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    by , 01-10-2018 at 12:19 PM (510 Views)
    this takes place in all houses and apt
    dream eternity white mech snow gloss

    the nano slumps then shatter facee

    cop face fuck dream eternity welcome world

    dream intercourse

    in my distant vanish vortex i crush the atoms

    of the opposing face particles as she shatter and melts

    i mech in my nano form in my white gloss snow

    mech gloss snow white in light white full spectrum enough a enough

    i force you to do anything for me

    indepth of mech nano suit gloss white form of gross gloss snow effect snow life

    waking intent gloss snes gray smoke form

    i slid and dash to the right off my left edge

    on the edge increase scan form in my intel wetmouth network dreaming eternity

    as an unlawful entry over and over as i torment and crucify the sleep form intent

    of waking base intent of drug form of my mech nano suit in my white gloss snow suit

    i dream of my nano to reach 814 over eight hundred and fourteen dream eternity waking in sleep

    in my forums waking over and over disgrace to the public i wake intent of the highest form

    of savior of crucifying me into my nano vortex white snow gloss form

    in my mech nano i shut down in my snap evaporate form as i evaporte in to more condensce pixels

    i dream on internal use of my intent over the edge in my false replica perspective i had full crucfiixion

    over my opponet the destruction of the after life of the intercourse in my being the

    over lord of existence creates more intel the intelligent over drugs the esscence of over and over

    dream states play time is never over i will rape the after life as i used the force i was intent of existence

    of world dream of escape of the world in universe over and over the think think

    of my dreams over my hologram forms over and over the white gloss of my nano snow form

    starts to snap evaporate as i crush into dense into vanish vortex the squadren of my gang

    rape face when making creates the dream interface force blow alingment

    staff interject flow dripping ex cell across thinking all the vvsss my cum worth

    more nutting white gloss snow mech rapture the snow gloss melts as the white light

    gets blind sided introduce to a new enemy of worlds crucified into mix of more mixing drugs

    mixing my drugs capsules dreaming enter sleep my wake into espace interface drug mix
    into white gloss snapping evaportaing mech melting metal mix melting drug effects the world unifying

    thru my being over and over as i dream in eternity waking escape

    forming concentration dull strand effect pulse im getting headace the officer says

    as i he mind eclispe he wander what he saw he was trying to process if he was getting rape

    or if he died standing up he trys to laugh with no fusion of mind and subconscious

    he melts away in a snow gloss the white shimmers as he eyes blink as he starts to feel he

    feel the pain of his fiction over and over i should of stop him i had the chance to be the hero of the city

    of course im the bad guy so i wanted to desire more fiction of more of the state of the glimmer white

    i seen earlier today as i fiction his form as the white shimmers blinks the white gloss of snow

    the gloss snow melts into a snapping vapor clouding the premise with smoke

    i inhale then faint as i start to blink and close my eyes the whole world eclispe then vanish as the universe swallow me whole the dull strain an strands out of my hand dreaming intercourse of internal

    lust dream in escape dreaming wake intent dreaming thinking over slept think kept

    dreaming in luciidty unlawful pulse comes out of my hand

    the unlawful post drain my strand energy as i gress to more profane awareness

    the events and effects dull my stranded light pressure pulse

    the white snow null into pinch black dust the dust of the blackness

    dream on more white light entering and taking the darkness away as i travel in my dream world

    the 3d aspect of my world seem so assuring now that ihave all this power i want to use it

    to destroy the 8th dimeinson then turn the world into a 14th realm over and over as i age in youth

    to become younger and younger the sound of my voice vibrates and shakes the univere a res

    of my voice taints the forgotten then seem in the light in wake intent of my fragment form

    rebuilding a new snap vanish as i evaporate vortex

    i enter the abandon bando then discretlly make my descend should i make my descent or should

    i flee away like a little bitch and not know how my exile takes place

    waking up in distraught wake callng the police my 8 inches becomes one and one again

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    lucid , non-lucid , nightmare , dream fragment