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    Bleeding money

    by , 11-09-2018 at 10:02 PM (510 Views)
    so I was layed in bed in the astral plane before this became a lucid dream the events take place in 4 places that lead back to my bed before I wake up so as I was crucified in my bed with only the ceiling and the floor to see and a couple of props for place one as I start to dream I can feel my body fading as a dark light gesture where I see myself walking out a door from where I'm laying with my eyes closed as if I were playing a third person video game as my conscious was attaining lucidity I teleport to a cash register where the second place started where I reach in my pocket and pull out blood
    as I drench my hand in the bleeding cusp and try to pay him with the drenching blood dripping from my hands as that happen I was in a seemless car ride where I only seen car moving on the side of me but there was no being in the vehicle it was jus the dash the sky and the car for place three at the fourth place I was in abandon warehouse where I reach from where the cash register was while still in lucidity of the blood I sit down to make sure I'm not dying as I stand up I see money falling from the ground in a upward motion like the sky was upside down and the ground was the sky then I fade out where my hands were in my pocket then wake up jus staring
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