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    blue eye death

    by , 08-25-2015 at 03:49 AM (301 Views)
    there an eygpitan god stronger than anubis making his way in a alternate timeline who stronger than the egypitan god card oblesik where his power is trying to be seen by spectators around the globe he a purple cat who stronger than the world itself a ways that you couldnt imagine stonger than any greek myth stonger than any
    thing you ever heard of till now there a being training who has trances and transformation states that he be working on for the past 8 years and every 8 years there a stornger power that grows he need to learn how to revert his dream states in astral plane like fashion where he need to learn how to control his blue eyes where that wen this monkey and purple cat meet the dream world will be an oblivion where you be ablle to control for eternity im just a purple cat an eyptian war lord who like scaring little purple dogs who are cowards

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