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    1. Rollercoasters, Aggressive DCs, Cupcakes, and Anderj101

      by , 05-11-2011 at 08:58 PM (Nude Pictures of Myself)

      Non-lucid: There was a rollercoaster in my backyard and all of my cousins and friends were over for some sort of party. We hopped in the seats and rode the rollercoaster for a few minutes before I hopped off to grab a sandwich. I hope back in with sandwich in hand ate while on the ride. A loop-de-loop was coming up and someone noticed that something was wrong with the track. As soon as we reached the top of the loop-de-loop, the cart came off the tracks and we fell. I got out of the ride and went for a walk.
      Lucid: I was running from a DC that kept chasing me. I was lucid and I tried to tell him to leave but he ignored me. I tried killing him but no matter how many times I snapped his neck or stabbed him, he got back up. I tried to change the setting and tone of the dream by the Winter Wrap Up song from MLP: FiM (sounds ridiculous, I know, but it usually does the trick in nightmares). It worked for a few seconds (night became day, friendly DC's appeared, etc) but then the other DC came back and throw me to the ground. He kicked and stomped on me a couple times and then tried strangling me. I tried fighting back but I couldn't so I just laid there pathetically flailing my arms while he beat me. It was pretty painful, especially when he started stomping on my stomach but there wasn't anything I could do about. It last a while too, most of the time I wake up quickly if I'm in pain but this beating seemed to last forever. I eventually woke up when the phone rang. I felt a little sore for a few minutes upon awakening.
      Non-lucid: My cousin and I had just shared a blunt and we decided to go to this bakery that was close by. Once inside, he went off to buy some food and I ran into Erin (a friend of mine). She was telling me something about her little sister but stopped once she spotted her ex. She wanted to leave so we stepped out, my cousin came out soon after and he had a tray full of cookies, cupcakes, muffins, etc. I grabbed a cupcake that kept changing colors and offered Erin another but she wasn't hungry. Not sure what happened next but I remember we ended up in an airport soon after. I can't remember the rest of the dream.
      Semi-lucid: I was on DV and I posted a link to a song I like (Demons Surround Me) but anderj101 said he didn't like it at all. He then called me a faggot and logged out. I tried to reply but someone had locked the thread already. It didn't seem like something anderj101 would post so I did an RC by counting my fingers and realized I was dreaming. I was about to go explore the dreamscape but I got distracted by a new private message. I woke up before I could read it.

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    2. Suicide

      by , 05-05-2011 at 12:14 PM (Nude Pictures of Myself)
      I took a nap this evening and had a dream that was grotesquely gory (yet strangely beautiful [in a sense]). I was pretty much watching myself tear through my flesh with a gun (a MAC-10 I beleive? Idk, something automatic) and then eventually dying once I was nothing more than a mound of sopping flesh. Not nearly as pretty a sight as it sounds, I assure you. The dream then went on and kind of showed me a "what if" and gave me a rundown of various things I was missing out on now that I was dead. The dream ended with me and this girl that I'm almost, kinda, sorta, not really but in a sense I am with in real life. I think. Yeah... I don't get it either. I get the feeling like I'm "just a friend" but then there are times where it seems like it's more than that. As if she wasn't hard enough to read already, now there's this other guy that she kind of seems to have a thing for as well. Oh god, what if I'm one of those pathetic saps that don't realize they're being strung along... Does this mean I have to start laughing at myself now? D: It's complicated and you probably don't even care so I'm not going to go into it any further. Anyways, the dream replayed my first kiss which was with her a while back.

      Not the most pleasant dream I've had, rather disturbing actually, but I enjoyed it nonetheless because of the rush of relief that followed when I woke up.

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