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    Dawn of Eternity

    by , 12-29-2017 at 11:06 AM (325 Views)
    a close my eyes and let the abyss engulf me I darkness I will become one with the universe I utter under my breath as the darkness looms over a fantasy of star lights I grasp the darkness with pinch nerves wondering how I wake if I only see nothingness I wonder for a minute as the darkness becomes fading smoke gestures as the light starts taking control I see the darkness expand turn into foolish gestures as they light start glimmering the wakefulness of being up prompts me into waking up some more like I'm transforming dark into light as the light become more temper my mind becomes consciousness as I start dreaming I notice that the light can do whatever it pleases without darkness getting in the way as the gestures become more intent my dream form fades into a light phase of smoke gestures surrounding me in a prison of dreams as I wake I become lucid as I'm becoming lucidity itself the dawn of eternity becomes light and darkness as I try to wake from this sleep I become more powerful until the next time the light and darkness fades

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