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    Devil xels Dna

    by , 01-16-2018 at 11:53 PM (541 Views)
    this dream starts I look in the mirror then I see a darkness devil following me

    and pertain to my every iit stares at me it darkly clouds my jugdement

    I start transforming my lucidity as the devil keeps following me I vanish vortex

    then the devil implodes so the devil was my image playing games on how I see

    the dream world it was like staring in the mirror as I seen the reflected devil

    I become still infamy begging myself more clarity the Xels are cells was being born
    with devil dna like playing games and getting crucified every time you die in a video game

    to wake back up in the same level and stage to dream about more gestures of my devil form so when I was looking at my reflection of the devil my mind made a game about it I was in prison in a game where I had to do certain gesture to make my self wake up yet I love this dream more than anything knowing I'm the ruler of hell

    every time I see my reflection in the mirror I turn off the lights and just stare into darkness making my spiritual embodiment come to its senses as I dream in my devil form the xels are to integrate on how I live in the after life in my devils body over and over as I close my eyes forever

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