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    button masher

    by , 03-21-2013 at 05:54 AM (424 Views)
    rapitdly pressing the same button now turn into a rapid notion of beathing this fucking game but the game is jus there to give you a nostligic feeling of being in control of something your not you could be a ninja a figher a dreamer etc. but im inhaling a thought of not thinkings but being in this same state of mind same image of sequence moving rapidly as your finger hit the button you notice you in arcade setting but the arcade is jus your home console and your training in a thought of beating this game entirley your getting tired of doing the same thing but you dream everday things like reality and show that are about reality and other non-important stuff like that but if you slow down the processe of thinking you really not button mashing at all its a sequence you put in the game like putting in a code for a supreme character but while notice these fragment of figment of imagination the scene be come even more brutal than picture yourself being a mortal in a combat sitatuation where your commiting a fatalaty on every single opponet you ever face this game then become a lucid sequence of code inputs that you do unawarely its not dreaming lucidly but being non lucid as of becoming in the dream state of playing a game in the state of mind of playing the games that we once all known as the button masher but the button mashing becomes jus slowing typing process of typing situtaiton of you moving around your home thinking about doing this action over and over again

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