'' sounds weird. Also, I just had the strangest feeling of déjà vu déjà rêve (since it feels like I've dreamt of this before) while typing this out. ._.

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