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    False Replica Reflections

    by , 05-11-2018 at 08:03 AM (469 Views)
    so this is a dream theory that when one perceives there imagery In dreams and reflects lights in the darkness of seeing human and conscious awareness in dream thinking demons angels monsters are all your subconscious creations so when dreaming in nightmare in ld its your mind trying to fathom how you perceive your own after life in a game played when your eyes are closed so when closing your eyes and meeting dream characters and having view and conversation when sleeping being that your mind makes a deep desire to replicate and create images in your own being and waking life seeing images and reflection of the scary monster the most ruthless demons the most exotic angels and having conversation with other human dreamers in a sense of imagery your mind wakes up in a dream a you seeing other images that aren't your image sometimes I'm not sure if someone has just a standing in a mirror point of view of seeing their lives unfold so when your mind contracts the darkness to reflect the light you make up being in the darkness in moments notice while trying to wake for daily activities in your own pre-set mind games and conscious fathoming

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